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10 Decor Ideas For Your Kids’ Bedroom That They Will Absolutely Love

A person’s room is like their own sweet haven. It is their space to unwind, relax and de-stress. And the same rules apply to a child’s bedroom. It is his or her space to explore their hobbies, create stories and prepare for the next day. Adding decor that falls in the same line of interest as per your child’s likes and interests can lead to a more personalised bedroom that they absolutely love. For example, adding tiny adjustments like glow-in-the-dark stars or an artsy wallpaper can liven the room and pique your child’s interest in performing activities or studying in the room. 

There are different ways of revamping your kids’ room, effortlessly. Adding themes, decor elements, knick-knacks or even a special heirloom item that adds that special touch to the child’s bedroom are things you should consider.

Here are a few ideas, tips and tricks that are curated for you to rework or freshly design your kid’s room! And they are super easy, durable and budget-friendly. 

10 Easy & Effortless Ways To Revamp Your Child’s Bedroom Decor

1. Walls Of Fantasy: Use Colour Or Go With Wallpaper

White walls are liked by many. They bring a certain aesthetic to your space. But it’s not always the case, especially where your kid’s room is concerned. A little pop of colour and wall artwork like magic. You can add wall stickers of his/her favourite superheroes, dreams or goals or even of places they’d like to go. Remember to paint colours or add art that is liked by your child. 

Painting and getting the right colour can be tricky. When choosing this colour for your child’s space, try going for pure yellows or fresh tones in blue with a bit of green. Pair them with other warm colours and white to create a vibrant, energetic mood. Some of your colour options could include – citron yellow, cobalt blue, bright purple, lime green, or bold red. 

2. Organise With Ease: Add Cute Storage Bins For Their Toys & Stationery

Teaching your kids to keep things in place helps to organise and keep the room tidy. And with the mountains of toys, books and clothes around, the room is bound to get messy. A simple storage box or bin is a good way to categorise and organise your kids’ toys, laundry etc. Make your very own storage space using these simple steps. 

How To Do It:

  • Plastic or cane basket
  • Paint 


  • Cardboard box 
  • Paint or wrapping paper. 
  • Glue 
  1.  Using a plastic basket, paint it in your preferred colour. Decorate it as you like and your storage basket is ready. 
  2. Take a cardboard box. Cut off the opening flaps. You can paint the box as per your liking or even cover it with decorative paper. Your storage box is ready. 
  3. Keep in mind not to overload the box as it might break. 

3. Get Creative: Frame Your Child’s Artwork

Kids in their younger years are in their most creative phase. They are constantly engaged in developing new skills. And parents showcase their skills give them a sense of accomplishment and encourage them to pursue it further. 

Be it a painting, certificate or even artwork from their school competition. Frame it, and put it on the wall. It also helps in decorating the room more. 

4. Upcycle: Revamp & Reuse Furniture Pieces

You know those old furniture items? Maybe a chair or an ottoman that’s kept in the corner of your house? Recycle it into a new piece for your kids’ room. Reuse your old furniture by tightening the screw, wiping it down and painting it into a new piece. Recycling your furniture for your kids’ room can also make it a multifunctional space. Like having a study area or reading area in the room. Paint your old work desk to personalise it into your child’s study table. 

With online classes being conducted having a space for your child’s schooling is a must. helping your child pay more attention to his work. 

5. Thoughtful Touches: Accessorise The Bedroom To Reflect Your Child’s Interests

Accessorising the room always elevates the look. Be it a small cushion or even bookshelves. 

A simple way to add thoughtful touches to your kid’s room would be to DIY a bookshelf. It doesn’t need to be over-the-top or extra, a simple one would work. You could make one with wooden crates you get after buying mangoes or purchasing a few wooden planks from your local carpenter. 

