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5 Apps For The Woman On The Go

From making breakfast to hitting the gym, to work meetings, coffee with friends, occasional family gatherings, the modern girl’s life is anything but easy. We’re always trying to juggle between personal and professional commitments. Between passions and responsibilities. All of this can get a little overwhelming, sometimes even a little frustrating. However, we can all put a bit of technology to the rescue, and get a little more out of our time. 

Here are some apps we think you must have on your phone, to ensure you can be a little more organised, at peace, and feel a little stronger.

1. Google Calendar (Planning & Organisation) 

Salon Appointment? Work meeting? Taking your ma or ma-in-law to the doctor? A webinar you want to make sure you don’t miss? Often in daily life, we tend to forget things. Which only leaves us more frustrated later on. Google Calendar is perhaps the easiest hack to ensure you have your day planned out, and you don’t miss another important engagement again! You can add all your important appointments, and plans. Colour code them if you want to indicate which is a personal task and which is a work-related one. What’s more, Google Calendar is directly synced to your Gmail account, so it automatically shows you important days, birthdays of your contacts and you can even sync in between your phone and other devices. 

2. SplitWise (Expenses)

A must-have for the financially smart girl. How often do you end up losing track of your expenses? Or how much you owe your friends that last time you went out for lunch? Or your sister for that anniversary present you bought your parents? SplitWise allows you to track your expenses, and even split them in a manner where you know exactly what you owe to people, and what people owe you. 

3. HealthifyMe (Diet & Fitness) 

Don’t we all worry about eating right and working out, especially when you’re travelling? Sometimes, we lose track of what we’re eating, and also feel unmotivated to exercise. HealthifyMe allows you to record what you’re eating on a daily basis, and select from a variety of workout plans. The basic version is free, but you can also subscribe to their paid version to get a diet and workout plan customised to your fitness goals. 

4. Pocket (Content Storing)

How often do you come across an interesting read, and realise you can’t find it later when you actually have the time? A recipe article for Mango Kheer, or a DIY guide to gardening at home, or a news article about Loans for Women Entrepreneurs.  Pocket is a simple app that allows you to store all articles/blogs in one place so that you can access them later. What’s more, based on your current selection, Pocket also recommends reads you might find interesting. 

5. Evernote (Note Taking)

Gone grocery shopping, only to realise you forgot your list at home? Evernote allows you to do two things very simply – take digital notes, and store important documents. You can take scans of all your important documents: passport, PAN and Aadhar cards and store them on your phone, in case you need to access them and don’t have a physical copy on you. The free, basic version allows you to stick to one device; the premium (paid) version allows you a range of benefits. If you’re not convinced about paying for the premium version, you can always try out the free one to see if it works for you or not. 

If used well, and in moderation, technology is a great tool. It allows you to plan your life in a manner that is simplified, and easy. Let nothing stop you, ever! 

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