BeautyMake UpA Beginner's Guide To Shopping For Quality Skincare & Makeup Products

A Beginner’s Guide To Shopping For Quality Skincare & Makeup Products

Even if you’re not new to the world of beauty, there are just so many misconceptions around the skincare and makeup industry driven by brand marketing, messaging, trends, influencer clout, and hype, that it’s easy to get lost in a sea of choices. And that’s why we decided it was time we help you learn more about how you can shop for quality beauty products that actually suit your skin type.

In conversation with the Founder of Kiro Clean Beauty Vasundhara Patni, TC46 takes note of skincare and makeup buying tips for its readers who are looking to invest in quality beauty products.

1. Buying Products That Suit Your Skin Type

  • Make sure to check the ingredient list of your products to make an informed decision of what you are putting on your skin
  • Try opting for gentler actives if you are a skincare beginner, something like a hyaluronic acid or niacinamide, as they aren’t harsh on the skin
  • Texture of a product is also very important to check. If you have dry skin, opt for something thicker in consistency which will provide nourishment. In contrast, if you have oily skin, go for lightweight water-based serums as they will sink into the skin faster.

2. The Trick To Finding Your Foundation Match

  • When you are swatching shades, make sure to try it on your jawline and whichever blends the best in this area, that would be your shade
  • Make sure to not try the shades on your hand as the skin tone on your forearm may be very different from that on your face
  • You should also check real reviews by customers, preferably with photos, so that you can see the product swatched or used on a real person, sans editing and social media filters

3. Tips To Apply Mascara For Open, Fuller-Looking Lashes

  • Always start by taking the excess off, so there isn’t a lot of product on the lashes
  • After that, start by wiggling the wand from root to tip to coat the lashes with your mascara
  • If your lashes stick together, go for a lash separator, which is a tool that helps with de-clumping
  • Also, understand that there are 6 different mascara wands—classic wand, curved comb wand, tapered wand, ball-tipped wand, fat brush wand, and skinny brush wand. Each will give you a very different finish so test before you buy.

4. Contour Before Or After Foundation?

Contour should be applied after the foundation. Contour adds more definition and sculpted dimension to the face. If you’re looking for a way to just add warmth and soft dimension to the face, you can skip the contour and just use a bronzer. Is your foundation expired? See what to do with expired foundation here.

5. Makeup You Need For The No-Makeup Makeup Look

  • A concealer or compact powder for evening out the skin tone
  • A nude lipstick is a must
  • A mascara to add definition to your eyes
  • A brownish nude blush
  • A brown eyeliner

Feel more equipped to build your skincare and makeup kit? We sure hope you do. You can always come to us and check out our beauty guides that will help you be a little more informed about your purchases. The idea is to find a routine that works for your skin and complexion type, so don’t buy into the hype on social media and try and do your own research beforehand.

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