How You Can Make Your Own Bookshelf:

  • Wooden Crates 
  • Wood Glue 


  • Wood planks
  • Hardware (angles, screws, drill)
  1. For building a bookshelf with wooden crates you can place them on top of each other in any pattern. And using wood glue, stick each crate with the other. For better strength, you can also attach the crates using a nail. 
  2. For building a bookshelf with wooden planks, mark a straight line on the area of the wall you want to attach the shelf too. Using the angles, screw and drill, and drill a hole into the wall securing the angles. Add the plank on top of the angles and secure them both using more screws. 

You can paint the shelves to your liking. And decorate them as you go. Using wood rather than any other material proves to be more durable in the long run as it is sturdy and won’t fall apart.

You can also accessorise by adding a jute jhula. The jhula or swing could bring a playful factor to the room.

Here are 10 innovative ideas using mason jars to spruce up your home decor.

6. Family Heirlooms: Pass Down A Favourite Item

We all have that one item that has been handed over to us by our parents. It could be dolls, quilts, a pen, an old storage box, etc. It is something that your parents took pride in and preserved it keeping you in mind. And once they handed it over to you, you did the same. 

At this moment of redecorating your little one’s room, add a bit of family to their space. Pass down that patchwork quilt that your mother would have stitched for you or the pretty doll that you held so close to your heart. It could be something shared between you and your child, preserving and sharing the memory. 

7. Get It Write: Add A Blackboard Or Whiteboard

This addition will be a  huge hit among your little ones. Adding a blackboard or whiteboard to your child’s bedroom is a plus for kids who love playing teacher. This can also help you teach your child his/her homework easier. Or keep track of chores they need to complete. 

You don’t need a hard blackboard for this, purchasing a blackboard sheet works just as well.  This also prevents kids from ruining their bedroom walls by drawing on them with colour and paint (as kids do!)

8. Go Green: Add Plants To Your Child’s Bedroom

Keeping a houseplant is the easiest way to have a pleasant welcoming room. It purifies the air, absorbs harmful particles, and just makes you feel better. Adding a plant to your kid’s room will do the same. While purchasing a plant for your kids’ room one must be wary of toxic plants and pay attention to plants that have low light and water requirements. 

Some Of The Plants You Can Look Into While Purchasing One Are:

  • Spider plant – Low light and water requirements. These plants put out small hanging plantlets that are fun to look at and easily transplanted for an interesting project. 
  • Aloe vera – Low water needs. These plants are interesting to touch and can be soothing to irritated skin. Put them in a bright window. 
  • Touch-Me-Not plant – An interactive plant that kids will love touching. 

Stay away from cacti for younger kids as they can be dangerous. 

9. Make The Room LIT! Use Lights To Amplify The Decor

Fairy lights are no longer just Christmas lights. They are used to set a cosy mood in any room. And not only fairy lights, LED lights or night lamps are the cutest decor additions for your kids’ room. This is the perfect solution for kids who are afraid of the dark or just need a dim, night light for sleeping. 

You can use a cute star night light for a galaxy theme. Or LED lights for more colourful themes. There are a lot of light projectors too, that project shapes on the ceiling. You can use them to transport your kids to a fantasy land before bedtime. Star projectors are the most common.

10. Sense Of Belonging: Put Your Child’s Name On The Bedroom Door

Last but not least, put their name on the door! The decor that makes your kid’s room like his/her own palace and declares that it’s theirs. And what’s better than a personalised door name? It is something they will love. Make your door name with simple materials like a piece of hard cardboard and any decorative items.

How To Do It:

  • Hard Cardboard 
  • Decorative materials
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  1. Cut the cardboard into the size you prefer, decorate as the theme you like and write your kid’s name in bold!
  2. And voila! You have a door name!

Redecorating your child’s bedroom should not empty your bank account. TC46 brings you an amazing curated list to decorate your child’s room in a budget-friendly manner. Their room can be their place of solitude where they can do whatever they want. It gives them a sense of individuality and responsibility. Plus, their using their room for their creativity can benefit you too. They love their own space and don’t want to keep hanging around your bedroom, making the child independent and giving you time to focus on your stuff as well.

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