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DIY Earrings Made Easy With 10 Creative Ideas

Jewellery has been the quintessential part of every women’s wardrobe. In old times, women used to adorn seashells and at present, jewellery designs have come a long way. Of all the items in your wardrobe, a pair of earrings is the most entail piece of jewellery. Earrings are an inevitable accessory for you to look pretty, fashionable, and trendy as they add charm to your appearance. They complete any outfit and make you look remarkable.

Earrings are also the only piece of jewellery that is perfect for all events. However, buying different earrings for every event may be an expensive affair. There also may be many times when you see adorable or stunning earrings at a shop but you just couldn’t buy them due to their high expense. To get you through this situation and yet have a perfect pair of unique earrings for every occasion, this article will discuss some creative handmade earrings ideas. A little creativity can help you make some stunning handmade earrings that perfectly suit the event and your attire. Here are some solutions to the question, how to make earrings and make a statement.

10 Quirky DIYs On How To Make Earrings At Home

1. Glitter Earrings

Going to a fancy event but don’t have the perfect earrings to go with your attire? These DIY earrings are here to save the day. While this tip gives you an idea about creating golden earrings, you can essentially do this to make any coloured earrings. 


  1. Simply take two large size buttons of any colour and paint them metallic gold. 
  2. Next, take these gold buttons and fill their centres with a little gold glitter glue and sprinkle some more gold glitter over it to make it a sparkling golden piece.
  3. To finish it off, paint the glitter side with a thin coat of clear nail polish and allow it to dry.
  4. Finally, attach some earring backs to the back of the glitter buttons and you have the perfect pair of dazzling golden earrings that can help you shine at any event.

2. Angel Earrings

Give your outfit a set of earrings and add a little oomph to it. Here is an easy tutorial on making angel earrings at home. 


  1. Take a 15 cm piece of ribbon of any colour and fold it into 3 layers of 5 cm each.
  2. Pinch it with your fingers and thread a needle into the middle of the ribbon a few times.
  3. Slide a drop bead to a headpin and then thread the headpin into the ribbon.
  4. To finish off this design, add a green pearl and a flower bead to the headpin and make a loop with a nose plier.
  5. Connect this basic angel earring to an earring hook and you have a cute little earring ready to adorn every outfit of yours.

3. Neon Chain Earrings

Heading out to a pool party or a music festival, but don’t have a pair of earrings that can match the vibe? These tips for making earrings for beginners will help you get the perfect earrings for such occasions.


  1. Take 3 neon coloured jewellery making chains of the same length. 
  2. Join them together with a jump ring. Don’t tighten the jump hook yet.
  3. Next, attach an earring hook to the open jump hook and then tighten the jump hook back up. There you have it, Easy and quick to make earrings that can go with any party attire.

4. Leather Fringe Earrings 

Fringe earrings are the perfect fit for any occasion. Be it a party or a formal event or just a normal day at work, fringe earrings can enhance your look. And when you learn how to make earrings at home, you get to choose their design and style too.


  1. Take 2 strips of leather (or any other cloth) that are about half an inch wide and fold them in half.
  2. Repeat the same with two more pieces of leather.
  3. Tie a wire to secure the head of the leather pieces to the jumpring.
  4. Attach earring hooks and voila! You now have a pair of fringe earrings ready to save your day.

5. Paper Earrings

Always wondered how you could use a simple piece of paper to change your look? Well, this tip helps you understand how to make paper earrings and make them the best items in your jewellery box.


  1. Take some coloured craft paper or a thick sheet of chart paper and draw 1-inch triangles on the backside. You could also stick this coloured sheet of paper on a piece of cardboard to make them more durable.
  2. Cut out your triangles. If you used a plain sheet of paper, you can now paint your triangles to be of any colour that you like.
  3. Glue your triangles together to form a chain-like pattern and let dry.
  4. Add a jump hook and earring chain with glue or poke a small hole on the top. And there you have it, paper earrings that help you dazzle and stand out any occasion, event, or just at work or school.

6. Easy To Make Jhumkas

Family functions and other traditional events can come up at any point in time. But your charm at such events is not complete without a nice pair of ethnic earrings. A great pair of jhumkas is sure to complete your attire and make you look stunning among all. So here is how to make jhumka at home without breaking a sweat.


  1. Gather two earring hooks, two small silver hoops, two large silver hoops, and four jump rings large enough to fit your two big hoops.
  2. Open one of the jump rings with a pair of pliers and attach the large and small hoops to it.
  3. Attach the small hoop to the earring hook with a jump ring and close it. In these 3 simple steps, you have a jhumka that is ready to enhance any traditional look.

7. DIY Tassel Earrings

Love a cool pair of tassels to go with every outfit in your wardrobe? Be it a beach party or a casual day out with friends, tassels are perfect earrings for every attire. Here’s how to make earrings at home that give you that classy look.


  1. Take two brass discs and cut them into half or cut off crescents from the top.
  2. Punch holes all along the circumference of the disc. The two ends of the remaining circle should have smaller holes than the rest of the disc.
  3. Take a bunch of thread, fold it into half and pass the loop through the hole in the disc.
  4. Pull the loose end of the thread through the loop to form a knot.
  5. Keep adding these knots in every hole on the disc.
  6. Add jump rings to both ends of the disc. Attach earring hoops next to one end and create a hoke with the other end. This bent end will act as a lock on the other side of the earring.

8. Pearl Earrings

While pearl earrings can be expensive to buy and maintain, with DIY ideas, it is simple to make them. Here is a hassle-free guide on how to make pearl earrings at home.

How To Make

  1. Take 2 rings for hoop earrings.
  2. From the open end of the earring insert about 4-5 pearls into the hoop.
  3. You can also use glue to hold the pearls in place in the centre of the hoop earring. Alternatively, you can use a thread to sew around pearls onto the hoop. There you have it, the simplest way to turn ordinary hoops into beautiful pearl earrings.

9. Paper Quilling Earrings

While these are the most common forms of DIY earrings, here is a quick guide on how to make earrings with quilling paper.


  1. Take a 6-inch and 3-inch long quilling strip of 2 different colours and glue them together.
  2. Roll together tightly to form a tightly rolled circle and glue the end.
  3. Once dried, pinch one side of the circle to form a pointed end. Overall, this roll should now look like a water droplet.
  4. Make 5 such droplets and stick them with the pointed side faced inwards to create a flower.
  5. Attach a jump ring and earring hook to any one of these petals and there you have it. The easiest answer to how to make quilling earrings that go with every attire and occasion.

10. Silk Thread Earrings

This type of earring is a variant of the tassel and is very quick to make. In fact, you can make this on the go with a roll of silk thread at your disposal. Here are 4 quick steps on how to make silk thread earrings.


  1. Take any coloured silk thread and wrap it around 3 fingers or a card to make a big roll on your hand.
  2. Remove the thread off your hand and glue it on the side of it into a bunch.
  3. Take scissors to cut the ends of the tassel in the middle. It need not be even.
  4. Attach this thread bunch to an ear stud or earring hoop. And that’s how to make thread earrings that can help you shine out. You can add beads or other stones to the top of this tassel to give it a more fancy feel.

Earrings are great to accompany your attire no matter what the event or occasion is. And when you are an accessory fanatic, buying new earrings for every dress could be an expensive affair. Hence, these tips on how to make earrings can help you create an extravagant collection of earrings that help you give a unique touch every day with DIY made earrings. 

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