StyleAccessoriesStyle Guide: Tribe Amrapali's #WinterShaadi Jewellery Guide For The Bride & Family

Style Guide: Tribe Amrapali’s #WinterShaadi Jewellery Guide For The Bride & Family

A favourite bit about winter shaadis is the pleasant atmosphere where you don’t have to look out for your behen to retouch your bridal makeup every now and then. But it also means that you’ll be facing the windy chill throughout the affair. So, just as much as choosing the right bridal dress is important, a bride’s wedding jewellery is also crucial. This shaadi season not only allows you to experiment with deep dark colours and fabrics like velvet or silk but also allows you to go heavy with the jewellery of your choice without having to worry about shivering or sacrificing your fashion trousseau. Therefore, choosing the right kind of wedding jewellery to complement the look is also significant. In simpler terms, it’s as much necessary as choosing that appropriate hairdo or that mehendi design.

The Channel 46 got hold of Tribe Amrapali’s latest wedding jewellery collection and not only did they share their jewellery recommendations for the bride but also the entire family!

Tribe Amrapali & TC46 Brings You Extraordinary Jewellery Essentials For Your Winter Wedding

Still wondering what jewellery to pick for your winter shaadi? Here’s a guide for you to make the entire process a piece of cake!

Wedding Jewellery For The Bride

1. The Royal Choker

This style of this necklace has gained immense universality in recent times. After slaying the regular wear and party looks, choker styles have also reached the Indian bride’s trousseau with many desi brides choosing to go for a choker necklace on their wedding day. It gives a sense of royalty to the whole look of the wedding lehenga making it so well acclaimed. 

Get your hands on this traditional Silver Adhira Necklace from Tribe Amrapali for that ultra-regal look at your wedding. This colourful necklace is handcrafted in silver with gold plating, studded with glass and adorned with elegant pearl droplets. 

2. The Elite Earrings

You’ve found your winter wedding lehenga and now it’s time to think about those little details to complete your ultimate bridal look. Your choice of bridal earrings and other wedding accessories will set the tone of your look. You can instantly transform a heavy-embroidered velvet or a minimalist wedding dress into serious #weddinggoals with the addition of statement elite earrings.

Grab the brand’s Silver Adhira Earrings for the bride from their newest collection. These colourful earrings are handcrafted in silver with gold plating, studded with glass and adorned similarly with pearl droplets.

3. The Embellished Ring

Apart from providing sentimental value to the bride herself, a finger ring can mean a lot to the entire family. No bride’s fingers lay bare at her wedding. Indian wedding ring traditions are rich in variants and a bride may wear her engagement ring among other rings from her wedding jewellery set. The bridal designs range from simple bands to intrinsic designs with or without coloured gemstones, diamonds or coloured stones.

Add to the cart this beautiful adjustable round-shaped embellished Zia Ring with floral and lotus motifs carefully handcrafted by Tribe Amrapali. It is gold-plated in silver studded with pink and white glass and lined intricately with pearls. 

4. The Ideal Nose Ring

A nose ring is symbolic of marriage, especially in Hindu weddings. However, since nose rings are not comfortable for everyone, a lot of brides opt out of wearing one on their shaadi. Indian wedding nose rings may be elaborate with chains connecting to the earrings or they may be just studs that adorn the nose without looking completely overdone. Again, if piercing the nose is not an option for you, you can easily choose clip-on varieties to complete the look with other bridal jewellery pieces.

Get your hands on this beautiful Silver Yamini Nose Ring from the brand. This colourful nose ring is handcrafted in silver with gold plating studded with glass and adorned with pearl droplets. Try this out for your winter shaadi and exude as much elegance as you can!

5. The Elegant Payal

Payals have been worn in India for centuries now and are considered to be one of the most important adornments in the culture. However, they are back in trend being a new style statement! With so many payal designs out in the fashion market, brides are nowadays literally spoilt for choice. 

