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Video: 5 Healthy Ways To Deal With A Breakup

Heartbreaks are one of the most terrible and toughest events in one’s life. There can never be an easier or better way to break up with someone you love. Unfortunately, the ending of a relationship takes a toll on you in both emotional and psychological ways. While breaking up with your partner may have you move to a different city or country, deleting their number or even stopping all contact with them or their friends – it is important to understand how to keep yourself sane and accept the situation whole-heartedly. 

5 Ways To Handle A Breakup Positively

1. Move Around

A bad state of mood makes us curl into our shells, forces us to keep indoors, be sedentary, and generally move around less. But getting away from your stagnant mental state is equally about getting away from a lethargic physical state that your mind has put you into. Movement can mean you can simply go out to take a walk. Maybe plan an evening of going out with empathetic friends; not to a fancy party but just a casual outing. You can even take a weekend off for yourself and get away from your routine space to rejuvenate. Simply moving into a new space gives immense energy to the mind and is an assured mood booster. 

2. Don’t Drunk Dial Your Ex

Not just the drunk “I miss you” texts, stop sending him the sly “happy birthdays” too. Do whatever it takes to avoid falling into this trap. Hand your phone to your friends, or better yet, just delete their number. Make the break a clean one. Don’t keep calling up in the hopes of finding the closure that you may or may not get. Staying in touch just prolongs the agony of the breakup or, worse, it can cause you to enter into a potentially toxic ‘on-again, off-again relationship. Also, don’t have breakup sex, if you do have it, you are only recreating an emotional bond whether you want it or not.

3. Take A Girls Trip

When a relationship ends, most people find it hard to cope with day-to-day life because they are left with a void. So instead of trying to desperately contact your ex, get in touch with your girlfriends and go on a trip while following all protocols! Not only will reconnecting with people who love and nurture you help you heal, but the change in scenery will also do heaps to distract you and make you feel better. If you cannot go on a trip, plan a sleepover, party hard and sing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs!

4. Accept And Cry It All Out

In moments like these, most of us take our pace at understanding how to deal with a breakup. And while you might feel the pressure along with a lot of thoughts and opinions from others, make sure to not get carried away. Put yourself into a gradual process, eat that ice-cream bucket, call your best friend, dance it out but most importantly do things that make you happy! Cry out loud, if that’s what you need.

5. Try To Keep Yourself Busy

Block your ex! You are going to be tempted to contact your ex. Make sure you minimize that temptation by trying to focus on yourself. You need to keep yourself busy for the first few weeks. It will get better with time. Get your dose of feel-good chemicals by spending time with friends and family and focusing on self-care. Increase your endorphins by exercising and keep your focus on your work.

Remember, if your relationship didn’t work out, it is because that person was not meant for you. Someone else who is meant to be yours will fit the bill someday, and they will love you just the way you are.

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