LifeDecorVideo: 5 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants To Green Up Your Home

Video: 5 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants To Green Up Your Home

Indoor pots, planters, bonsai, and flowering plants can brighten up a room, and have a calming effect on your mind while being good for your physical health too. You are blessed if you’re born with a green thumb or have developed it with time. But for newbies, having indoor plants can seem overwhelming when it comes to maintenance, tending, and care. Click here to learn how to make organic compost in few simple steps

Here are five low-maintenance plants that are great for your home, and suitable for the tropical Indian weather.

5 Low-Maintenance House Plants Perfect For Indian Homes

5 Tips To Maintain Indoor Plants

  1. One of the most common causes of plant deaths is overwatering. Make sure to research your plants well and know their water requirements. The potting soil must be kept moist, but not wet.
  2. Peat-free compost can be used for all indoor plants. Make sure you buy good quality compost to meet their nutrient requirements.
  3. Good drainage is essential for healthy houseplants. Therefore, choose a proper container with drainage holes, put a layer of pebbles in the bottom. From time to time, keep checking the drainage holes so that they don’t get blocked.
  4. Understand the plant’s light requirements properly. Foliage plants are divided into three categories: Those that require moderate light, high light, and low light. Remember to keep your plants in spaces according to their needs. 
  5. Most indoor plants thrive in high humidity but in Indian homes during winter, the air quality can be specifically dry. So, use a humidifier to maintain the air humidity. Daily misting of the leaves can help as well. Read here to get a complete list of pot decoration ideas.

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