Try this elegant silver gold-plated Jaali Anklets from Tribe Amrapali’s oh-so-wonderful wedding jewellery collection and put a step forward in style. This payal is handcrafted in gold-plated silver and studded elegantly with pearls.

6. The Majestic Maang Tikka

This small piece of jewellery that adorns the forehead is one that adds to the beauty, sophistication and royalty of the bridal attire. Modern brides all over India wear Maang Tikkas nowadays as the Indian wedding jewellery traditions have changed. They match it with other pieces like necklaces and earrings to complete the look. It is believed that the spot where the Maang Tikka rests is symbolic of the union of the bride and groom on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. 

This Silver Adhira Maang Tikka from the brand is again handcrafted in silver gold plating studded with glass embellishments and bedecked with pearls. For your winter shaadi this year or the next, get your hands on this to look simply exquisite. 

Shaadi Jewellery For The Bridesmaids

1. The Queenly Neckpiece

The bridesmaid squad is the most essential part of any shaadi. How can a wedding be complete without the uber-cool and chic saaliyaan? While everyone is busy getting the bride sorted, bridesmaids can try out a theme of white, pastel or silver (something unusual) this winter! 

Add to your shopping cart this Silver Kumudini regal neckpiece from Tribe Amrapali that will definitely bring out the sheer elegance among the bridesmaids. This colourful glass lotus necklace is handcrafted in silver with gold plating, studded in glass and turquoise and bejewelled with pearl droplets. 

2. The Jhumka Earrings

A typical traditional bridesmaid earring is the jhumka which has a large dome-shaped drop with a studded or engraved top. Earrings help add sparkle to any outfit and transform you into a dazzling diva in quite an instant. Go in for styles with kundan stones or semi-precious stones that are appropriate and dressy enough to be teamed with your wedding attire.

These Silver Paan Jhumki Earrings from the brand are handcrafted in silver with gold plating studded with glass and adorned once again with pearl droplets. Get this from their newest wedding jewellery collection and rock the wedding like a pro! 

3. The Trendy Nose Ring

Bridesmaids can go for a nath or a trendy rose ring as such depending on their region. This adds a touch of traditionality and royalty to their already-amazing wedding attire making them stand out, just on par with the bride. 

Nothing can steal your look more than this beautifully handcrafted Silver Noor Nose Pin from Tribe Amrapali. This floral nose ring is handcrafted in silver with gold plating and studded with glass and pear droplets in a fashionable manner. 

4. The Graceful Maang Tikka

Just like the bride beautifully carries the Maang Tikka on her forehead, bridesmaids can also wear something similar but in a hue which is slightly different. Since Tribe Amrapali is currently showcasing jewellery items for the bridesmaids in a slight pastel tone, this Maang Tikka from the brand would definitely steal all the limelight.

Add to the cart this graceful Silver Soma Maang Tikka from the brand which is handcrafted in silver with gold plating adorned with glass and pearls. 

5. The Oversized Ring

Oversized rings are very much in vogue right now and who better to rock them than the fashion-forward bridesmaids? Statement rings, also known as cocktail rings, are larger than normal fashion rings. They usually showcase an oversized gem, diamond or metal motif. These oversized rings help you express not just your style but also your personality.

Check out Tribe Amrapali’s Silver Gold-Plated Statement Floral Motif Ring from their latest collection. Decorated beautifully with gold and pearl embellishments, add to the cart before they sell out.

#WinterShaadi Jewellery For The Bride’s Behen & Bhatijis

1. The Imperial Necklace

All the behens and bhatijis in the #ShaadiSquad, this is for you! Share the limelight with the bride and the bridesmaids during this Winter shaadi, by pairing charming necklaces with your extravagant attire. 

Get hold of the brand’s Silver Harini Necklace made specifically for the adoring behens & bhatijis of the family. This floral necklace is handcrafted in silver with gold plating, studded with colourful glass.

2. The Distinguished Earrings

When choosing the earrings, it is best to consider their size and weight. With behens & bhatijis literally scurrying around trying to be at everyone’s beck and call, it’s rather advisable to go for earrings that are a bit comfortable and easy.

