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Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Manifold Your Excitement

A pregnancy can come with lots of thrill and excitement. There are so many decisions to be made with the baby announcement- like where to give birth, baby names, nursery to be decorated for the unborn and what toys to buy. But before anything else, how do you announce your pregnancy? Your pregnancy announcement can be quite creative, if you want it to be!

When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy?

When To Announce Pregnancy News

We know that you cannot wait for the baby announcement; however, you need to be careful before you share the news. Various factors influence this decision but it is usually advised that parents-to-be should wait until the end of the trimester to announce their pregnancy and make an official baby announcement.

Pregnancy Announcement To Husband/Partner:

After the mom-to-be and the doctor, partners are the most important people who should know about the baby.

1. Bake A Cupcake

Bake A Cupcake To Announce Pregnancy News

If your partner is a dessert lover, then the simplest way is to bake cupcakes and top it with an “I am pregnant” message on the icing. This is sure to get his attention.

2. Buy A Pair Of Baby Shoes

Buy A Pair Of Baby Shoes To Announce Baby News

You can buy him a surprise gift and along with that, buy a pair of baby footwear. You can give it along with his gift for him to guess for himself, or else place it in the show cabinet- together with your shoes.

3. Spill It Through A Game Of Scrabble

Game Of Scrabble For Pregnancy Announcement

In case you and your better half are fond of word games, it is the best way to get the news to him. You can spell a word related to the pregnancy announcement.

Once you have made the baby announcement to your husband or partner, the next priority is family. You have to get innovative to break the news to your family, too!

How To Share Pregnancy News With Your Family:

1. Gift Your Parents, Grandparents And Siblings With T-Shirts

Gift Your Family With Tshirts

Hand out custom-made t-shirts to your family members with their titles- like for your parents, you can have a t-shirt printed with ‘Promoted to Grandma’ or ‘Promoted to Grandpa’.

2. A Cutesy Metaphor Picture

A Cute Picture To Announce Pregnancy News

You can take a picture of your shoes, your partner’s shoes along with a brand new pair of a baby’s shoes and send it to them.

3. Souvenirs

Announce Pregnancy News With Souvenirs

You can gift coffee mugs or any other souvenirs with printed images of cute babies.

How To Announce Pregnancy News To Your Friends?

1. Pets

Use Pets To Announce Pregnancy News To Friends

A quirky way to announce pregnancy to friends is to have a signboard around your pet’s neck stating the news, and share it on social media.

2. Custom Puzzles

Custom Puzzles For Announcing Pregnancy To Friends

You can plan a get-together and with games like puzzles, give the news away

3. T-Shirts

Customized Tshirts To Announce Baby News

To-be-parents can wear t-shirts printed with ‘I am going to be a mom’ or ‘I am going to be a dad’ messages and take a cute selfie!

How To Announce Baby News To Your Colleagues?

It is a good thing to keep your colleagues informed so that they can support you. In cases where they don’t know, here are a few quirky ways to tell them:

1. Signboard With The Announcement

Signboard With Baby News Announcment

You can take a picture of a sign-board that spells the news to the people. The board can have a cute message like ‘Welcoming our little one in January’.

2. Sweets

Announce Pregnancy News With Sweets

You can distribute candies or sweets in your office and let your colleagues wonder why!

3. Vacation Time

Announce Pregnancy News Over A Vacation Discussion

Over coffee-time discussion of vacation plans, you can smartly let everyone know that you are now planning a babymoon!

Announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones should be joyous and fun. From quirky to funny to mushy, choose whatever your style, and go ahead and announce!

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