LifeShould Wives Support Their Husbands Financially? Real Women Share Their Thoughts

Should Wives Support Their Husbands Financially? Real Women Share Their Thoughts

Be it English Vinglish’s Shashi proving that a woman can accomplish anything she puts her mind to or Ki & Ka’s Kia drive to become successful in the business world, Indian women can achieve a lot. The new-age married couples are contradicting the gender roles placed upon women and men in Indian society. Stay-at-home husbands and dads are becoming quite common with wives taking charge of their careers as well as the finances at home. So what does the Indian woman think about them supporting their husbands financially?

With the goal of highlighting the change in gender dynamics and stereotypes, TC46 brings thoughts and opinions of real women. The choice to pursue a career, be a homemaker or balance both should be equally available, despite the gender.

Real Indian Women Talk About Being The Breadwinners Of The Family

TC46 put out a post on Instagram here saying, “Normalise a wife supporting her husband financially or even being the sole breadwinner of the house”. And received a ton of responses where women shared their thoughts about providing financially for their families. Here are 15 women sharing their opinions on this progressive thought.

“In the same way, it is normal for a man supporting his wife in household work”. – Rupali*

“Then also normalize staying away from toxic parents or in laws, also normalize solo woman traveling, also normalize not confining women into cages, also normalize the husband’s being the unconditional and fearless companions and supporters , also normalize giving respect to the freedom and choices of wives. Also normalize the wife being a decision maker.” – Reena*

“Just take the example of Grown Ups 2 where the wife chases a successful career and the husband takes on the role of the homemaker. He tries and gives it his best only to be belittled by the mother-in-law and unappreciated by the wife. It’s time to reflect on this as well.– Priya*

“I agree 100%! Your gender has nothing to do with ambition and goals. And it’s okay for a man to not want to have a career just like it’s okay for a woman to be ambitious! SMH!” – Karima*

“I believe being a breadwinner is one of the most empowering things a woman can be.” – Nisha*

“Ignore the ‘log kya kahenge’ trope. It’s always assumed that the woman will be the caregiver and that the man will earn more. And this used to be the case for a long time. But the more examples we have of this being reversed, the less taboo it will become.” – Sheena*

“As long as you two are on the same page, that’s all that matters.” – Vrushika*

“Ladies, stop defining your self worth by your net worth. It’s not what you earn that’s important. It’s about partnership and equal contribution to the household, be it finances, chores or kids.” – Mini*

“If the wife earns more and the husband takes on the caring responsibilities, you are still working together. That’s true partnership. Neither job is easier or harder than the other. And today marriages are built upon this very foundation.” – Latika*

“I believe being a breadwinner is one of the most empowering things a woman can be. I was clear with my husband even before we got married that my career was my priority. And he has been supportive of it all along. We both go out for work, come home, cook together and do chores together.” – Geetika*

“My husband manages his business from home while I go out for work. And we have naturally adopted tasks and responsibilities that fit well together that do not consider our gender. His tasks include taking care of groceries and laundry while I enjoy cleaning up post dinner. Simple!” – Snehalata*

“Gender certainly doesn’t affect my marriage. And I have seen the same with my parents. My dad has always been hands on when it comes to household responsibilities. My mother would often travel due to her job and my dad has been the one to do everything for his 3 daughters. From braiding our hair to cooking 3 meals a day, he has done his part graciously.” – Mitali*

“I have always earned more than my husband and it has never ever been a point of discussion, forget resentment. Even my in-laws tried telling me that their son would one day end up getting bitter about it. It’s been 12 long, blissful years and we are only getting stronger with each passing day.”Sarita*

“The pandemic hit my husband’s business hard and since April 2020, I have been the sole breadwinner of my family. It has not only given my husband the financial support he needs but also the mental support he deserves.” – Vandana*

“That’s true. It’s 2021, time to change our outlook vastly.”Anu*

Being a woman and the breadwinner in a world that doesn’t yet fully support this dynamic is truly something to be proud of. And it’s important that we encourage more women to become financially independent.

Disclaimer: Please note that the responses have been translated and edited for clarity. Names have been changed to respect privacy.

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