WorkCareerLearn How To Build Self-Confidence At Work

Learn How To Build Self-Confidence At Work

Self-confidence is a superpower anyone can possess. And what if we tell you how to boost self-confidence with easy tips? Yes, it is possible to do just that. Confident people tend to be happier. They tend to be successful and charismatic, leading to a sea of opportunities and risks they are willing to accept.

Women, for generations, have kept their heads down and played by the rules. We believe that our talent and hard work will pay off and we certainly have come a long way. Yet, men around us are being promoted faster and get paid more. With women making phenomenal progress in the workforce, now is the time to help each other out with career-enhancing tips. And self-confidence is one such goal that women need to achieve. 

Why Are Women Low On Self-Confidence?

I. Gender Stereotypes

Reason For Low Self Confidence - Gender Stereotypes

Remember playing the game ‘House’ in your childhood? One friend would play the role of the ‘husband’ while the other would play the ‘wife’. The ‘husband’ would come home from work and the “wife” would slog away in the kitchen. This is how patriarchal Indian society is. And women in India are still facing the consequences of a patriarchal society. Most men are expected to work and take care of material needs. While women are expected to dutifully take the responsibilities of being a good daughter, the perfect wife, selfless mother, and sanskari bahu.

II. Body Image Issues

Reason For Low Self Confidence - Body Image Issues

In a society obsessed with ‘fair skin’ and ‘celeb-like figures’, the real woman has lost all self-esteem. This is further promoted by social media websites that hold up an impossible standard. It has reached a point where we have to put bans on unethical brands and discriminatory beauty products. So in this journey of how to build self-confidence, let’s break the barriers of superficial beauty standards.

III. Gender Wage Gap & The Glass Ceiling

Reason For Low Self Confidence - Gender Wage Gap

Take a team from the same company, doing the same work. Even though their designation matches, their salary will not. Men are and have been given higher salaries than women. When it comes to promotions or positions of power, men are preferred over women. And this has become a major reason for women losing self-confidence.

It’s clear that we need to take charge and resolve the issue of low self-confidence in women. And how do we do it? We are here to help with some of the best tips on how to build self-confidence at work.

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10 Expert Tips For Women To Build Self-Confidence At Work

1. Work On Your Attitude

Work On Your Attitude To Boost Self Confidence

Confidence can build by preparing for the journey and getting into the right mindset. A healthy, optimistic attitude is the answer to how to increase self-confidence. Understand where you are, what your goals are and where you want to be. Commit to the process of building up your self-esteem and make it a priority.

2. Amplify Your Knowledge

Amplify Your Knowledge To Build Self Confidence

When we want to try a certain hair treatment like Keratin or Cysteine, we do all sorts of research. We ask our friends, family, and colleagues for reviews and conduct online research as well. All this knowledge influences our decision. Similarly, if your work requires you to implement new auditing systems, learn about the latest in the field. Knowing the workings of a system and how to implement it will do wonders for your self-confidence.

3. Acknowledge Your Achievements

Acknowledge Your Achievements To Boost Self Confidence

Do you often end up focusing on pending tasks? This can be a hindrance to your self-confidence. How to build confidence in yourself has a simple answer. Create an achievement log. Fill it up with everything you have accomplished in your career. You may have worked on weekends when a project was due or mentored a colleague. Anything and everything about your work that has helped you reach where you are goes in the log. 

4. Surround Yourself With Allies

Surround Yourself With Allies To Boost Confidence At Work

A strong network of people who boost your confidence is a must. We all have that friend who always has something encouraging to say. Or, for many, their spouse always compliments them regarding their look or the hard work they put into a project. Surround yourself with such people rather than those who enjoy criticizing you.

5. Welcome The Criticism

Boost Self Confidence By Taking Criticism Positively

Criticism comes with the territory. The key is to not let it zap your confidence. Avoid dwelling on criticism that isn’t true and shift your focus to your positive attributes. Criticism, when relayed constructively, can be a boon. For instance, if your boss criticises your presentation, try to learn the reason. If she is criticizing your technique, it’s a great opportunity for you to brush up on those skills.

6. Change Your Phrases

Never Say Die Attitude To Build Self Confidence

One sure way when it comes to answering the question of how to build self-confidence is to eliminate negativity. If you find yourself saying, “I can’t”, then it’s time to change that. Start using “How can I?” instead and see the difference. Negativity puts up unnecessary limitations and is bound to affect your work performance. 

7. Accept Failures Graciously

Accept Failure Graciously To Boost Self Confidence

On top of being optimistic, keep celebrating your success. And what works best for how to build confidence at work is accepting failures. Mistakes are inevitable when you are doing something new and human errors are normal. Instead of focusing on failures, accept them and learn from them.

8. State Your Intentions

State Your Intentions Clearly To Boost Confidence

People who talk about their goals and declare that they will get things do end up succeeding. When you voice your goals, you gain confidence by holding yourself accountable for it. It also creates a space for your credibility and you gain respect in your workspace.

9. Set Small Goals

Setting Small Goals Will Help You Boost Self Confidence

When you begin your journey of boosting self-confidence at work, start by setting small, attainable goals. Get in the habit of successfully completing those goals and your confidence will grow ten folds. Celebrate those achievements and little by little, start piling up the success.

10. Work On Your Body Language

Work On Your Body Language To Boost Self Confidence

Everyone has that one colleague who is always on the go, bouncing around with a cherry smile. And this person is often perceived as a confident, charismatic individual. Why does it work? How you move around in the office affects perception. Someone who sits at their desk with a blank face is considered the ‘underdog’. Walk around with a spring in your step. Smile and let your energy reflect in your body language.

Key Takeaways:

  • We all learn from our mistakes and no one is perfect
  • Start small and keep climbing the ladder of success
  • Optimism goes a long, long way
  • Knowledge is uncompromisable
  • Self-efficacy and self-esteem go hand in hand

Self-confidence is a vital part of our lives and people who lack it struggle with achieving success. You now know how to build self-confidence at work. These are simple and easy-to-implement tips. Try them out and experience your transformation!

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