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Friends Like Sisters: 7 Signs Your BFF Is Also Your Behen From Another Motherrash

The friendship that you share with your BFF is like no other. Despite your differences, your love and respect for each other is strong enough to keep you together for life. Like two peas in a pod. 

Here are 7 signs your BFF is also your behen from another mother. 

1. A soulmate to fall back on

Whether you’re on your period, or have just had a breakup, or all’s not well at work – whatever be the cause you’ll find your BFF right there beside you. Even when you’re sulking and don’t know the exact reason why you’re behaving the way you are, expect your forever friend to be right there, just a call away. She’d even leave every task at hand and make her way to you – prioritising YOU over all the things in her to-do list.

2. Be your friend despite knowing your flaws

Your BFF knows you to the core. She knows what turns you off, things that are a no-go zone, music that gets you grooving and ones that make you pucker up your nose, your favourite restaurant, and the favourite option from their menu… everything, literally everything! That includes each and every flaw that you have and overlooks them because her love for you far surpasses the negatives in your personality.

3. Holds a mirror for you

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A BFF knows you better than what you know about yourself. Your choices, your personality traits, your action and reaction to every circumstance are always at her fingertips. She knows you in and out, so much so that she acts as a mirror for you for everything that you are. One look at the mirror and you find it looking back at you, showing you your true colours.

4. A sounding board

In two minds on a certain decision? Big deal, because you have your mirror, almost all the time you want to reach out to her. Whenever you are unsure about a certain something, you needn’t worry because you have your BFF as your sounding board. Even if you’re made up your mind, you prepare running your idea through your forever friend just to be doubly sure you’re on the right track. You trust her enough with major and minor decisions, and there’s no way you would not run a decision through her before implementing it. 

5. Non-Judgemental To The Core

Now that’s such a relief! With loads of self-designed and self-proclaimed judgemental aunties dictating terms to you about what’s acceptable and what’s not, that one BFF is a saviour for life. That one person who just lets you be your true self without making you conscious of the way you are. She makes you confident that you will find her right there by you, literally or figuratively, even after knowing your little dirty secrets and your worst flaws. She accepts you as you and that’s a great confidence boost indeed!

6. Distance cannot separate you

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It isn’t practically possible for your forever friend to stick to you 24*7, especially when you don’t live in the same city. Friendships swindle in such cases but not with this friend. Your friendship is cut from a different material where distance can create a barrier between the two of you. You stay in touch over calls and messages, and nurture a bond that is almost impossible to ignore and outgrow. As busy as life gets, staying in touch all the time might become a challenge. But when you guys meet again, you pick up from where you’d left off, making you feel like the two of you hadn’t been able to catch up in person for a considerable period of time. 

7. Holds no grudges… ever!

Arguments are a part and parcel of life. And, unfortunately, they may create a wedge between you and your forever friend. While some arguments ruin relationships, the camaraderie that you otherwise share with your BFF far surpasses that. Yes, you guys may not be in talking terms for a few hours or a couple of days, but the both of you realise that the nok-jhok between you doesn’t deserve nurturing. And when you do start talking again, it never feels that you two ever had an argument. You value each other enough to not let grudges make you part ways.

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