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Yoga For Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain: 8 Asanas To Get An Instant Relief

Read on to try out 10 yoga asanas to alleviate neck and shoulder pain, along with the common types and possible causes of the health condition.

Asana 46: Get Migraines Often? Try These 6 Yoga Poses For Quick Relief

Yoga usually works wonders in relieving the symptoms of migraine and headache. Read on to know the possible causes of these health conditions, following by 6 yoga asanas to bring you relief.

5 Fitness Lessons From Celebrity Shraddha Kapoor On Her Birthday

The Aashiqui 2 star looks like a million bucks in a bikini for her upcoming movie, Tu Jhooti Main Makaar. Know more about 5 of her fitness lessons for some inspo.

Asana 46: Beginner-Friendly Power Yoga Sequence For Weight Loss

A popular choice among those who want to increase their fitness and overall well-being, here's a power yoga sequence you can follow at home.

Asana 46: 7-Step, 7-Day Yoga Routine To Look Your Sexiest Self On Valentine’s Day

As the countdown to Valentine’s Day begins today, you must be wondering how you can shed a few kilos, so you can slip into that sexy dress with ease. Know more about the 7 yoga asanas you can do in the last week culminating in V-Day. 

Asana 46: 5 Heart-Healthy Yoga Postures To Add To Your Daily Routine

The Channel 46 caught up with Nikita Agrawal, Founder of Isira Yoga, who lists 5 yoga asanas you can do to maintain a healthy heart.

Asana 46: 5 Yoga Poses That Are Pregnancy-Safe

The Channel 46 caught up with the Founder of Isira Yoga, Neha Agrawal, who recommends 5 yoga asanas that you can do when you’re pregnant. 

Asana 46: 7 Yoga Poses To Help Your Body Detox & Reset For The New Year

The Channel 46 caught up with Nikita Agrawal, Founder of Isira Yoga, who recommends 7 yoga poses that can help your body detox and start the new year afresh.

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