HealthFitness5 Fitness Lessons From Celebrity Shraddha Kapoor On Her Birthday

5 Fitness Lessons From Celebrity Shraddha Kapoor On Her Birthday

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5 Fitness Lessons From Celebrity Shraddha Kapoor On Her Birthday
Born on 3rd March, 1989, the 33-year-old Aashiqui 2 star is one of the fittest in the Hindi film industry. And the trailer of her upcoming movie Tu Jhooti Main Makaar bears testimony to that. She looks nothing less than scorching hot in that chiselled bikini bod. Perf, we say. Her Instagram feed also gives us a close peak of how fitness is always on top of her mind. Know more about 5 of her fitness lessons for some inspo.
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1.Cardio As Go-To Activity
The diva swears by her cardio routine and sweats it out for 30 to 40 minutes regularly. A run some time after dinner is also an integral part of her daily workout routine.
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2. Balance Of Cardio With Yoga & Pilates
The star balances her heavy cardio routine with yoga and pilates. Both of which help her work on her core muscles and maintain a stable physique. Whether she is on a strict diet during a shoot or on a vacation, there’s no stopping this girl from sticking to her pilates and yoga regimen.
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3. Latkas, Jhatkas, & Matkas
The Stree actor loves to groove for hours to loud music in a closed room for that endorphin rush, till her legs cannot take it any more. Dance till you drop - is clearly one of her fitness hacks.
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4. 'Shunya' for Mental Health
‘Shunya’ meaning ‘zero’ implies starting from the roots or the beginning when positivity, goodness, and purity are at its peak. For her, it is the ultimate spiritual achievement, the oxygen for her mental health.
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5. Strict Diet
For breakfast, she eats upma, poha, or egg whites and washes it down with fresh fruit juice. Her lunch comprises two-three chapatis, dal, and some green veggies, while for dinner, she has dal, fish curry, grilled fish, paired with brown rice or whole wheat bread with peanut butter. She winds up the last meal of her day by 6 to 7pm. The celeb is also very strict about her snacks pre and post-fitness regimen and relies on a protein-rich diet to give her energy.
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