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How Often Should You Really Be Washing Your Hair?

Ey, baalon ke liye yeh shampoo bahut sahi hai, mera baal issi se improve hua hai. Or, suna hai yeh wala bahut sahi hai, use karke dekh. You’ve heard your family and friends offer you oodles of recommendations for hair care products. The truth is not scalp and hair type are made for the same one-size-fits-all hair care routine. Your hair and scalp need a hair care routine that is appropriate for its unique type and texture.

Know more about how your hair and scalp type should approach a hair care routine that is best suited for it.

1. Oily Hair

There is no other way for you than washing your hair daily, emphasising especially on the ends, to remove any buildup on your hair and scalp. However, make sure that you use a mild, sulphate-free shampoo enriched with natural ingredients, so harmful ingredients cannot rip your hair of its natural oils, which contribute to your hair health. Follow it up with an equally mild conditioner to conclude your hair care routine. Oily hair tends to make the strands near the parting oiler, attracting more dirt, pollution, and sweat, more so if you maintain a regular fitness routine or are prone to sweating profusely even otherwise. 

2. Dry Hair

If you’ve heard everyone around you talk about how it is necessary to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week, this is especially applicable to you. Opt for a deep moisturising shampoo and conditioner routine to keep your looks well-hydrated, shiny, bouncy, and looking voluminous, till the time your hair care regimen is due again. After washing and conditioning your stresses, it’s often recommended that you nourish your strands, right from the roots to the tips, with a natural oil-based serum to seal hydration further into your hair – exactly what your hair needs. Not enough time to shampoo? Give your hair a gentle wash with water and finish off by conditioning the ends.

3. Fine Hair

How Often Should You Wash Your Tresses Based On Your Hair & Scalp Type?

Shampoo frequently with a foamy, gentle shampoo, but not every day. The natural oils of your stresses deplete faster because the oils tend to seep down through the shafts to the scalp, sapping your strands of its natural cover of protection and hydration. The result? Spirally, stringy hair. For conditioning, invest in a detangler to keep knots at bay – tangles that are responsible for weighing down your lightweight and fine strands. 

4. Coarse Hair

Washing your hair every second day is usually recommended. Get your hands on a shampoo that is comparatively lower in surfactants than most of its competitors available in the market. Coarse hair is usually porous and often has more open cuticles., especially if your hair is curly or wavy. And this shampoo is precisely what you need to maintain your kind of hair type and texture. From the conditioner, rely on one that is enriched with lipids, which is known for contributing a visible radiance to your tresses, while improving their elasticity and flexibility, and controlling their chances of breakage. 

5. Curly And/Or Thick Hair

How Often Should You Wash Your Tresses Based On Your Hair & Scalp Type?

Washing your hair 1 or 2 times a week is sufficient for thick hair. Same, if you have curly tresses or a combination of both. The thicker your hair, the lesser the need for a wash. Let the natural oil trickle down your tresses. Expect this pace to be slow because of your hair texture, specifically if it’s curly. The oils do a great job of keeping your coiled and/or thick hair super-moisturised, making the strands look shinier and smoother. Also, preventing them from getting tangled and increases the chances of breakage.

However, don’t reduce the frequency of your shampoo-conditioner routine to less than once a week as excess oils clog up hair follicles, leaving the scalp increasingly more susceptible to infections. Steer clear of heavy, moisture-laden hair care products because they can weigh your hair down, making them look limp and bejaan

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