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    Buzz 46: 8 Guru Purnima Traditions & 6 Gift Ideas For The Big Day

    The purpose of Guru Purnima is to honour our teachers and the bond shared between teachers and their disciples. Know the history, significance, and traditions of the day, along with the rules for fasting and innovative gifting ideas.

    Buzz 46: 5 Rum Cocktail Recipes, As Served At Top Restaurants In Mumbai & Goa

    Introduce a twist to your alcohol menu and chug chug chug all the way up and to glory with these 5 stunning rum cocktail recipes.

    10 Best Non-Stick Cookware & Kitchen Appliances For Couples To Get Healthy Together

    It's high time we make the kitchen a more gender-neutral space. And these easy-to-use appliances can help couples achieve just that!

    Highway 46: 10 Ati Sundar Places To Visit In North East India

    There is no death of natural beauty in India. However, the North East remains widely unexplored. Here are 10 places that you must bookmark for your next vacation.

    15 Things Women Are Made To Feel Guilty About Shaadi Ke Baad (But Should Not)

    Living up to cultural ideals of an "ideal" woman were the only goal in life for women because "log kya kahenge." Here are 15 such obstacles that women often face after marriage.

    7 Yummy Aam Recipes You Need To Binge On Before They’re Out Of Season

    Alas, the falon ka raja is almost on its way out this out. So, here's your chance to grab the opportunity and make the most of its deliciousness before it runs out of stock.

    Buzz 46: Discussing Eid al-Adha Traditions & Significance & 3 Popular Recipes For A Wholesome Daawat

    Know the history, significance, traditions and food recipes that give Eid al-Adha or the Festival of Sacrifice its unique meaning.

    5 Bollywood Celebs You Share Traits With If You Are A Cancerian (Kark Rashi)

    Here are 5 Indian woman Cancerian (Kark Rashi) celebs who are a force to reckon with in the fields that they have chosen for themselves.

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