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10 Apps That Make A Mom’s Life Easier

Being a mom is a tough job – whether your child is three months, three years, or 13 years old, they keep you on your toes. To go along with the job of parenting is the task of keeping your household moving smoothly too. So there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help to keep your family and home in check.

Thanks to technology, we moms can get a helping hand when we need it. Smartphone apps can make life a little bit more manageable. Even though I am not a very tech-savvy person, I must admit, there are a handful of apps that have certainly made my life more sorted. My first tryst with the smartphone app was during my pregnancy days. Like most millennials, you most likely used an app to follow your pregnancy milestones (you know, kiwi, grapefruit, watermelon lol). Now, your precious little one has arrived, and, with mommy fog brain setting in, you may find you need a new mom app or two, to help you keep track of, well, everything. Here’s a list of popular fairy tales for kids which are both fun as well as educational

10 Must-Try Apps For Moms

From keeping the family organised to assigning chores and handling the shopping, here are 10 apps any mom would love.

1. Keepy – Digitally Store Your Child’s Artwork

As moms, we’re constantly in awe of our children’s amazing creations. The artwork and projects that kids bring home from school are precious mementoes, but the fridge can only hold so many pieces of art. The paintings, drawings, and sketches do tend to pile up at an insanely fast pace. Rather than renting out a storage unit or kicking off a search for a new house with room for a full-on art gallery, I am a big advocate of using smart apps that make my kids’ creations digital. Isn’t it much easier to manage gigabytes than square footage? Enter the Keepy app. Keepy is designed to allow you to create digital records of your child’s artwork and more. Take photos of your child’s work, upload them in the app, and tag your child’s name, grade, date, and title.

You can then easily access and share it with loved ones and even have your child’s work printed into a beautiful hardcover book. If you’ve got multiple kids, you can easily manage multiple profiles. Keepy also allows your kids to record video notes on their creations, and share them with their biggest fans (namely, their grandparents). So moms, preserve your child’s artwork and throw away the guilt of chucking most of it out of necessity – with the Keepy app. Keepy is my favourite owing to its simple user interface and easy convenience to use. 

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

2. BabyCenter

Every parent wants to know that their child is progressing and developing at a normal, healthy pace. The BabyCentre app helps new moms track their baby’s development and growth, most notably, detailing milestones that the infant will hit along their infancy journey. Of course, all babies and children develop differently and at their own, unique pace. But the BabyCentre app provides a basic foundation for a child’s development and helps new moms track progress and determine areas where improvement or additional time is needed. You can also connect with other new moms, swapping stories and advice. The best part is, the app grows with the child. So the information is not limited to only new moms but gives info as the child grows up touching on social-emotional aspects too after a stage.

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

3. FirstCry

Newborn essentials, clothes, footwear, accessories, baby gear, and furniture, FirstCry has been my companion since I conceived and I must say, it is one app that will take care of most of your mom-life challenges. FirstCry offers loyalty programs, discounts, events, a Q&A section, and several contests too.

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

4. Inchpaper

If you have survived the pandemic homeschooling of your kids, you would know a big part of a mom’s life is dealing with different kinds of craft papers and paints. Wait a moment, what’s the difference between cartridge sheet and ivory sheet anyway??!! Recently, I stumbled upon the Inchpaper app and can’t get enough of this one-stop platform. It is not limited to only craft supplies but covers a wide range of educational supplies, games, and textbooks too.

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

5. My Fitness Pal

A mommy needs to stay fit too. Hence a fitness app is a must in her list of smartphone apps. MyFitnessPal is my go-to app for meal logging and staying consistent in my weight. MyFitnessPal has the largest nutritional database of any Android calorie counter with over 1,100,000 foods! You can also create custom exercise routines and track your cardio and strength training including sets, reps, and weight. So, moms, it’s time to take control of your goals now!

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

6. Grofers

If you’re tired of going to your local shop for buying daily groceries and vegetables, Grofers is there to your rescue. The e-commerce app allows you to buy your groceries online and ensures delivery within a few hours. For that matter, not just limited to groceries, Grofers has a huge range of household items, gifting solutions, and personal grooming items too. With Grofers you can make sure you’re getting the best price for the products you buy. From food to futons, you can search for tons of products, receive alerts on price drops and make use of some amazing discounts. Try it out, it will leave you impressed with its services and interesting discounts.

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

7. Khan Academy

What’s a mom’s phone that doesn’t double up as a kids’ entertainment tool? While screen-time is something we all want to keep minimal for our children, there are some situations where giving a gadget to kids becomes inevitable. YouTube is great too in such situations, but I prefer something more interactive that focuses on the skill-development aspect of my children rather than just passive viewing of videos from un-ending options available. Khan Academy is a perfect blend of educational games, e-books, painting pages and many more such tools.

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

8. Nykaa

When life gives you lemons, Go Shopping! Beauty, fashion, and self-care – you’ll find everything on this app by Nykaa. From my personal grooming essentials to beauty and fashion wear, I swear by the Nykaa app. This premier e-commerce platform caters to all my make-up and cosmetic needs. It has more than 850 brands and 1 lakh products and offers a comprehensive selection of beauty-related products like makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, bath and body, luxury and wellness products for women.

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

9. Urban Company

I have always advocated asking for help if need be, especially if you are a mom. Sometimes that helping hand has to come from someone outside your home; that’s when you need Urban Company. The app connects you with “specialists” who help you get work done, from repairs to errands to salon services. The interface is super simple – select a task, see a list of jobs, choose the specifications, and you’re done. You can choose from popular tasks like no-contact errands, at-home salon, cleaning, moving, furniture assembly, home repair, or painting. Urban Company offers a trusted list of specialists, clear pricing, and support options via email, chat, and phone. It’s an all-in-one platform that helps users hire premium service professionals, from beauticians and masseurs to sofa cleaners, carpenters, and technicians. 

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

10. Practo

Again, a very handy app for emergencies, and as a parent, you need to be prepared for one. It lets you book appointments with the doctor, take video consultations, book tests and checkups, and even pick basic medicines. There have been times, especially during the pandemic, when I have been unable to reach my doctor, in such a case, Practo has been extremely useful.

Available: Available for both iOS and Android.

Moms today have a lot on their plate, and when you’re trying to juggle work, kids, school schedules, activities, playdates, and more, well, things can get pretty hectic quickly. But let’s not forget to count our blessings too. Mobile phones have definitely made our lives easier and more interesting. Whether it’s creating a grocery list, tracking your little one’s development, or booking a doctor appointment, check out these must-have apps for moms for managing the day-to-day life of a busy parent.

Go Mommy!

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