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Beauty Nuskhe: 6 Rose Water Recipes For Hair

The versatility of rose water does wonders for your hair & scalp. Here are 6 DIY hair care recipes using it, for healthy-looking hair & scalp.

Beauty Nuskhe: 6 Best Hair Oils That Work Great For Head Massages

Champi - a magic word. One thing that is often the only solution for those nagging headaches and heaviness of the head. Here are 6 hair oils that weave magic when used for massaging your head.

7 Low-Maintenance Summer Haircuts You’re About To See Everywhere You Turn!

You want to experiment with a new you, pep up your confidence with a new avatar, or want to start over after a breakup, a haircut is usually always the first thing that’ll cross your mind. Here are 7 easy-to-maintain hairstyles you can pick from this summer.

10 Tips To Choose The Right Hair Oil For Babies

The Channel 46 caught up with Krishna Tamalia Vora, Founder of Mom's Therapy, who shares 10 tips to choose the right hair oil for your baby.

How Often Should You Really Be Washing Your Hair?

Your hair and scalp need a hair care routine that is appropriate for its unique type and texture. Here's how you frequently you need to shampoo and condition your hair based on your hair and scalp type.

Pre & Post-Holi Hair Care To Protect Your Precious Tresses & Scalp

The dynamic festival of Holi never falls short of mesmerising us with all its colours, energy, positivity, and fervour. On the flip side, the harmful chemicals in gulaal wreaks havoc to your hair health. Know more about pre & post-Holi hair care routine you shouldn't miss out on.

Celebrity Beauty: 7 Quick Beauty Tips & Gharelu Nuskhe From Birthday Girl Sanya Malhotra

While focusing on her career, Sanya Malhotra does not miss out on giving her skin and hair the TLC that they need. On her birthday (24th February), learn more about 7 beauty tips and DIY nuskhe that she relies on.

Budget Shopper: 10 Shampoos & Conditioners Under Rs 1,600 For Ghane Zulfein

A super-stylish haircut can make your tresses look voluminous but a suitable shampoo and conditioner duo offers your precious locks the required dose of nutrition that is necessary for hair health. Here are 6 shampoos and 4 conditions for various hair types.

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