Buzz 46Buzz 46: 5 Bollywood Celebs Share Their Experiences & Break Pregnancy Taboos

Buzz 46: 5 Bollywood Celebs Share Their Experiences & Break Pregnancy Taboos

Imagine holding the little fingers of your newborn baby, pulling their soft pink cheeks and falling in love at first sight. No one can deny that giving birth can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life but that doesn’t mean that there is no hardship. Weight gain, breastfeeding troubles, backaches, hair loss, postpartum depression and what not! Despite an ever-growing mountain of information about the myriad things that happen to your body during pregnancy, there is surprisingly little out there about all the surprises that might come with pregnancy. The realities are a little too real for mainstream conversation, so, break the taboos and learn from the experience of these Bollywood queens (who are determined to bring in a change)!

5 Bollywood Celebs Who Opened Up About Pregnancy & Its Complications

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan On Labour Complications & Weight Gain

Kareena gave birth to her second baby boy, Jeh, in February 2021, she also shared that during her first pregnancy with Taimur, she had to go through an emergency C-section because he was upside down. She also shared that she indulged in guilt-free eating and was 20 kgs overweight during her first pregnancy. Kareena is one of the few celebrities who have had an open pregnancy and shared their experiences with the audience. She says,  “Nobody wants to talk about belching and swollen feet and not feeling sexy enough, or hair loss, or getting such bad mood swings you don’t even feel like talking.” She tries to break pregnancy taboos through her book Pregnancy Bible which is shaped around her experience of giving birth to her two sons. 

Here is a mom’s guide for dealing with postpartum hair & skin by Mommy Blogger Roopika Sareen.

2. Kalki Koechlin On First Trimester Issues

When you get pregnant, the excitement is sky-high but then comes morning sickness, unending cravings, dizziness and whatnot. Speaking about her earlier months, Kalki said, “God, the first three months were terrible! I have developed so much respect for all the mothers out there who work or have to go through all this without emotional support. The second trimester is fun. I have the energy to work out and I am cheerful at work. The kicks are amazing. Feels like there’s a little footballer in there!

3. Neha Dupia On Post Pregnancy Work

Getting back to your work field post your maternity leave is a task in itself, you might face discrimination or not given projects even when you’re more than capable or something or another. The reasons can be many but know that they are all unjustified! Neha shared that she faced the issue of getting neglected in the film industry and not getting movie offers after her pregnancy. She shared in an interview that, “Firstly, I believe that you cannot wait for work to come to you. Secondly, when you become a mum, yes, there is a perception. The last thing I did before pregnancy was Tumhari Sulu, for which I won an award. But despite that, I did not get any offers as far as movies are concerned, post-pregnancy. Now, I am in talks for a web show, so let’s see about that.

In India, 15-25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage yet there is not enough conversation about this common phenomenon. Geeta Basra sparks the need for open conversations about miscarriage here.

4. Sameera Reddy On Body Shaming

Even when you know your worth is not affected by the weight you gain or lose, some people do not back down from shaming you. Almost every new mother had to go through the phase of body shaming. Recalling her experience, Sameera Reddy shared, “I frequently sent out messages that the bump is not ugly but something that all pregnant ladies need to be proud of. I had even shot a video Imperfectly Perfect in this regard and got a terrific response from women and even those who were not pregnant. There is so much shaming of every kind going out there. Everybody is just out to harm each other even otherwise and sadly not doing anything constructive either. There is a lot of viciousness all around us in every strata and sphere of life. It’s all coming out so starkly. It’s all coming out to exhibit that people have become so spiteful and scheming. It’s shameful. We need to end it ASAP!

Get inspired to stand up against body shamers with these bold and brilliant comebacks from empowering everyday women!

5. Dia Mirza On Emergency C-Section

Dia Mirza‘s and Vaibhav Rekhi’s son Avyaan was born prematurely in May 2021. Thanking the medical staff who took care of the little one, Dia took to social media writing, “These words perfectly exemplify Vaibhav & my feelings right now. Our heartbeat, our son Avyaan Azaad Rekhi was born on May 14th. Having arrived early, our little miracle has since then been cared for by tireless nurses and doctors in the Neonatal ICU. A sudden appendectomy during my pregnancy and a subsequent and very severe bacterial infection could have led to sepsis and proven to be life-threatening. Thankfully, the timely care and intervention by our doctor ensured the safe birth of our baby via an emergency C-section.

Get answers to all the queries regarding C-Section here with the help of a gynaecologist. 

The aim of sharing these stories is simple, normalising opening up about pregnancy, not just the good parts but also the bad. Ups and downs are a part of life, these experiences shape you and make you who you are. So, don’t ever hide your struggles, your story might even end up motivating someone! Have a pregnancy tale that you want the world to know? Then share with us in the comments section!

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