Budget ShopperBudget Shopper: 10 Gorgeous & Comfy Monsoon Shoes Under Rs 1500

Budget Shopper: 10 Gorgeous & Comfy Monsoon Shoes Under Rs 1500

Staying stylish during the rainy season can be a challenge. You can protect your clothes with an umbrella or raincoat. And indulge in monsoon-friendly beauty products from the Red Dot Shop here. But what about your poor feet that stay close to the filthy puddles and slippery streets? It is impossible to wear your fashionable heels during this season. Fret not – you have a variety of options to choose from in waterproof footwear. And yes, they can be stylish. From cute ballerinas to comfy rubber sneakers. Here is a list of 10 monsoon shoes that are worth your money!

10 Rain Shoes To Get You Through Monsoon

While each year you patiently wait for the monsoon season, you also get annoyed when your foot gets stuck in potholes and puddles. Another problem that comes with monsoon is foot odour. Learn how to get rid of foot odour here.  No matter how the weather is, you cannot limit your fashion choices. So, to help you slay (even in monsoons), here is a list of the best trendy footwear. 

1. Clogs

If you are looking for footwear that is sturdy and stylish at the same time, your search will end at Crocs. With multiple outlets across the city, you have plenty of options to choose from (there are some really cute ones as well). And hey, their products are colourful too so yes, a big thumbs up! Their classic clog is light and comfy, and the ventilation ports not only make it SO breathable, but you can also personalise them with charms! Get the lavender colour to make a splash.

Price: Starting at Rs 1,500

2. Gumboots

Gone are the days when you found these only in farms and fields. Also called willies, these comfy boots now come in a variety of colours. The printed variety is slowly moving out of trend. Florals are now being replaced by neon green, pink and even transparent varieties. A choice in length is also available – the knee-high willies are a classic. Transparent gumboots have also been spotted. The biggest advantage of willies is that they keep your feet clean and dry throughout the day.

Price: Starting at Rs 1,200

3. T-Strap Sandals

These simple sandals are ideal for every occasion. From formal events to a casual outing, you will find a T-strap sandal useful during the monsoons. Colourful plastic t-strap sandals are a usual sight at popular street markets. You will find them for as little as Rs 100. Keeping up with the colour trend for this year, bright neon and fluorescent colours are the favourites. But you can try matte black and other neutral shades for formal events or the workplace.

Price: Starting at Rs 349

4. Ballerinas

Ballets are a saviour for women’s feet. These flat shoes come in a variety of colours, prints and materials. Pick the right one and you can wear it anywhere. I have a pair of black textured rubber ballerinas which I wear everywhere – from a stroll in the park to business meetings. They look just like leather shoes but are waterproof and flexible. For the monsoons, plastic ballets with cutwork and rubber bellies in neon colours are the best. Get yourself a collection of these and mix ‘n match them with various outfits.

Price: Starting at Rs 400

5. Jelly Flats

Quirky and vibrant, these are your go-to shoes when it’s pouring outside. The water-resistant shoes will be your new best friend for the season for how comfortable they can feel. Available in pop colours, they will add spunk to your outfit. 

Price: Starting at Rs 600

6. Rubber Sneakers

Native Shoes recently launched its rain-proof sneaker collection for women. These colourful flat shoes are comfy and sporty. You can wear them with a pair of shorts or denim. The Native Miller collection comes in 12 colours and floral prints. You will find a larger variety among the street market knock-offs.

Price: Starting at Rs 399

7. Classy Canvas

Canvas sneakers should top your list of must-have monsoon footwear. The super-comfortable sneakers are best to wear for a perfect outing. The advantage of these sneakers is that they are washable. So you don’t have fear of ruining your shoes even if you step into muddy puddles.

Price: Starting at Rs 799

8. Rubber-Soled Shoes

Rubber-soled shoes aren’t just waterproof, they’re also slip-proof. They’re perfect if you need (or want) to step out when it’s not just raining but pouring and you can still walk without worrying that you’ll be slipping all over the place. They have options for men and women in a ton of different styles and finishes.

Price: Starting at Rs 449

9. Fun With Flip-Flops

While you flaunt that elegant Kurtis and leggings or when you are in a relaxing mood with denim and tees, adding a pair of flip-flops is a must. Flip-flops are the best option to go as they are firm and durable ensuring a smooth walk on slippery roads minus hassle.

Price: Starting at Rs 299

10. Wedges

If you’re a fan of high heels, you should reconsider the idea of wearing them and stepping out in the rain. Trade them for a pair of wedges. They are all the rage when it comes to elevated footwear, so you don’t have to compromise on style if you replace your heels with them.

Price: Starting at Rs 650

The pleasant monsoon showers are here to give a much-needed break from the scorching summer heat. While this season is a respite from summers, keeping up with looking spic and span and all stylish can get a bit demanding most of the time. Don’t worry about accessorising and find a list of must-have monsoon jewellery trends here. The common problem with footwear is choosing the right kind to deal with the odds that heavy rainfall brings with it so make sure you are opting for the right one. Stop worrying and buy these super stylish monsoon footwear options! Also, learn simple dos and don’ts for the rainy season here and enjoy the monsoon season to the fullest!

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