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7 DIY Flower Vase Decoration & Arrangement Ideas Ghar Ke Makeover Ke Liye

Nothing can brighten up your day (and your home) as a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers. The natural fragrance of flowers can calm your mind and elevate your mood. Not just that, fresh flower bouquets paired with statement vases can give your place an instant makeover. Here are 15 pretty ideas on how to decorate plant pots.

If you want your floral arrangement to look breathtaking, you cannot undermine the importance of a vase for placing your favourite flowers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to rush to the store right away or spend a fortune to get your hands on one that catches your fancy! With the right accessories and props, it is possible to make amazing flower pot decorations at home.

7 DIY Flower Vase Decoration Ideas 

Try these ideas for flower pot decoration at home to create pretty vases for every room in your house. 

1. Glitter Vase

Here is one of the simplest flower pot decoration ideas at home. Add some sparkle to your space with these inexpensive and easy to make glitter vases.

Things you’ll need:

  • A jar or vase
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter
  • Masking tape
  • News paper
  • A large tray or plate


  1. Start by covering your workplace with newspaper for an easy clean up and to catch extra glitter.
  2. Make sure your jar or vase is clean and dry.
  3. Use masking tape and tape off your jar where you want your glitter to end for a clean line.
  4. Apply a layer of mod podge on the vase with your paint brush.
  5. Sprinkle glitter generously on the glue covered area of the vase overtop of the tray or plate.
  6. Gently tap the vase to remove excess glitter, sprinkle some more glitter if needed, and tap it off again.
  7. Set it aside to dry before using.

2. Tin Can Vase

Upcycle your empty tin cans into beautiful handmade flower pot to spruce up your room. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Empty tin can 
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Ruler
  • Decorative paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative ribbon


  1. Remove the lid of the can and wash it with soap and water. Let it dry.
  2. Paint the can, focusing on the inside and rims of the can, and set it aside to dry completely.
  3. With a ruler, measure the height of the can and cut the decorative paper accordingly. Then wrap the paper around the can, leaving the top and bottom rim. Trim the length if necessary.
  4. Using the hot glue gun, stick the paper on the outer side of the can.
  5. Decorate it with ribbon and it is ready to use.

3. Twig Vase

If you want a rustic decor piece, a simple and beautiful twig vase is just what you are looking for.

Things you’ll need:

  • A jar, can, or vase
  • Brown or black spray paint
  • Twigs
  • Hand pruner
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine


  1. Take any jar or vase of your choice and make sure it is clean and dry.
  2. Spray paint it so that you can’t see through the gaps and spaces between the twigs.
  3. Try to find straight twigs of roughly the same thickness and cut them with the pruner to about 1 inch taller than the vase.
  4. With the help of a glue gun, stick the twigs onto the vase till it is completely covered.
  5. Wrap the twine around the middle part of the vase.

4. Seashell Vase

Next up on our list of ideas for decorative flower pots for the living room is this gorgeous seashell vase. This decor piece will give your room a cool coastal touch. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Glass vase
  • Seashells
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Make sure you start with a completely dry and clean vase.
  2. With the help of a glue gun, stick the shells onto the vase till it is completely covered.
  3. You can also overlap with more shells to create a beautiful design.
  4. Let it dry and your nautical décor piece is ready to use.

5. Faux Mercury Glass Vase

Looking for ideas to make decorative flower pots for the living room? Well, here is a great one! If you love the antique and mottled look of mercury glass, then try making this faux mercury glass vase.

Things you’ll need:

  • Glass vase 
  • Mirror spray paint
  • Spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Water


  1. Start with a clean vase and if your vase has ridges or patterns, it will look more beautiful.
  2. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water and transfer the solution into a spray bottle and lightly spray the inside of the vase with it till the water droplets form.
  3. Then, lightly spray the mirror spray paint before the water droplets dry out.
  4. Keep repeating this process, first spraying water, then mirror spray paint.
  5. After a few layers, the colour will build up, giving a mirror-like finish.
  6. Let it dry and it is ready to use.

6. Burlap & Lace Vase

Give a new look to your vase  using burlap and lace with the help of this flower pot for home decoration idea

Things you’ll need:

  • A vase
  • A piece of burlap
  • Lace
  • Strong glue
  • Scissors
  • Jute twin


  1. The first step in making this flower pot for home decoration is to measure and cut the burlap according to the size of the vase.
  2. Cut the lace to the same length as the burlap and paste it in the middle of the burlap so that some burlap is visible at the top and bottom.
  3. Now adhere the burlap to the vase; it should cover the jar completely.
  4. Wrap the jute twine around the jar in the middle of the lace, like a ribbon, and fix it in place by using a little glue.
  5. Set it aside to dry before using.

7. Gold Leaf Vase

There is no doubt that glass vases look super elegant. However, a simple glass vase may not be enough to up your room’s pizzazz!  Turn your simple glass vase into an elegant decor piece using this glass flower pot decoration idea.

Things you’ll need:

  • Glass vase 
  • Gold leaf
  • Gold leaf glue
  • Gold leaf sealer
  • Brushes


  1. Apply glue to the bottom half of the vase with a brush.
  2. Wait till it gets sticky, and then apply pieces of gold leaf using a thin brush and your fingers.
  3. Brush off the excess and spray with the gold sealer. Let it dry.

6 Tips For Flower Vase Placement & Arrangement

Here are a few flower vase arrangements and placement ideas for you to try: 

  1. Display your handmade flower pot on tables and shelves as they attract more attention as centrepieces.
  2. Place your large and tall flower vases in a corner of the room.
  3. Choose contrasting and bright colours for small vase flower arrangements.
  4. Looking for tall vase flower arrangement ideas? Just remember to keep it simple when it comes to tall or larger vases. Take one coloured variety and surround it with muted colour flowers. Make sure the flowers have a long and sturdy stem.
  5. For neutral coloured flowers, use a colourful vase.
  6. Include greenery in your arrangement, specially, if you are using one type of flower.

Experiment with these flower pot decoration ideas at home to amp up your space in an easy and economical way. #BeALittleMore creative and let your homemade vases represent your unique style.

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