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10 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She’s Having Sex

Your mind wanders at times when you’re getting intimate with your partner. Just own it, will you? Maybe not during the oh-so-wow foreplay sesh, when you literally see stars in your eyes, but definitely before and after that. But what do most women think about at this time?

Here are 10 common thoughts women often have during sex. Go ahead and check whether you have similar thoughts too.

1. “He didn’t even notice my lingerie”

So you’ve spend a bomb on that most-coveted sexy black lace lingerie that you’ve been eyeing for what seems like ages now. You may even have consciously saved up to buy that one. But, the moment he sees you, he rips that lingerie apart and, boom, starts the action. That makes you wonder whether the lacy thingy was even worth it. Here comes reality knocking at your door – men and women are wired differently. He’d rather see you without it than in it.

2. “No, no, no, not there….oh, not there either!”

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Guys, the proverbial G-spot does exist. But the question is – where? Leave the G-spot, even the clitoris – which is closer to home, feels like a challenge to hunt down for the newbies. The mysterious sweet spot is definitely a challenge to discover but not impossible altogether, provided you know where it exactly is and you know how to make your way through the dark tunnel. Practice makes perfect, remember? 

3. “How would my latest crush be in bed?”

You’ve just been crushing on a guy and, consciously or subconsciously, you’ve been fantasising about him. Him in bed and outside. Whatever’s going on in your mind, just don’t blurt it out while you’re in bed with somebody else.

4. “Wait, did I just hear my phone buzz?”

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“Was that my phone that just buzzed? Oh, yeah, maybe from the new client – the newest acquisition. Oh maybe… Wait! Did I email the weekly report? Or, perhaps, it’s Mom messaging me to know whether I’ll go over this weekend…” And the guesses continue unabated.

5. Hmm… must have come across this move from porn”

Experimentation, hell yeah! But certain moves are so far from reality, as unreasonable as certain positions just out of some porn flick that doesn’t do anything for you at all. They are so improbable that there’s no doubt about the source of that idea. 

6. “What do I do with his damn balls?!”

You’re as bewildered about what to do with his sac as he is about your clits. Okay, you know you got to do something with the but what? Perhaps it is a fragment of our upbringing that taught us not to mess with fragile things. Just maybe. Anyway, open up the channels of communication with your partner and ask what he would like you to do, and ta-da, you’re sorted.

7. “Oh, that’s all!”

Penetration does nothing for women. It doesn’t give us orgasms, something that foreplay does. And when your partner is done with that in a few minutes, there can be nothing but disappointment writ large on your face. And you cannot help but exclaim out loud that the most exciting part of sex is over almost as soon as it had started.

8. “When are you going to get done?”

Orgasms, oh my gosh, keep that coming! But since penetration doesn’t give us orgasms, some women want to get it over with as soon as possible. Especially when you’ve got tasks to complete. Got to finish off that urgent PPT before the break of dawn, got to wake up on time for a quick job, have to get the children ready for school on time, the responsibilities are endless. 

9. “Can he just shut up?!”

Oh, the awkward silence! What should I say now? And why isn’t he saying anything? Perhaps you’ve been doing all the talking, so much so that it feels like you’re holding a monologue. The partner may feel the same too. On the other hand, you or your partner may feel like there’s so much talking that it’s killing the mood. Communicate to know what works best for the both of you.

10. “He’s sleeping already!”

He’s just reached climax and has done a free fall on the bed with a thud, sweating profusely with the AC on in full force. But women being women, you’d expect him to cuddle with you, kiss, and say sweet nothings into your ears before you fall asleep together. Expectations right out of your fairytale. But… 

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