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10 Ways To Reuse An Old Saree & Create Completely Different Looks

There must have been that moment when you were holding a saree worn through generations by the women in your family. And as you unfold it, so do the memories, taking you down a nostalgic path. And you can’t help but wonder how to reuse and style an old saree while keeping its elegance alive. We all have grown up wearing our mother’s sarees, be it for a fancy dress competition or farewells. And let’s not forget the times we wrapped the 6-yard cloth, clumsily trying to imitate our mothers through our baby years. Only to be scolded by our mother for that act. 

Sarees have been an important part of our childhood, and it is hard to let go of them. They may be moth-eaten or frayed by the edges. But they give us a sense of nostalgia and a feeling of home. 

Parting with that beautiful 6 or 9 yards might be painful, so why not make an Indo-Western dress from an old saree or a silky kimono? And if you are wondering how to reuse old sarees when you can buy new clothes decreasing the time and energy? It is because there is a lot you can create using your old sarees, which is not possible when shopping for new clothes. It is eco-friendly and pocket friendly. Stitching your clothes allows you to create something that is comfortable and size-inclusive. Asking a tailor to stitch can be profitable for their small business. And you get to treasure the memories created by your mother through that 6 yards. 

10 Ways To Style An Indo-Western Dress From Your Old Saree

1. Reuse Your Saree And Turn It Into A Lehenga 

An outfit perfect for thumkas at every shaadi. A lehenga is a 2 or 3-piece outfit made with a floor-length skirt, blouse or crop top and a dupatta or a jacket. With a soft and flowy chiffon saree or a heavy Banarasi one, you could create the perfect lehenga. Use the decorated pallu for the blouse. You can spice it up by adding borders and sequins to the skirt 

2. Make A Dress Out Of Your Saree

If you are wondering how to make an indo-western dress from an old saree, you have reached your destination. And for people who don’t like stitching or breaking down your pretty but old saree, this is your spot! Pleat your saree, secure it with pins and belts and voila! An innovative, quick and easy dress. This makeshift dress can also be turned into a skirt!

The best way to create this look is by using a flimsy and soft fabric like chiffon, or georgette. The look might not work on materials like cotton, banarasi and silk. 

3. Convert Your Old Saree Into A Stylish Jumpsuit

If you’re wondering about a unique way to reuse and style an old saree, for a more fun and playful outfit, stitching a jumpsuit is the answer. It is a not-so-typical refashion idea, but it is something that can change your entire look. 

4. Create A Kurta Out Of Your Old Saree

Found that beautiful brocade saree and was stuck thinking about how to reuse the old Banarasi saree. Create a beautiful brocade straight kurta for those office parties or haldi ceremonies. With the gold or silver zari work, and fine silk embroidery, stand out from the crowd wearing a DIY kurta from your Banarasi kurta

5. Turn Your Old Saree Into A Stylish Palazzo Pant 

Love a comfortable fit? Palazzo pants seem perfect for that occasion. And what’s better than making your palazzo pants by reusing your old saree? 

They are a super comfortable and versatile item that looks great as ethnic wear or Western wear. But depending on the material of the saree, make sure to use a suitable lining material. 

Check out how to drape and style a saree here.

6. Convert & Style Your Old Saree Into A Kimono Jacket 

Wondering how to reuse old silk sarees? Imitate those beautiful Japanese kimonos but this time, make it desi

Use those pretty prints locked away in your closet to create a silky kimono jacket. A perfect addition to your closet to wear as a jacket on your Western outfits.  

7. Make An Elegant Desi Pant Suit Combo

What says ‘Boss Woman’ more than a power suit? A desi power suit! Ditch everything boring and strut in a power suit made from your old sarees! Add a little extra to your outfit by styling it with a statement neckpiece and bold lips.

8. Style Your Old Saree Into An Anarkali 

Anarkali, disco chali! And by creating your own anarkali using your old saree you’d be the talk at your party! Stitch a long flowy anarkali using your old lace or silk saree. 

9. Refashion Your Saree Into A Skirt 

Refashioning a long skirt from old sarees is the most common idea. But instead, why not make a dhoti skirt with your sarees? A different type of long skirt that can be paired with your ethnic crop top and a jacket. You could also pair it with the kimono!

10. Reuse Your Old Saree Into Accessories And Decor

If you are wondering how to use old sarees to make something super easy and quick. Here are a few things about what you can do. 

  1. Starting with curtains and pillow covers. A simple and quick DIY that doesn’t need a lot of stitching expertise and effort. 
  2. Scrunchies, hair ties or hand bands can be made from the leftover scraps of all your other DIYs. 
  3. Scarf Tops, are not necessarily made of scarves but also with a leftover square of your saree. This DIY tie-top is just a knot away from a new top in your closet. For smaller squares, use it as a headscarf!
  4. Remember the thick quilts you’d use during those cold winters? A thick quilt made of small pieces of cloth patched together by your mother or grandmother. Patchwork Quilt, is one of the most cherished heirloom items. Use all the frayed and moth-eaten cotton sarees or even leftover pieces of reused sarees and create a quilt. Feels just like a warm hug. 

3 Additional Tips To Style An Outfit From Your Old Saree

  1. If stitching an outfit using your old sarees does not fit the bill, you could always pleat your way through it like Komal Pandey. Flipping an old saree into a new-age Indo-Western dress and long skirt is straight-up her alley and is something you can flaunt. 
  2. Don’t throw away your leftover fabric, recycle them into some cool accessories and decor items. 
  3. While stitching an outfit, keep in mind to use the heavy pallu to stitch a blouse or a top. The decorated pallu made into a blouse will make your outfit stand apart from the crowd. 

When it comes to fashion, it is all about reuse and recycles. Purchasing the trendiest outfit is the most readily available option. But reusing a piece of clothing gives more meaning to your outfit. Especially if it is your mother’s clothes, handed down to you with a lot of love and care. You know that outfit was kept safe away wrapped in a muslin cloth in a truck or tucked away in a cupboard which only brings a special meaning to that piece. Use your old family heirloom saree, style them in a new way and create something unique!

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