Buzz 46Buzz 46: 12 Iconic Hansa Dialogues In Khichdi That Will Have You...

Buzz 46: 12 Iconic Hansa Dialogues In Khichdi That Will Have You ROFL On Supriya Pathak’s Birthday

All the witty conversations in Khichdi are invariably driven by the too-simple-to-be-true Hansa, brought to life by the underrated veteran actor Supriya Pathak. Simplicity is one thing and being a simpleton is quite another. And Hansa is the epitome of the latter. To say the least, the actor has done an impeccable job in portraying the character so convincingly, so much so that the TV serial from the 90s has remained iconic till today. Not just that, a movie sequel has also been made in its honour, released as recently as February 2022.

Here are the 12 most iconic dialogues from the 90s TV serial Khichdi to take you down memory lane.

1. Hansa: Praful confuse matlab?

Praful: Confuse, Hansaaaa

Jab humaare ghar pe light chali jaati hai to kudkud-Kumar Babuji kya kehte hain?

Hansa: Ae Babuji toh kehte hain ki…”Lo fuse udd gaya, ab fuse theek kaun karega? Kaun fuse theek karega? Kaun fuse. Acchha confuse… achchha achchha confuse.

2. Hansa: Praful “asset” matlab?

Buzz 46: 12 Iconic Hansa Dialogues In Khichdi That Will Have You ROFL On Supriya Pathak's Birthday

Praful: Asset, Hansaaa… Jab hum gaadi mein jaate hai and jab gaadi signal par rukti hai …. Tab woh bhikari log aa kar kya bolte hai?

Hansa: “Aee seth… Thoda paisa do naa” … “eee sethh… ” … Asset …achha asset.

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3. Hansa: Yeh Doctorate matlab Praful?

Praful: Doctorate, Hansaaa

Woh apni padosi Dr Bhatt ki wife aur woh jab lunchtime mein tumhe milte hain toh tum kya kehti ho?

Hansa: Achha woh…hello Mrs Bhatt

Hello Doctor. How are you? Khana kha ke jana, haan…

Praful: Haan tab unki wife tumhe kya kehti hain?

Hansa: Thank you Hansa bhabhi, but doctor already ate…doctor ate…doctorate…achchha!

4. Hansa: Praful “decide” matlab?

Buzz 46: 12 Iconic Hansa Dialogues In Khichdi That Will Have You ROFL On Supriya Pathak's Birthday

Praful: Decide, Hansa … Vo cassette player mein hum cassette dalte, usme hota hai na … “a side” – “b side” … Toh “c-side” … “d-side”….”decide”.

5. Hansa: Aeh Praful! April fool matlab?

Prafful: April fool, Hansa…

Babuji mujhe kaise bulate hain?

Hansa: A Praful….A Praful…A Praful…

Accha achha…April fool…

6. Hansa: Praful! Alphabet matlab?

Praful: Alphabet, Hansa…local train mein safar karte hue maasi jaise hi koi seat khali dekhti hain toh woh apni beti Alpha se kya kehti hain?

Hansa: Alpha baith seat pe…Alpha baith… Alphabet!

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7. Hansa: Praful, elastic matlab?

Praful: Elastic, Hansa…

Apni woh Radhaben…unki beti Ila…

Usko jab fracture hua tha toh woh kya leke chalti thi?

Hansa: Ila toh…Ila stick leke…

Ohh…achchhha achchhaa…Ila stick..Elastic!

Hansa: Praful, formality matlab?

Praful: Formal yaani formal kapde…tea matlab chai

Formal kapde pehen ke chai peene ko…formality kehte hain!

8. Hansa: Praful, automatically matlab?

Praful: Hansa, main batata hoon…

Jab auto mein koi ganji ladki baithi hoti hai toh usko kya bolte hain?

Auto-mein-takli! Automatically.

9. Hansa: Aeh Praful…tournament matlab?

Praful: Tournament, Hansa…

Ye jo tumne jhumke pehne hain, gehne pehne hain, inko English me kya kehte hain, bolo bolo?

Hansa: Aaa haan haan tournament…

Melisa: Arrey usse ornament kehte hain

Hansa: Aeh chal chal…kuchh bhi mat bol!

Ek jhumka – ornament, do jhumke – tournament…

Aeh Praful…is Melisa ko toh kuchh bhi nahi aata.

10. Hansa: Aeh Praful…mature matlab?

Praful: Mature, Hansa…

Jab apna Mahesh chori karte huye pakda gaya tha…

Tab usne kya kaha tha?

Hansa: Usne kaha tha…”mujhe chhod do…main chor nahi hoon”

Main chor nahi….main chor…mature…achha achha!

11. Hansa: Praful, technology matlab?

Praful: Technology, Hansa…

Jab hum Hiraben ki shaadi mein gaye the…

Tab Hiraben mehmaano se kya keh rahi thi?

Hansa: Woh toh logo se khaana khaane ko keh rahi thi …

Keh rahi thi…

“Khaiye na…aapne toh kuchh liya hi nahi…

Lo ji, khaiye. Take no, lo ji!”

Take no, lo ji…achchha technology!

12. Hansa: Praful, culture matlab?

Praful: Hansa….

Woh apna maali hai na?

Hansa: Haan…

Praful: Woh jab thak jaata hai toh uski maa usse kya kehti hai?

Hansa: Woh kehti hain ki “beta tu thak gaya hai na?

Toh tu ped pe kal chadd…kal chadd”

Kal chadd…culture.

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