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    Category: Menstruation

    10 Not-So-Fun Things That Happen To Every Woman When They’re On Their Period

    Ugh! Even the thought of your period days make you cringe. Here are 10 not-so-fun things all the menstruators out there experience during their period days - memories that often sound funny later.

    Independence Day Special: 5 Revolutionary Menstrual Hygiene Products From Indian Brands

    This Independence Day, let’s turn our attention towards 5 revolutionary menstrual hygiene products from Indie brands that give you as much freedom to you to edge closer to your dream even on those not-so-comfortable days as it enables the environment to breathe free.

    9 Menstrual Hygiene Tips Period Days Ke Liye

    Laal jhandi, Aunt Flo, chums, periods... call them what you want but for most women, even though we menstruate every month, having your menses is hardly a pleasant experience. Here are 9 simple menstrual hygiene tips you may be taking for granted during that time of the month.

    Expert Talk: Do Your Periods Sync Up With Your BFF’s? Doctor Ka Yeh Kehna Hai…

    In collaboration with The Channel 46, Dr Suhasini Inamdar, Consultant - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, unravels the truth about period syncs with your BFF.

    7-Step Guide On How To Wear A Menstrual Cup (& Janiye How To Clean It)

    The prospect of switching up the comfort of sanitary pads with a menstrual cup can seem daunting. Lekin ye iss liye hai because you may not know enough about it. Read up to understand how to wear menstrual cup, how to select menstrual cup size, how to wash menstrual cup and all the pros and cons. 

    Period Blood Shade Card—Kya Normal Hai Aur Kya Nahi

    Kya aap jaante hai ki period blood can be of as many as 7 different shades? Why does that happen and what does each colour mean? Find it out right here.

    Buzz 46: Shruti Haasan Reveals Her Struggles With PCOS & Endometriosis – 2 Ways To Reverse PCOS, 3 Common Myths & 2 Yoga Asanas...

    As actor-singer Shruti Haasan just talked about dealing with symptoms of PCOS & endometriosis, here's what you need to know to keep your PCOS symptoms under check.

    Period Spotting Ke 8 Causes & 9 Tips To Prevent It

    Experiencing bleeding between your monthly menstrual cycle confusing aur alarming ho sakta hai. Know its causes, preventive tips, differences between spotting and periods, and more.

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