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Budget Shopper: 10 Must-Have Monsoon Jewellery Trends At Bargain Prices

The summers have dainty necklaces and winters – have statement jewellery. Monsoon is here, bringing in colourful jewellery items. Although monsoon rains wash the earth, bringing in the fresh air and new light, it also has many, and we mean many dull and gloomy days. And on those days, it’s only fair to shine with your #OOTD. Of course, during the rainy season, your wardrobe can be limited. But you can accessorise your outfits to bring out the bright colours you desire. You can also replicate the shiny droplets of the rain by wearing diamond or pearl studs and pendants. Remember to check if they are waterproof, otherwise, they might get ruined. It’s time to swap out summer accessories with baubles perfect for the rain. Here are some monsoon jewellery pieces you must add to your cart!

10 Affordable Monsoon Jewellery Pieces

1. Clay Earrings 

Image Credits: Violxtsthetics & Claycrumble

Clay Earrings are super fun and stylish. They bring a pop of colour, charm and fun to your outfit. Many Instagram stores hand-make beautiful polymer clay earrings that add the perfect colour contrast to your outfit. They come in different colours, designs and dimensions. Enquire with your seller if the earrings have been sealed with a waterproof coating before buying them and stepping into the rain. 

Price: Rs 250 onwards (Prices vary from store to store)

Style Tip: Give your blouses a makeover with earrings that stand out from the crowd.

2. Chunky Gold Rings 

Image Credits: Mysha_co

Gold is a colour for all seasons. It can make any outfit go from a 10 to a 100. But we don’t mean traditional gold jewellery, but rather modern gold chunky rings. Of course, they are not real gold. Wear these gold rings with your monochrome outfits, all black or white would match perfectly. 

Price:  Prices vary from store to store

Style Tip: Chunky gold rings go well with a flowy mini skirt or blazer outfit. 

3. Metal Pearl Princess Necklace

Image Credits: FabIndia

You have got to admit that pearl chokers are super underrated. They are not well-known to most fashionistas, but they are super classy. They bring a sense of classic ethnic vibe to your outfit. And you can layer them with multiple other necklaces too. The entire pearly look of the choker would resemble the droplets of rain. 

Price: Rs 1,590

Style Tip: Pair your pearl necklace with a deep-neck top or dress.

4. Cuban Large Hoop Earrings

Image Credits: SNA Studios

You can never, ever go wrong with hoops. A pair of stylish hoops can light up any boring outfit, baggy tees or perfect Indian clothes! And when stocking up your jewellery drawer, always buy at least 1 pair of hoops as it will be your jewellery lifesaver. 

Price: Rs 390

Style Tip: There are no hard and steadfast rules about hoop earrings. Match it with anything from Indian to Western. 

5. Statement Boho Choker

Image Credits: Everstylish

Boho jewellery can never go out of fashion and it yet holds its unique charm. Pair it with an Indian outfit to up that beautiful Indian look or with any Western outfit. Pairing it with a Western outfit can create a unique Indo-western look, kind of semi-formal. It is perfect for brunches and your usual working days. 

Price: Rs 799

Style Tip: When styling chokers you need to wear outfits that do not cover your neck and collarbones. Style this with a blazer for a powerful Indo-western look. Or an Indian outfit. 

6. Solidate Pendant Necklace

Image Credits: Tipsyfly

A quiet and dainty necklace is perfect for the days you are lazy or just tired. This single pendant necklace will not be an over-the-top look but a sober subtle vibe. Pair it with a white shirt or anything that matches it, simple stud earrings and a watch. 

Price: Rs 800

Style Tip: Pair this long necklace with a cami top or a simple shirt. And of course a simple bracelet.

7. Gold-Plated Metal Alloy Dangler Earrings

Blue is said to be the colour of calm, peace and power, while gold stands for wealth and riches. True to the meaning of this colour, this pair of earrings will surely light up your dull monsoon weather. 

Price: Rs 720

Style Tip: Pair these trendy earrings with a minimal clothing style. Something like a pastel Chikankari kurta or a midi dress would work great here. 

8. Gold Intricate Motif Brass Nosepin

Image Credits: Tjori

When it comes to jewellery, you don’t have to stick to the usuals of earrings and necklaces. Style your outfit with nose pins, and you’re off to go! If you haven’t experimented with nose pins, you can always start with a fake nose ring or press pin. They give the same look but without getting pierced. After getting comfortable with a fake ring, you can always change it to a real one. 

Price: Rs 349

Style Tip: You can wear a nose pin with anything! A western outfit for a boho look or go the classic way and style it with an Indian outfit. 

9. Ghunghru Bunch Anklet

Image Credits: The Indian Ethnic Co

There is something so unique about anklets. They are subtle jewellery additions to your entire wardrobe. It can be easily overseen yet at a time can be highlighted amongst your outfit. The tiny ghunghru plays like sweet melodies with each step you take.

Price: Rs 580

Style Tip: Like the nose pin, anklets are also versatile jewellery items. It can be worn with almost everything. Wear it with anklet-length bottoms if you want to show off the piece. 

10. Solo Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

Bracelets are like step-sisters to wristwatches, and sisters to bangles. They are versatile and create a different look. They don’t need heavy rules or styling tips. This piece of accessory can be matched with any outfit of your choice. They aren’t formal like watches or heavy bangles. They are perfect for date nights! Buy it at the Red Dot Shop here. 

Price: Rs 1900

Style Tip: With a bracelet, anything simple works well. Wear a cute brunch outfit and finish it off with this pearl bracelet.  

Taking Care Of Jewellery During Monsoons

The rainy season is surely beautiful. But it can turn your mood sour when your outfit gets ruined, or worse when your jewellery starts changing colours and fading. Here are some tips to take care of your jewellery during the monsoon season. 

  1. Avoid wearing expensive jewellery if you are sure to have a long day and might get caught in the rain. Water will tarnish your jewellery.
  2. Have separate boxes and storage spaces for your precious stone jewellery. This is to avoid them from getting damaged.
  3. Avoid strong perfumes and sprays.
  4. Never store damp jewellery. If your jewellery gets wet, take a soft cloth, dab the water out and blow-dry the jewellery before storing it. Here are some additional tips on how to clean jewellery.
  5. Overexposure can damage your precious metal jewellery. Store them in airtight containers. 
  6. Avoid using cloth or paper towels that can cause scratches or friction. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the water and dust.

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