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5 Insta-Worthy Mango Dessert Jar Recipes To Try In This Garmi Ka Season

Aam ka season ate hi we all get collectively lost in the juicy taste of this fruit. Dopahar ka aamras and evening ke slices, you don’t hold back in including the falon ka raja in your everyday diet.

Mangoes are filled with vitamins K and C, along with digestive health benefits. Mango is a staple fruit in each house when the summer season comes knocking. But eating it the same way every day can take away the fun and make you feel bored of looking at sliced up mangoes on your feed.

Fret not! Here’s the best solution for you: mango jar desserts! One of the easiest and fun ways to amp up your aam game, get gram-worthy pictures, and treat your taste buds at the same time is making jar desserts! Put on your aprons and get your cameras, it’s time to make delicious gram-like mango dessert jars.

1. Mango Biscuit Jar 

A refreshing mango dessert jar recipe that’s easy to make and eat.

Total Time: 3 hours


  • 100 grams digestive biscuits 
  • 40 grams melted butter
  • 150 grams cream cheese
  • 85 ml whipping cream
  • 160 ml mango puree
  • 140 grams melted white chocolate
  • ¾ tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 cups mango chunks 
  • mint leaves, for garnishing 


  1. Place the biscuits in a zip lock bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Mix the crushed biscuits with melted butter.
  2. Put the biscuit mixture in the bottom of each jar and press with a spoon. And cool it in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  3. Beat the cream cheese in a separate dish until it is light and fluffy. Toss in the whipping cream and continue to beat until the whipping cream turns frothy. Blend in the mango puree next, until all of the ingredients are fully mixed.
  4. Now, add the melted white chocolate to the mixture and thoroughly mix it in. 
  5. Fill your piping bag with the mixture and pipe it all around the edges of the jar, leaving a well in the centre. Continue to fill the jars with mango chunks in the centre and cream cheese mixture on the sides.
  6. After filling the jars, tap them to remove any air bubbles. Add some additional mango slices and mint to the top of the jar. Refrigerate for 2 hours before digging in.

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2. Strawberry And Mango Cheesecake Jar

Perfect for guests, this creamy delight topped with fresh fruits will become your all-time favourite. 

Total Time: 30 mins


  • 1½ cups crushed digestive biscuits 
  • 3 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 255g cream cheese
  • ½ cup condensed milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • Fresh diced mangoes and strawberries


  1. Pour the melted butter over the crumbled biscuits in a small mixing bowl. Stir until all of the crumbs are butter-coated. Put 2 tbsp biscuit mix in the bottom of your jars.
  2. To make the cheesecake layer, follow these steps: In a medium-sized mixing bowl, whisk together the cream cheese, condensed milk, salt, vanilla extract, and sifted icing sugar until smooth. Whisk in the lemon juice until the sauce begins to thicken slightly. 
  3. Fill each jar halfway with the cheesecake mixture and gently coat it over the biscuit layer until it’s completely covered.
  4. In a small bowl, combine your diced strawberries, mangoes, and sugar. Stir until the sugar is evenly distributed with the fruit. Leave until the mix becomes saucy. 
  5. Place a generous layer of fruit on top and repeat the layers in all jars. 
  6. Put in the fridge for 15 mins. And serve it chilled!

3. Mango Cheesecake Mousse Jar

Haven’t got an oven at home? Don’t worry try this easy and fabulous mano cheesecake mousse jar, it just takes 8 ingredients and no-bake!

Total Time: 20 mins


  • 100 grams heavy cream
  • 1 cup mango puree
  • 225 grams cream cheese (room temperature)
  • ¼ cup castor sugar 
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 cup granola
  • 2 ½ tablespoons butter (melted)
  • Chopped mangoes & fruits


  1. Best your heavy cream until it forms soft peaks. You can do this with an electric mixer or with a hand mixer. 
  2. Add your mango puree, cream cheese, 14 cups caster sugar, and vanilla extract to the cream once it has reached soft peaks. Whisk for about a minute, or until everything is well blended.
  3. Crush your granola till it resembles crumbles and then combine the butter and two tablespoons of sugar in a mixing bowl and blend well. 
  4. Divide the granola mixture into 6 jars and press the granola mixture evenly into the jars with the back of a spoon. Pipe equal amounts of the cheesecake mixture into each jar. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. Just before serving, garnish with diced mangoes and other fruits. And voila!

4. Mango Trifle Pudding Jar 

This fuss-free and easy assemble trifle pudding is everything you need in this summer heat. 

Total Time: 15 mins


  • 1½ tbsps custard powder 
  • 1½ cups whole milk 
  • 2 tbsps caster sugar
  • 1 banana
  • 1 ripe mango, diced
  • Any leftover biscuits or cake


  1. Prepare your custard as per the instructions given on the back of the box. 
  2. Let the custard cool in the fridge for an hour before skimming off the over skin. And stir it before using it. 
  3. Add the chopped fruit to the mix. You can use any fresh fruit that is available to you.
  4. Break up your biscuits into crumbles, or take your leftover cake and set it down inside the jar and press gently with a spoon. 
  5. Next, add the custard and fill it halfway through before making another biscuit/cake layer and repeating the process. 
  6. Place it in the fridge for 30 mins before serving chilled. 

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5. Easy Mango Dessert Jar 

This is the easiest mango dessert recipe on this list but don’t you worry it tastes just as fantastic.

Total Time: 30 mins


  • 4 ripe mangoes
  • 1 glass milk
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • Mint leaves
  • 1 cup cream


  1. Peel your ripe mango and dice it into small pieces.
  2. In a medium-size pan bring your milk to boil and add in the cream, sugar, cinnamon powder, mango pieces and mint leaves.
  3. While stirring, crush your mango so that the flavour spreads all over. 
  4. Set it aside to cool down for 15 mins.
  5. Assemble your jar, pour in the mix and garnish with a mint leaf. 

Lights… Camera and eat!. Isn’t making jar desserts so easy? You just take the classic sweet dishes that you make at your house and pour it into a jar. It’s that easy. You just need a few minutes on one hand and a ripe mango on the other.

This summer #BeALittleMore with your beautiful colourful and tasty mango jar desserts. All your followers will be sliding into your DMs asking for tips. Which recipe was your favourite? Have you tried other mango jars or any jar dessert recipes and loved them? Share them in the comments below and let’s spread the love with food!

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