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    Beauty#NotSponsored: Real Reviews Of Home Salon Services In The Time Of COVID-19
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    #NotSponsored: Real Reviews Of Home Salon Services In The Time Of COVID-19

    Visiting salons mid-pandemic can be anxiety-inducing and downright scary for many. And while our parlour didis are out of reach, home salon services are the best option right now. If you are looking into home salon services to tame those wild tresses or for a quick wax session, then this is for you! We caught up with three women who shared their honest experience of using home salon services listed by two of the biggest industry players. 

    1. Urban Compay Salon Review by Akshita Gupta

    What you loved:

    It was definitely good to have a salon-like experience at home. And while others have their usual parlour didi’s, I can’t remember the last time I went to a salon. I have been calling Urban Clap forever, and I think it was better because of the safety. They follow all hygiene and safety protocols. The beautician wore a mask and gear, and it was all hygienic.

    What could be better:

    While the apps provide temperature checks and safety gear, salon service is something that requires physical touch. So I think they should have had Covid -ve tests and certifications (must be certified by the company). 

    How do you think it compares to competitors: 

    I would not know how to compare it with other salon aunties because I haven’t gone there. But I feel Urban Clap is much safer. They take a sort of moral responsibility in terms of safety, especially during the COVID times. I definitely like Urban Clap services better than HouseJoy & VLCC.

    Price: Under 3000

    Rating on 5: 4/5 

    2. House Joy Salon Review by Karisma Roye 

    What you loved:

    To be honest, I was having trouble finding a slot that suited me while using my usual app, and I just HAD to get my waxing done. And that’s how I stumbled upon Housejoy. I was quite surprised to see the difference in prices, HJ is cheaper than competitors for many independent services. But, there’s a catch, they have a minimum order cap. For example, when I was booking my appointment, it was a minimum of Rs 599, so invariably I ended up adding a service I didn’t urgently need to complete my booking. 

    That said, I also got my preferred time slot for 3 pm the same day, even though I got around to booking my appointment at 12.30 am, the previous night. Lastly, given the pandemic, I’d have to say that the aesthetician was more than cautious. Everything was disposable, she wore a mask the whole time, she washed her hands as soon as she came in, and she even cleaned up the floor space she was using before she left.

    What could be better: 

    I think the minimum order value shouldn’t be so high, (maybe Rs 399?). Especially if you’re a home salon service that offers deep discounts and affordable packages. It almost defeats the purpose of seeing those attractive prices. So, for example, leg waxing is Rs 329, and that’s all I needed. I added a pedicure at Rs 129 and still did not meet the minimum value. I had to top it up with a manicure service (also Rs 129), which frankly I just do for myself at home on the weekends as part of my Sunday self-care routine. Also, I’ve used HJ three times, and the beautician was late twice (once by 45 minutes with no call to let me know she was delayed).

    How do you think it compares to competitors: 

    Housejoy isn’t necessarily my first choice and that’s just because from the beginning, I’ve used another home salon service provider and have their app on my phone – but it’s certainly my next-in-line app. The main reasons are the affordable prices (useful when you want multiple things done, say, like for an event or something), and you can usually get a time slot pretty easily. Also my primary app has now begun locking dates of service, so I can only book for the next day or I have to be a member or pay upfront to unlock a slot for 2 days ahead.

    Price: Under Rs 1500

    Rating on 5: 3/5 

    3. Urban Company Salon Review by Soumya Shankar

    What you loved: 

    If we talk about the UC app, it’s easy to use, and one can book an appointment between 9 am to 7 pm. I booked an appointment for a Glovite facial, which was for Rs 999. The staff arrived on time and maintained all hygiene requirements. The only thing I loved was the hygiene maintained during the covid times.

    What could be better: 

    Packages are a bit on the costlier side. The staff even suggested a youth facial, but it would cost Rs 400 more, so I decided to go with the Glovite one. The aesthetician did facial only for 40 minutes instead of 70 minutes when 70 minutes was the time mentioned in the package. She was not at all skilled and trained well. I did not feel like she had gone through a Glovite facial. They need to keep trained and skilled professionals and should provide the necessary service as per the costly packages that are included. Also, if they can’t provide services according to the heavy costs, they should keep some reasonable packages.

    How do you think it compares to competitors

    Urban Company home salon service is not the kind of service that is worth the money. I think there are other home salon services that have more skilled aestheticians.

    Price: Rs 999

    Rating: 2/5

    Salon and beauty services are a self-care activity that all of us partake in. We all have indulged in a luxurious facial and haircut to reward or prep ourselves before a big day. Hence we must not compromise on the service. Hope these honest reviews help you with your next salon appointment. Tell us what we should review next!

    *Please note, all opinions are of the individuals alone and none of the recommendations are sponsored or paid for in any way.

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