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Fusion Fashion Is The New Trendsetter, According To Fashion Entrepreneur Nidhi Yadav

You must have come across celebrities in Indo-western wear that takes your breath away. From Neena Gupta flaunting a black full-sleeved polo neck blouse under a saree with a pearl choker set to Sonam Kapoor in her ‘desert’ bloom outfit, everyone is styling fusion fashion with grace and creativity. So what’s the best way to adopt this trendy style?

TC46 connected with Nidhi Yadav, founder of AKS Clothings, to know how this fashion style evolved and where it is headed. Here, she shares the inspiration behind fusion fashion, the latest trends to hit the market and tips to make the best of it. 

1. Indo-western or fusion wear is gaining popularity

Fusion wear, simply explained, is a novel fashion movement that has its origin from intermixing two or more different culture’s clothing and accessory styles. The resultant looks are quirky and beautiful, representing the rich heritage of both cultures. This is one of the most significant reasons for Indo-western fashion gaining popularity globally. 

As the famous former editor-in-chief of the renowned fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar says “Elegance is good taste, plus a dash of daring”. The contemporary citizens are very much up to date with the newest trends and are opting or rather tailor-making an ensemble that will add both the sophistication of Indian fashion and the exuberance of western fashion. The fast-growing brand of AKS offers just the perfect collection of a mixture of modern and traditional silhouettes.

Specifically, women are leading the trend by making a transition to kurtas with jeans or pants, flared fusion gowns and kurtis with saree drapes. Everyone amongst the Millennials, Gen Z or an independent woman is now looking forward to a comfortable, chic and all-weather wardrobe. Even from the perspective of clothing brands, a touch of vintage style and modern look provides the perfect Midas touch as the immense variety of dresses across India gives huge scope for opportunities and experimentation. This is why the fusion wear segment is revolutionizing people’s fashion sensibilities and is definitely here to stay. 

2. The inspiration behind fusion fashion & what fuels it

One of the prime inspirations behind the revolutionary trend of fusion fashion is to succour and honour the native culture. Small and local boutique fashion businesses are the torch bearers in reinventing and making fusion fashion accessible to a considerably heterogeneous community. Another possible reason for such popularity could be the rising number of conscious women professionals, who no longer want to adhere to conventional styling choices, but want to express what they feel like. For such dynamic individuals adding certain native elements to their styling makes them stand out in a crowd. AKS is one such brand that has very mindfully created its fashion line giving utmost priority to the multicultural silhouettes.

Further, it would be an understatement to say that the Indian ethnic style has been a fascination for the fashion industry in India as it has propagated worldwide. Indian ethnic wear has been adorned globally due to its supremely versatile and elegant look. Nevertheless, due to the extremely dynamic nature of this fast-paced industry and an incessant desire to innovate the extant convention, a blend of Indian ethnic wear with western style is gaining traction. It has been well understood by AKS that inclusivity is the key to move forward as fashion and empowerment can be complemented to give recognition to every socio-cultural identity which is why it offers meticulously crafted multicultural silhouettes.

3. Know the latest fusion fashion trends

Some latest fusion fashion that appeals to most of the trendy tribes are:

  1. Pants or chinos with kurti: This is the easiest and effortless choice to make. The reason behind it being a trendsetter is the go-to yet graceful look this combination offers. This is perfect for all professional or semi-professional occasions. Paired up with simple Indian accessories will complete it. 
  2. Distressed or ripped denims, a cami top clad with a long open-front shrug and choker: This is a sassy and elegant look that screams fashion. Natural look make-up coupled with pulled-back hair is just the additional elements that can notch up the look.
  3. Combination of saree with any of your dark crop tops instead of blouse: Another way of wearing a saree would be to couple it up with an off-shoulder bodysuit. Accompany the look with traditional silver jhumkas and a silver necklace.
  4. An A-line kurta with denim shorts: This will be easy and bold casual wear. To add to the eccentricity wear white sneakers and accessorize with silver hoop earrings.
  5. Strappy ruffle dress with white palazzo and dupatta: For classy and soft fusion fashion outfits a ruffle dress paired with white/light coloured palazzos and dupattas would work wonders. This gorgeous combination can be accessorised with layered jhumkis and pulled-back hair with some loose tendrils. To notch up the ethnic level a bit higher, wear a pretty bindi.
  6. Traditional embroidered jumpsuits with white sneakers.

Your dupattas can make your ethnic outfits shine brighter if you style them the right way! Here’s a video to show you how.

4. 5 styling tips to mix and match your current clothing collection to make it fusion wear

As the iconic Gianni Versace says, “Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” 

  1. Some of the most adorned, chic and easy fusion outfits are those which reflect what you feel. So first of all embrace such looks that go with your comfort and mood.
  2. For accessories opt for silver or platinum instead of gold. This rusty and earthy incorporation with any Khadi or cotton fabric made outfits will display a breath of fresh air. One more way is to adorn a polka stud earring with an all black or dark colour western outfit.
  3. A very easy way to incorporate fashionable touch into your outfits is to play with contrast. Make choices according to contrasting colours while assembling your Indo-western outfits. For instance – a white kurta, worn with a black hem jacket with white pencil pants. This can be worn with high heels or even white sneakers.
  4.  For footwear, embrace juttis, loafers, heels, sneakers. Try to mix up your footwear preferences with each ensemble you curate. If you are wearing traditional upper wear then look out for tanned or colourful Kolhapuris. Although they may also go well with white sneakers.
  5. Denim jacket over lehenga choli. This combination might sound bold and experimental and certainly would give you a groovy and sharp look. This contemporary style can be paired up with white sneakers and a neckpiece. This bold and modern look can be opted for during winters.

5. Key tips to remember when opting for fusion wear

  1. Choose quirky cuts. An asymmetrical kurta, for instance, tail kurtis, A-line kurti, slit kurti, cold shoulder kurti would actually work on a lot of western bottom wear. It could be worn with simple chinos or denims. Kurtis can go with a lot of western bottoms such as jeans, leggings, jeggings and pants. Pairing this look with a denim jacket will alleviate the style quotient higher. The best part is that this ensemble will work on various occasions such as daytime outings, brunch, dates and college.
  2. Pair your denims as much as possible. Every person must have denims in their wardrobe because denims can never go out of fashion. Flared jeans or retro style jeans are making a back and in fact, are becoming trendsetters again. Also, when I am saying denims, it will also encompass a denim skirt or a denim shirt.
  3. Palazzo is such a versatile attire. Essentially the ethnic printed palazzo pants are both elegant and comfortable. It is an all-weather go-to garment in the Indian climate. What can work wonders with this clothing is a stylish lacy top and dark wedge heels.
  4. Accessorizing with Indian jewellery, but choose silver for a touch of novelty in your look.

Do not forget the prints. It is an effortless way to make a fusion fashion statement. For instance, a short printed midi dress or a traditional printed crop top with silver jhumkas. Wrap it up with a denim jacket for a touch of a western look.

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