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5 DIY Hair Serums For Nourished, Frizz-Free Hair

Here are 5 DIY hair serum recipes & 5 store-bought serums to tame that unmanageable frizz. Read on.

What Are The Different Stages Of Hair Loss (& Where Are You On The Scale?)

You lose 100 locks of hair on an average every day and that’s perfectly normal. So, what is hair loss? And which stage are on now? Read on to know.

Buzz 46: 5 Beauty Secrets To Get Birthday Girl Disha Patani’s Lioness-Like Hair

Here are some hair care lessons from Disha Patani that you should commit to memory, if you want your tresses to be as perfect as her’s.

Beauty Nuskhe: 5 DIY Hair Masks To Repair Damaged Hair

Here are 5 DIY hair care recipes, using readily available kitchen ingredients, which you can quickly whip up to repair your damaged locks gradually. Read on.

Split Ends Killing Your Good Hair Days? 6 Tips To Prevent Them

Here are some ways you can strengthen your hair fibres and prevent breakage and split-ends for longer, stronger locks.

Hair Care Routine To Take Care Of Your Damaged Curly Hair 

Not sure about the hair care routine you should follow to keep your curly hair well hydrated, shiny, and healthy? An expert advises you how.

Limp & Lifeless Hair? Peppermint Oil Can Help You Revive That Bounce

There’s hardly any hair problem that this wonder ingredient does not solve, especially for normal and oily hair types.

5 Ingredients To Look Out For To Treat Premature Greying Of Hair

Here's a list of 5 ingredients you can include in your hair care routine, to arrest premature greying of the hair. Read on.

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