Buzz 46Buzz 46: Shravan Somvar Vrat Vidhi (& The Importance Of Fasting For...

Buzz 46: Shravan Somvar Vrat Vidhi (& The Importance Of Fasting For It)

The month of Shravan is one of the holiest months of the year, according to the Hindu calendar. It is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. The name of the month is derived from the Shravan Nakshatra that is believed to rule the sky on the full moon day or Purnima. Devotees offer their obeisance to Shivling during this month. Every Monday is celebrated as Shravan Somvar in this month and the Shivling is bathed with milk and water throughout the day and night. This time of the year is also considered to be auspicious for special events and festivals because the month is considered to be suitable for shubh aarambh or new beginnings. 

History & Significance Of Shravan Somvar Puja Vidhi & Vrat

According to Hindu folklore, poison emerged from the water when Devas and Asuras started fighting with each other. Lord Shiva deliberately drank all the poison to save mankind and this occurred in the month of Shravan. As a result, Lord Shiva’s body temperature rose. He carried the moon on his head to cool down his temperature and the other Hindu gods poured Gangajal on him, which devotees do to this day and age. It is also believed that Lord Indra made the sky rain for Lord Shiva’s temperature to drop further. And this successfully soothed him. Henceforth, Lord Shiva is honoured by pouring water during the month of Shravan, specifically on Mondays. 

Shravan Somvar Vrat Vidhi

Buzz 46: Shravan Somvar Vrat Vidhi (& The Importance Of Fasting For It)
  1. Wake up early and take a refreshing shower in the morning on the day of Shravan Somvar.
  2. Visit a Shiv Mandir or perform the Rudrabhishek Puja with authentic rituals at home.
  3. Offer bael leaves, milk, gangajal, and datura to the deity.
  4. Shivling is then anointed with Panchamrit.
  5. Next, ghee and sugar is offered to the Lord.
  6. Pray and perform aarti to conclude the Shravan Somvar puja.
  7. Finally, distribute prasad.

Shravan Vrat Katha: The Story Behind Shravan Somvar Vrat Vidhi

According to the Skanda Purana, Goddess Sati made the shocking decision to marry Lord Shiva against the wishes of her father. Once married, she saw how Lord Shiva was humiliated by her father, because of which she ended her life. Later she was reincarnated as Goddess Parvati, born to Parvat Raj Himalaya and Naina. She carried on a penance and tapasya for a month to make the Lord her better half and her wishes were finally granted as she became his devoted wife. This is precisely the reason why women fast for 16 consecutive Mondays, known as Solah Somvar, to get a husband like Lord Shiva. 

Significance Behind Fasting During Shravan Somvar 

  1. Paying obeisance to Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan awards devotees with various blessings, including that of spiritual cleansing.
  2. The various barriers caused due to planetary doshas are eliminated by worshipping Lord Shiva with honey, bael leaves, ghee, and rudraksha, according to the instructions of your Pandit. 
  3. Rudrabhishek Puja, performed by experienced Pandits, can cure devotees of financial problems, incurable health conditions, and bad karma. It can also bring success in business or career, and personal life, emphasising on Sawan Somvar vrat importance.
  4. The Shravan Somvar puja while keeping a fast is also believed to remove doshas and negative planetary combinations in your birth chart. 
  5. A Laghu Rudra Puja specialises in appeasing Lord Shiva for receiving inner peace and fulfilment of your desires. 
  6. A Pathatmak Laghu Rudra Puja done while keeping a fast can destroy negativity around you. 

 Shravan Somvar Puja Vidhi & Fasting Rituals 

  1. Observing Solah Somvar (16 Mondays) is believed to award you with everything your heart desires.
  2. Commit to observing the Solah Somvar vrat with a pure heart and complete dedication. It starts by taking a bath after waking up early in the morning.
  3. Visit a Lord Shiva temple or perform the puja at home, strictly following the puja vidhi and rituals.
  4. Clear the puja place and then light the lamp with gingelly oil.
  5. Decorate the picture or idol with flowers and diyas.
  6. Recite the katha, followed by aarti.
  7. You can conclude the puja with almonds, betel leaves, a sweet dish, and a coconut. 
  8. You can either fast the entire day or eat prasad and fruits after the puja is done. 
  9. Finally, light a diya near Lord Shiva overnight.

Sawan Somvar Vrat: What To Eat

Buzz 46: Shravan Somvar Vrat Vidhi (& The Importance Of Fasting For It)

Foods you can eat while observing the fast are as below:

  1. Fruits
  2. Sendha namak (rock salt)
  3. Sabudana
  4. Milk and milk products like yoghurt, buttermilk, etc.

Sawan Somvar Vrat: What Not To Eat

As per Shravan Somvar fasting rules, below are the foods you must avoid of you’re keeping the fast:

  1. Salt
  2. Garlic
  3. Onions

Types Of Fasts That Are Kept For Shravan Somvar

1. Partial Fasting

In this case, you can eat a selected choice of foods like fruits, nuts, sabudana, etc. Some also keep a fast during the day and eat at night.

2. Austere Fasting

Here, devotees don’t eat anything and solely consume water. The fast is broken after sunset with a meal that is devoid of garlic and onion. 

Solah Somvar, according to Shiva Purana, bestows devotees with a peaceful personal life, a successful career or business, financial issues, bad karma, and a life devoid of negativity. It also cures irreversible illnesses and blesses devotees with good health. Keep a fast according to the Sawan Somvar vrat vidhi, and with a good and genuine heart.

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