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Experience Mental Detoxification With Mantra Meditation

There is an abstract, comforting and soothing quality about meditation which you can’t quite explain. The concept of meditation has been around for several centuries, predominantly in Asian cultures. Today, meditation has become the most sought after way to attain mental peace.

Some forms of meditation that are practised widely include Om meditation, focused meditation, mantra meditation, transcendental meditation. The practice of mantra meditation is gaining rapid popularity among people of various age groups. It takes a long time of devoted practise to become a master of mantra meditation.

What Is Mantra Meditation?

The word mantra has its origin in the Sanskrit language. It could be a phrase, a word, a sound that is recited audibly or repeated mentally to attain calmness. 

Mantra meditation employs the technique of repetitive chanting or reciting to attain full focus and concentration on meditation. It is a far more powerful tool than simple deep breathing, in ensuring complete mental concentration during meditation. 

Choose any mantra which you have an emotional, spiritual or any form of connection with. Performing Om meditation and Om Shanti meditation regularly is known to have a calming effect on the mind. 

Interesting Fact

Scientific research says that Om chanting meditation is known to have positive effects on the human mind.

Those who are resorting to meditation to help them achieve a higher goal in life may repeat their goal while meditating. You can have any mantra which will enable you to avoid all distractions and focus on meditation alone. 

Benefits Of Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation or meditation of any other kind is primarily aimed at calming the mind. This process of calming the mind in turn leads to several beneficial results on the mental as well as mental health. Some ways in which meditation is beneficial are described below:

1. Stress-Free Mind

The most common reason anyone will give you for meditating is to get rid of mental stress. Mantra meditation helps to overcome all the stress, negativity, blocks and fears one holds within one’s mind. Chanting a mantra repeatedly helps to channelize unwanted mental influences outside the body and cleanses the mind.

2. Enhanced Mental Concentration

Focusing on reciting or revising your mantra repeatedly leads you to think solely about meditation while avoiding other distractions. Scientific studies have revealed that the vibrations generated by chanting certain words repeatedly are known to stimulate a superior state of mind that allows better concentration. It takes immense mental focus to tap this latent energy which can be done with regular practice of meditation.

3. Spiritual Progress

Many people resort to meditation to improve their spiritual well being. Meditation helps to explore the mental plane where you learn to give up on material things in life and selflessly spread emotions such as love, joy and peace. Om chanting meditation or Om Shanti meditation are known to be very helpful for spiritual progress. 

4. Increased Self-Confidence

Meditation is not as easy as sitting at one place and chanting a mantra repeatedly. It requires immense effort to remain mentally focused. Meditation helps to reinforce your mental strength which boosts morale and self-confidence. Mastering the difficult task of meditating without many distractions itself contributes to a heightened sense of self-confidence. 

5. Strengthening of Mental Will

The human mind is like a machine. It requires regular maintenance and servicing to function well. Meditation is the best form of maintenance to cleanse the mind regularly. A mind that is free of stress and negativity will function smoothly with greater capacity. People who practise mantra meditation regularly are likely to have stronger will and grit.

6. Improved Physical Health

If you thought that meditation only acts on the mind then think again. Meditation is known to have a calming effect on the mind and nerves as well. People with health issues related to blood pressure, cardiac functioning, nerves and brain are known to benefit a lot with meditation. People having difficulty with their sleep pattern have reported significant improvement following regular meditation. Studies have proved that Om meditation releases positive vibrations through the body which have a healing effect.

These are some of the spiritual and medical benefits of meditation. Meditation helps to attain a higher mental and emotional level as well. 

How To Perform Mantra Meditation?

Mantra meditation requires a certain amount of dedication and practise. If your mind is set toward your goal, the art of mantra meditation can be mastered soon enough. There are various types of meditation, each having a different method of practice. However, certain steps are common in all types of meditation. 

Meditation primarily involves gathering your attention and focusing it solely at any arbitrary point in an attempt to empty the mind of stress and negativity. Sitting cross-legged on the floor with eyes closed and the body relaxed is the best way to begin meditation. Continuous deep breathing is advisable to facilitate focusing and prevent the mind from wandering. 

Steps to repeat your mantra:

  1. Focus on your mantra and think about nothing else.
  2. Sit on the floor cross legged, with your back straight, eyes closed and begin repeating the mantra.
  3. You may choose transcendental meditation mantras (mental repetition of a mantra) or recite it loudly.
  4. Coordinate your mantra with controlled deep breathing to gain maximum benefit from meditation.
  5. Decide the frequency of repeating your mantra depending on your comfort level.

In a bid to avoid distractions ensure that you are alone in the room while you meditate.  Meditation is to the mind what physical workout is to the body. It helps to improve mental health and ensures better functioning of the mind.

Key Takeaways & Tips

If practised regularly and with dedication, meditation has the potential to pave a better and enhanced way of living. A lot can be achieved when your mind is free of stress and emotional baggage!!

Here are some useful tips to help you during mantra meditation:

  1. It is always a good idea to choose a mantra with which you have an emotional, mental, spiritual or any other form of connection. It could be a phrase which encourages you, the name of a thing, place or person which is your source of inspiration or any religious incantation.
  1. Whenever any emotional or mental disturbance plagues you, mantra meditation is likely to calm you down instantly. Take a deep breath, repeat your mantra and voila! You are back to feeling energetic. 
  1. Try to keep a fixed time to practise meditation. That way it is easier to condition your body and mind to benefit maximally from meditation. 
  1. It is ok to cry to experience heightened emotions while meditating. It implies that you are truly connected to the deeper mental senses.
  1. You don’t have to sit in the meditation room for hours at a time. Devoting as less as 10 minutes per day for meditation will also help to achieve your goals.
  1. Keep your surroundings clean, fresh and bright while you meditate. Moderate decoration with mildly scented flowers, a pretty showpiece, new curtains are likely to elevate your mood and allow better concentration.

The role of meditation is improving your mental health cannot be stressed upon enough in words alone. One needs to perform meditation to experience the effect it has on one’s mind and body. Meditation cleanses your mind and helps you restart your system every single day with renewed vigour. Making meditation a part of your daily routine is key to leading a happier and more fulfilling life. Are you ready to embrace meditation and make it part of your daily routine?

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