StyleClothingVideo: 5 New Ways Of Draping A Saree This Wedding Season

Video: 5 New Ways Of Draping A Saree This Wedding Season

Saree is a classic and holds a special place in every desi woman’s heart. While lehengas, shararas, anarkalis and more often dive into the pool of creativity and novelty, sarees are shedding the conventional ways. There are several variations of this statement wardrobe piece like the ruffled version, lacey drapes and fusion pieces. But one way you can turn any saree into a glam affair is by draping it in a new, fun way. So take out your favourite saree (or your mom’s), drape it like the fashionista you are and let your #OOTD do the talking!

Tips To Care For Your Beautiful & Expensive Sarees

The saree holds a special place in every Indian woman’s heart. Be it silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon or tissue, draping a saree brings out the feminine side in you. ut taking care of your precious sarees, organising them neatly and maintaining them can be tough. So how do you take care of your sarees? Here are some tips and hacks to help do just that!

1. Cotton Saree

  • Before washing a cotton saree for the first time, soak it for 10-15 minutes in a bucket of warm water mixed with rock salt
  • Wash the saree separately as dark colours tend to bleed
  • Use a mild detergent and avoid wringing it vigorously
  • Dry your saree in the shade to avoid discolouration
  • Starch it after every wash to retain the shine and colour
  • Store the saree in an airy cupboard that is devoid of humidity and direct sunlight

2. Silk Saree

  • Silk sarees are supposed to be sent for dry cleaning only
  • Refold these sarees from time to time to avoid fading on the creases
  • Do not store them with sarees of other materials. Store them separately
  • Try to keep them wrinkle-free
  • Always iron on medium heat and do not spray water while ironing as it might leave a stain
  • Store them folded and wrapped in a pure cotton or muslin cloth as this will allow the saree to breathe
  • Never hang a silk saree to dry in direct sunlight as that can cause the colour to fade

3. Chiffon & Georgette Saree

  • Chiffon and georgette sarees need to be hand-washed gently
  • Wash them with cold water and a mild detergent
  • Avoid hanging them for a long time as they might lose their shape
  • Do not squeeze or wrap tightly
  • Refold these sarees from time to time to avoid ripping on creases

4. Tissue & Organza Saree

  • These are dry clean only clothing pieces
  • It is best to keep these sarees folded and not hang them
  • Store them by wrapping them in a muslin cloth
  • Refold these sarees from time to time to avoid ripping on creases

5. Net Saree

  • Dry cleaning is the most suitable option to wash net sarees
  • Air them out before storing them
  • Make sure to use a soft cloth storage box or use a saree bag
  • Avoid using safety pins for net sarees as then can cause rips and tears

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