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A Beginner’s Guide To Shopping For Quality Skincare & Makeup Products

– Make sure to check the ingredient list of your products to make an informed decision of what you are putting on your skin

1. Buying Products That Suit Your Skin Type

– When you are swatching shades, make sure to try it on your jawline and whichever blends the best in this area, that would be your shade

2. The Trick To Finding Your Foundation Match

– Always start by taking the excess off, so there isn’t a lot of product on the lashes – After that, start by wiggling the wand from root to tip to coat the lashes with your mascara

3. Tips To Apply Mascara For Open, Fuller-Looking Lashes

Contour should be applied after the foundation. Contour adds more definition and sculpted dimension to the face. If you’re looking for a way to just add warmth and soft dimension to the face

4. Contour Before Or After Foundation?

– A concealer or compact powder for evening out the skin tone – A nude lipstick is a must – A mascara to add definition to your eyes

5. Makeup You Need For The No-Makeup Makeup Look

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