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Workout & Diet Tips To Keep You Fit During Quarantine

Life was running at 100kmph speed and all of a sudden it came to a halt. We all had our set routines, which included exercising, food, work, and rest too. And with the COVID-19 taking a toll on our lives, the lockdown period is to make sure that we stay in our houses, this is a scenario no one ever saw coming. Therefore, instead of lazing around, spending too much time in front of the laptop while sitting on your bed or couch, you should make a schedule for yourself. However, it is also important you maintain a healthy diet and continue with your workout at home.

Now, since the gyms and yoga classes are also shut, there are still ways you can keep your exercises going. This will help you and your body not become lethargic all these days. This is the time when you can cook fresh meals and stay healthier instead of complaining about being stuck inside the house, which is a necessity anyways. These easy-to-make recipes during lockdown can be your quick fix for a healthy meal. Below are some diet and workout plans to practice in this quarantine season!

So, this is the time when you would want to note down your workouts and diet. But before anything else, you will require to have a “things to do” list all day long. Since you are not going to step outside your house you need to keep your muscles and body moving. 

Before planning anything else, you must make sure that you make notes on your habits. It is important to make a note of what your habits are. Are you a late sleeper or an early bird? Do you have your dinner late or early? Such questions will help you plan out your diet and the choice of workouts easily. 

A Complete Guide To Diet & Fitness During Self Quarantine Period

1. Healthy Meals

Eat Healthy Meals During Lockdown

One of the main pointers to be noted is that diet, in general, does not mean you skip meals. Instead of skipping meals, you should focus on the traditional way of having meals: a heavy breakfast, a normal filling lunch, and a light dinner. Below are some of the dishes you can easily make at home. 

  • Poha
  • Bread Upma
  • Uttapam
  • Rajma chawal
  • Lentil soup
  • Curd rice

2. Healthy Snacks

Eat Healthy Snacks

Free time makes you hog more on carbs and packaged snacks. However, once in a while cheat meals are acceptable but all the time having those packaged chips aren’t healthy. Before COVID-19, for snacks, all you needed to do was to order things online. Therefore, as safety measures, you should skip this habit and take the traditional way of making snacks at home. For snacks, you can always opt for roasted nuts, makhanas, peanuts, homemade bhel puris. There are some other snacks like mathris, laddoos, and namak paras, which you can make once and store it for days. 

3. Easy Workouts To Do At Home

Gyms being closed doesn’t mean you have got an excuse to not exercise. There are a lot of ways you can exercise at home. Since not exercising can make your muscles sore and you will have to begin the drill all over again after the lockdown. Below are some of the most recommended exercises.


Practice Yoga During This Self Isolation Period

Yoga exercises are something which can be easily performed at the comfort of your place. You will need a little enthusiasm from within to make yourself ready for a workout. Surya Namaskar, to begin with, is one of the most recommended Yoga workouts. You can easily do 20 in 20 minutes and that will be enough of the stretching and movements you will need for the day. Meditation is yet another option that comes with yoga. Sitting in the house and not going out does affect your mental health. You need to calm down and relax your mind, body, and soul and meditation is the best remedy. 

Cardio Exercises

Do Cardio Exercises While Self Quarantining At Home

Cardio exercises do not require a lot of exercising equipment. There are a lot of options in these categories available. One of them being brisk walking at your home, climbing and moving down the stairs, aerobics, and dancing. Put on some music and perform your favourite dancing steps. Performing aerobics exercises are the best and fun stretching exercises. 

Skipping Rope

Use Skipping Rope To Do Full Body Workout

Skipping ropes is one of the complete body workouts. You do not require much equipment apart from a skipping rope. Even if you do not exercise you can always begin with skipping ropes and will see a lot of positive changes in your body. 

Strength And Balancing Exercises

Practice Strength And Balancing Exercises While Self Quarantining At Home

Lastly, if you have your dumbbells and strength equipment available at your place, you can do your usual sets. Also, you can always consult your trainer on the sets you need to perform for safety purposes. Exercises like push-ups and planks you can do easily at your home. These will help you a lot to maintain your health and also keep you busy. 

There are times when sitting in front of the laptop will make you tired. Apart from all the above-mentioned things, there are a lot of experts and training institutes running their online classes that will help you work out and plan your diet. Those classes have a set time and schedule, it is just like your usual training. The only difference is that you are getting your physical training online. Secondly, there are a lot of youtube videos available explaining the exercises you can do at home and feel fresh and activated even during times of quarantine. 

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