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Jewellery Trends: What’s Hot & New In 2021

As the world comes out of hibernation and steps into a safe but social environment, the time to revamp and update your wardrobe is here. It’s the best time to show off jewellery. Whether you are going back to work in your office, attending post-vaccination parties or slowly going back to your routine pre-Covid, now is the time to shop for the latest trends in jewellery. From chunky chains to bankable pearls and brass baubles to threaded pieces, there’s something for everyone. 2021’s list of top 10 jewellery trends has arrived and here’s everything you need to know about styling it!

Top 10 Jewellery Trends Of 2021

1. Bold Brass Baubles

Considered as the new gold, brass is climbing up the trending ladder in the world of jewellery. With the transitions in jewellery trends from precious jewellery to imitation and fashion jewellery, brass is gaining popularity, thanks to the never-ending struggle of coping up with the increasing gold prices. It has a luxuriously textured surface and showcases a hint of luxury when adorned in the form of jewellery.

Top Pick: Tjori’s Brass Bling collection of stunning earrings with intricate designs and coloured gems.

Price: Rs 699

Style Tip: Pair your favourite white Chikankari kurta with Tjori’s Peacock Brass Earrings and a pair of colourful juttis.

2. Halo Hoops

You can never, ever go wrong with hoops. A pair of stylish hoops can light up any boring outfit, baggy tees or perfect Indian clothes! From Deepika Padukone To Alia Bhatt, everyone has been spotted with a pair of hoops on. The best part is that you can get them anywhere from your favourite local market like Sarojini and Causeway or an online store with ease.

Top Pick: Nirwaana’s Baroque Bud Ear Hoops in Sterling silver can make any outfit a classy one.

Price: Rs 2,500

Style Tip: Make the earrings the talk of the town by styling it with a spaghetti top, high-waisted jeans and chunky heels. Shop for the hoops at the Red Dot Shop here.

3. Pretty Pearls

Pearls haven’t lost their modernised lustre. This jewellery type has managed to bring in its old-world charm into the new age with style. Sonam Kapoor’s wedding outfit was beautifully complemented by the inclusion of delicate pearls in the jewellery pieces. A single pearl earring is the biggest one among the pearl trends, and it’s only getting bigger as more designers are flaunting them in their runway designs.

Top Pick: Nirwaana’s Solo Tahitian Pearl Bracelet represents the marriage of old and new pearl style jewellery.

Price: Rs 1,900

Style Tip: Flaunt the bracelet with a muted toned outfit, nude shoes and an updo. Buy this unique bracelet at the Red Dot Shop here.

4. Chunky Chains

Many variations of bold links and statement chain pieces are ruling the runways. Its easy-to-notice aesthetic certainly inspired fashionistas’ recent fascination with the similar jewellery style. Sobhita Dhulipala was seen wearing a chunky woven chain with a monochrome saree and that was true #fashiongoals. 

Top Pick: The Label Life’s Gold Layered Lock Necklace adds maximalist appeal to even the most understated outfits.

Price: Rs 690

Style Tip: Pair the necklace with a plain white top with a deep V or sweetheart neckline and a boho tote bag.

5. Neon Mood

A vibrant dose of intense colour is what we all need after a lacklustre year. The 80s disco-themed neon bling is back and it has already made its way to the runways. And this fluorescent trend looks set to keep on glowing. Colours like dayglow pink, lime green, bright chartreuse, and blazing blue are making their way into fine jewellery as well.

Top Pick: Nykaa’s Blueberry Yellow Colour Beaded Detailing Hoop Earring are the perfect pick-me-up for a gloomy, rainy day.

Price: Rs 999

Style Tip: Grab your denim jacket and a vintage tee and pop on some sweet sneakers with these neon earrings.

6. Mangalsutra Bracelet 

The suhag ki nishani, mangalsutra has evolved for the modern wardrobe. Single string pieces with 2 black beads and a diamond pendant and mangalsutras as bracelets on your wrists have become the new norm. A trendsetter, Sonam Kapoor was seen wearing the wrist mangalsutra and so was Shilpa Shetty.

Top Pick: BlueStone’s Lilit Mangalsutra Bracelet from the Mangalam Collection is a dainty and cutesy piece that’s charming.

Price: Rs 17,470

Style Tip: If you want to amp up your look with a jumpsuit, skirt or any other trendy piece and still want to flaunt your marital status, then simply go for it!

7. Tribal Trends

Made using earthy materials like bone, wood, clay, shells and metal, tribal jewellery is a great way to make a style statement with your outfits. Earlier paired with Indian outfits for semi-formal events, the likes of actresses Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan and Malaika Arora have elevated tribal jewellery to serious wedding wear status. 

Top Pick: Tjori’s Red And Blue Afghani Choker is a piece of grandeur and opulence of red and blue glass set in silver-finish brass for a lovely effect.

Price: Rs 6,099 

Style Tip: Take your all-black outfit to the next level with this choker and pair it with Kolhapuri chappals.

Learn more about the top 10 tribal jewellery pieces here.

8. Asymmetric Aesthetics

Not having lost its ability to make a contemporary statement, the single or mismatched earring has returned to the fashion world with a bang. The mismatched-earring trend is everywhere in fashion too. According to Google, there has been a spike in search interest for mismatched earrings, and they’ve been seen all over the runways over the past few years.

Top Pick: Shopper’s Stop’s Ayesha Asymmetrical Enamel Drop And Stud Earrings are irresistible available in the cutest colour.

Price: Rs 598

Style Tip: This style goes with any and every outfit choice. But if you want to make it pop, pair it with a blazer and formal shirt dress and loafers.

9. Nose Pin

Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see a ton of nose-ringed influencers dancing to the latest song. With nose rings, customization is key. And with the plethora of press-on options available, you don’t even need to poke a hole in your nose. Level up with a nose ring that’s studded with colourful stones or pick up a silver one that’s a current trend.

Top Pick: Aadyaa’s Silver Nosepin – Genda is a clip-on option that oozes grace and elegance and adds a rustic charm to your look.

Price: Rs 850

Style Tip: Add some charm to your kurti with a nose pin or try it with a grunge top and jeans for a unique look. Don’t forget to add kajal!

10. Threaded Tokens

Woven with the thread of several different colours, this trend of threaded necklaces and bangles is here to stay. Adorned with silver and gold ghungroo or brass coins, the bangles are meant to grab attention with funky colours. From puka shells to dainty charms, you can get these bangles customised.

Top Pick: Tjori’s Orange Thread Wooden Bangles is truly one-of-a-kind, making it an exquisite piece.

Price: Rs 1,249

Style Tip: Grab your favourite flowy skirt, a white tank top, flats and stack these bangles to create a great #OOTD.

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