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Go Braless: 5 Ways To Ditch The Bra Even Post-Lockdown

Ask a woman what the best thing about coming back home after a long day is and she will definitely say it’s taking off her bra. Ever since the lockdown was announced, women around the world are celebrating the simple fact that they can now carry out most of their daily activities braless (without wearing a bra). Even social media hashtags went from #bralesssunday to just #braless.
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So, why should it be something you can only enjoy in the comfort of your home? Women are going braless for life, everywhere around the world. And, here’s how you can do it too.

8 Reasons To Go Braless

  • The comfort level is much higher when not wearing a bra (freedom!)
  • Going braless can actually help with pain relief (no more underwire)
  • You can save so much money (bras are expensive!)
  • Not wearing a bra can make your breasts stronger (self-support)
  • Medically, physiologically, and anatomically, the breast does not benefit from being deprived of gravity, a study states.
  • Not wearing a bra allows blood to flow more readily around your chest (firm & perky)
  • You may be able to sleep better (feel less restricted at night)
  • Going braless can improve your breast shape (they don’t sag.)
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Interesting Fact

In 2013, a 15-year study found that wearing a bra actually did more harm than good, and had virtually no impact on back pain.

5 Tricks To Ditch The Bra, FOREVER!

1. Layer Up

Wearing layers is a very easy and foolproof way to make sure that no one will be able to tell whether you are wearing a bra or not. Light jackets, shrugs, scarves and undershirts can be used to hide the fact that you are braless. In summer, you can use a featherweight scarf with a sleeveless vest.

2. Wear Cupped Clothes

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Dresses and tops with bra cups stitched in are a blessing for women who like going braless. This is a great option for Indian wear such as blouses and lehenga tops. It doesn’t need layering but you still have some sort of bra-like appearance built into your top. Make sure your breasts fit perfectly into the cups as tight clothes are no fun.

Did You Know?

The first historical reference to bras in India is found during the rule of King Harshavardhana (1st century AD).

3. Try Slips

Clothes, especially tops and dresses, with built-in linings can help you go braless with ease. The lining prevents revealing the shape of your body to a large extent. The same goes for slips as most are made from soft, lightweight fabrics. Invest in a cami slip for dresses, or just buy dresses with a lining!

4. Explore Bralettes

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Bralettes are a great happy mid-way solution between wearing a bra and wearing a slip. They are thinner and more comfortable than your regular bra. And what’s more, they offer some support too! This is a perfect option for all the heavy-breasted women out there who struggle with going completely braless.

5. Cover It Up

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Nipple pasties or covers work like a charm for women with smaller breasts. From reusable silicone nipple covers to adhesive stickers/pasties, there are plenty of options available. Some even come in different shapes that help lift your breasts. These products come in various colours that match your skin tone. Choose your colour and go braless with ease!

Interesting Fact

In the 1930s, S. H. Camp and Company created a cup-sizing system that is similar to the one that we use today.

Why Do Women Want To Go Braless?

Women choose to go braless due to discomfort, health-related issues, cost, and for social reasons, often having to do with self-acceptance and political expression. The cost of a good-quality, durable bra that checks all the boxes in India is quite high. Comfort is another reason many women prefer going braless. Most, if not all, regular bras are uncomfortable in one way or the other. From straps that dig into the shoulders to poking underwires, the list is endless. Also, going braless, which was considered a political statement for years, has now become fashionable.

Did You Know?

A beginner’s bra from Jockey is ₹369 while a La Senza bra could be over ₹5,000 – as premium as it gets in India.

Wear the most elaborate bra or go braless with confidence, the choice is yours. Rock any and every kind of outfit, with a bra or without one. 

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