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    Category: Menstruation

    10 Signs Your Period Is About To Start (& Yeh Symptoms Kyun Hote Hai)

    You know your periods is playing peekaboo with you when your mood swings yell, "Idhar chala main udhar chala" Here are more signs that your period is knocking at you door.

    Expert Talk: 7 Ways To Deal With A Stuck Menstrual Cup, According To A Gynaec

    Some women find it simple to remove the cup, while others become overwhelmed and fear it may become trapped forever. Dr Madhavi Reddy explains whether losing the menstrual cup inside the vagina is possible and advises on what to do if it gets stuck in there.

    Period Pain – Sach Ya Jhooth?

    Studies suggest that severe menstrual cramps can hurt as much as labour pain. Yet, somehow a lot of men (and sadly, other women), don’t think that being on your period is really a big deal. Read on to know about the author's take on the subject.

    Diarrhoea Or Constipation During Periods? 10 Tips To Deal With This Stomach Ka Gadhbadh

    Cramps and back pain ke alawa there’s one more thing that troubles most of us during our period days - constipation or diarrhoea. Here are 8 tips for you to control these symptoms.

    What Exactly Are Panty Liners & Are They For You? Chalo, Let’s Find Out!

    While some women swear by them, others may go through their whole life never ever using a panty liner. So, let’s find out if YOU would like to use them or not.

    Menstrual Hygiene Day: 10 Chummy Hits! The Ultimate Period Playlist, Courtesy TC46 Followers On The ’Gram

    We asked our followers on IG “If you could dedicate a song to your period pain, what would it be?” And the comments threw up an interesting variety of songs that were outright hilarious to say the least. Read on to know.

    9 Period Products By Indian Brands You Didn’t Know You Needed 

    Tab meri periods ka time hai yaar, travel dates change kar. That’s how much you abhor your period days for spoiling your freedom. Here’s a list of 9 hatke period products that are game-changers in their own right.

    Expert Talk: 11 Period Myths & Taboos That Need To Die Already

    "You must be discreet about buying period products, beta", there goes your neighbourhood aunty again at the pharmacy. This is just one of the innumerable period myth and taboos that the menstruating population gets to hear often. Read on to know about some of the most common period myths and taboos that you must have heard many times before.

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