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    Improve Your Concentration With These Reliable Meditation Techniques

    The age-old technique of meditation is a form of holistic therapy having some benefit on almost every aspect of physical and mental wellbeing. Many people resort to the art of meditation for focus and concentration and achieve good results by doing so.  

    A sharp focus and undivided concentration help to achieve success in any task that you take in hand. Meditation is one of the ways to enhance your mental focus and concentration which are vital brain functions. All you need to do is choose a technique of meditation to improve focus which is best suited to you.

    Need For Focus and Concentration

    Think of your brain as a machine that requires regular servicing and maintenance. Your brain too needs exercise in order to keep all its functions up to date. Focus and concentration are among the core brain functions. If these get affected, it becomes difficult to deal with day to day challenges.

    The importance of having a sharp focus while dealing with several aspects of one’s personal and professional life has been highlighted in the points mentioned below.

    1. Quicker Results

    In the era of ‘instant’ we all strive to finish our work instantly and also get instant results. Focusing your mental strength on one task at a time will allow you to work better and complete the task faster.

    2. Superior Quality Of Work

    Who doesn’t like a perfect score of 10/10 after putting in a lot of hard work to perform any task? It is easily possible to achieve perfection if your concentration power is strong enough. This applies to personal as well as professional life. Having an enhanced level of mental focus allows you to multi-task and excel at every task you take in hand.

    3. Fewer Mistakes

    To Err Is Human’ is a well known saying. With some effort and dedication, you can minimize the errors in your work. Simply work on fine-tuning your power of concentration and see the outcome reflected in almost every aspect of your life. People who have a sharp focus tend to make fewer mistakes.

    4. Enhanced Capability

    The efforts invested in improving one’s mental focus also lead to improvement as a person. You tend to develop a better understanding of your own life. It helps in developing better capabilities to manage your life and become a better person.

    Enhanced mental focus is the key to a better quality of life. People often turn to meditation to increase concentration. 

    Role Of Meditation In Enhancing Focus And Concentration

    Meditation is an age-old technique that teaches its practitioner to achieve an elevated mental and spiritual state. The relation between concentration and meditation is like a tree and its roots. Meditation acts like an anchor to allow the power of concentration to flourish. 

    The utility of meditation for concentration has been discussed below.

    1. Mental Rejuvenation

    Most people resort to meditation as a means of relaxation. Meditation generates positive vibes which help to unburden unwanted thoughts. A rejuvenated mind works with increased capacity and can concentrate better. This proves the usefulness of meditation to increase concentration.

    2. Techniques Of Focusing

    An important part of meditation is emptying the mind of all thoughts and focusing all the mental energy at one spot. After practising meditation repeatedly the mind becomes habituated to concentrate on the task at hand and avoid distraction.

    3. Reduced Mental Stress

    Meditation often involves audible recitation of a mantra which is a word or phrase repeated while meditating. This action helps to release any negative energy clouding the mind. This helps to reduce mental stress.

    4. Mental Detoxification

    Detoxification of the mind and body is similar to rebooting your mobile phone or laptop. Mental detoxification allows for your brain to function faster and better. It is easier to concentrate with a refreshed and relaxed mind.

    Meditation is helpful to almost everyone irrespective of age, lifestyle and state of physical and mental health. Yoga gurus and masters of meditation believe that there is a strong connection between concentration and meditation.

    Meditation Techniques For Enhancing Power Of Concentration

    Meditation is one of the purest forms of therapy for mental and physical well being. Many people resort to meditation to increase concentration and sharpen their mental focus.

    The inability to focus or concentrate is not essentially a sign of poor mental health. It could also be due to mental exhaustion, stress, performing the same tasks repeatedly etc. Irrespective of the cause, meditation is very helpful in restoring and improving mental focus and concentration. 

    There are various techniques of meditation which have a strong positive effect on the mental well being of a person. Some of the techniques have been described below

    1. Mantra Meditation

    Mantra meditation is a form of meditation involving repetition of a mantra. A mantra could be any word or phrase chosen by the person who is meditating. People often choose a mantra with which they have an emotional, spiritual or religious connection.

    Technique Of Mantra Meditation:

    1. Choose a room which is adequately lit and ventilated. Your surroundings should be free from any noise or other disturbances.
    2. Sit on the floor in a relaxed position without hunching your back.
    3. Close your eyes and attempt to focus at any arbitrary point in your mind. 
    4. Begin reciting your mantra in a clear, audible voice. You may repeat it mentally as well.
    5. Gather your focus only on the mantra and avoid any distractions.

    The result of mantra meditation will only get better as you keep on increasing the duration of meditation. Beginners may start with meditating for 10 minutes at a time. By training your mind to stay focused on the mantra you can enhance your power of concentration.

    2. Calming Meditation

    Isn’t it ironic that we go through so many struggles on a daily basis, yet our sole intention is to seek mental peace. Any form of meditation performed to achieve inner peace is classified as calming meditation.

    Technique Of Calming Meditation:

    1. Choose to meditate in a room which is removed from chaos and other disturbances.
    2. Sit cross legged on the floor with your back straight and your eyes closed.
    3. Take a deep breath and begin by relaxing your mind. Get rid of all thoughts that have a negative impact on you.
    4. You may choose to recite a mantra to achieve focus easily.
    5. Allow positive vibes and relaxation to overpower your mind.
    6. Continue deep breathing throughout your meditation session.

    Calming meditation is said to have a positive impact on improving power of concentration. It helps to improve focus by controlling physical parameters like blood pressure, heart rate and blood circulation.

    3. Visualization Meditation

    Visualization means creating a hypothetical image of a person, object or a state of existence in your mind which brings out positive thoughts in your mind. This method of meditation may be combined with mantra meditation as well.

    Technique Of Visualization Meditation:

    1. The basic requirements of any type of meditation include being in a relaxed position in an undisturbed environment.
    2. Close your eyes and conjure an image that inspires you in a positive manner.
    3. Unleash your creative powers to paint this image in any way desirable to you.
    4. Focus on this image only till you feel a positive aura engulfing you.

    Visualization techniques used in this form of meditation often encourage people to create strong mental images of their goals and dreams. This drives them towards success and strengthens mental focus and concentration in the process.

    These techniques of meditation are very useful for enhancing mental focus and concentration.

    Who Can Benefit From Meditation?

    Meditation helps to restore normal concentration power in people who seem to be lacking it. It is also helpful in improving concentration and focus in people who are otherwise not facing any difficulties with both these brain functions. 

    Meditation can prove to be beneficial in the following cases:

    1. Students who want to enhance their concentration to excel academically.
    2. Working individuals who are burdened by the mental stress of office work and deadlines.
    3. Homemakers and stay-at-home moms whose job is tougher than anyone can ever imagine
    4. Elderly people experiencing the onset of memory loss, loss of focus associated with old age.

    Meditation is for everyone who wishes to embrace mental peace and calmness. It is not only useful for those battling mental health issues, but for everyone. Meditation is a powerful tool with which you can sharpen your brain, enhancing each of its functions. Psychiatrists and psychologists also believe in the power of meditation. The utility of meditation for concentration has been proven time and again. It offers not only good mental exercise but also a healthy way of living.

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