Grab these silver gold-plated floral crescent-shaped Drop Earrings beautified with multi-coloured glasses and pearls from the brand at a reasonable price enough to woo everyone around you.

3. The Traditional Nath 

With a plethora of designs available, a traditional nath could be the jewellery that could take your wedding look to the zenith. A humble piece of jewellery, this team of girls can slay it all together!

This silver gold-plated Bahubaali Pearl Drop Nose Pin from the brand is perfect for you if you want something traditional, vintage and awesome. Simply beautiful, this silver gold-plated floral patterned pink-blue enamelled nose ring adorned with multi-coloured glass and pearl droplets will turn heads for sure.

4. The Ultimate Rangoli Ring

Rings are something that you can’t miss out on when getting ready for a wedding. If you’ve already tried the statement ones, it’s high time you try out a variation in the form of a rangoli ring. 

Made with an adjustable shank, this Colourful Enamelled Rangoli Ring is handcrafted in gold-plated silver, absolutely perfect for you if you want to try out the elegant touch of gold. 

Wedding Jewellery For The Bride’s Mother

1. The Dignified Neckpiece & Earrings

For the bride’s mother, it’s one of the bittersweet moments of her life. This is something that she has been looking forward to for years. Tribe Amrapali has included just the statement neckpiece and earrings for the mothers too.

This floral jadau set is handcrafted in silver with gold plating studded with glass and pearls, something quite glorious and dignified for the bride’s mother. The Silver Malti Jadau Necklace & Earrings Set will not just evoke an emotional touch to her outfit at her daughter’s wedding but also make her look like the powerful mommy she is!

2. The Floral Ring

Modern technology has made recreating any vintage look easy, like the gorgeous vintage lattice-like halo in the form of this traditional ring. These rings look amazing when colour is incorporated into them, almost delivering a vibrant luxury. However, white isn’t too dull as well and creates a perfect accessory for the bride’s mother.

An opulent round pearl-embellished ring adorned with a rawa-lined traditional floral motif and handcrafted with gold-plated silver, get your hands on this Pearl-Lined Embellished Ring and greet those guests with the warmest smile.

Wedding Jewellery For The Bride’s Bhabhis, Mausis & Chachis

1. The Multi-Fan Necklace

Where’s the fun at the weddings without bhabhis, mausis and chachis? The incessant leg-pulling, the characteristic banter, good-humoured mockery will take a backseat without them. The brand has created jewellery pieces in the range of silver and gold palettes, absolutely perfect to complement their mood. 

Add to the cart this silver gold-plated Multi-Fan Pearl Baahubali Necklace from Tribe Amrapali. It is a charming, silver gold-plated enamelled multi-fan motif necklace with dangling multi-glass bead drops and pearls, perfect for any wedding look.

2. The Peacock Earrings

Earrings have always been an important part of shaadis and no one consciously ever gives it a miss. This Atulya Earring from Tribe Amrapali has everything you can look for in a traditional push-back jewellery piece.  

This one-of-a-kind earring has intricate floral and peacock motifs in gold-plated silver. Lovingly handcrafted with colourful glass, this is festive jewellery for someone as unique as you!

3. The Ghungroo Ring

Sometimes gold can be a bit overwhelming and at times, people prefer to go for colours like silver and copper during winter shaadis, a whisker away from what the crowd usually does.

This Ghungroo Chakra Ring is handcrafted in silver with an oxidised finish, beautified with colourful enamel and rawa details, perfect for all the bhabhis, chachis and mausis who want to stand as the emblem of how you can slay a wedding look in silver too!

The rule of thumb, while you are out choosing bridal jewellery, is not just to consider each piece in isolation but to take into account the whole look when you wear all the individual pieces together. Choose jewellery that has some consistency in terms of style and design. This way, when you wear them all together, they will complement each other and tell a beautiful story that will make it impossible for anyone to take their eyes off you. Want to enhance your bridal look, try these accessories for lehenga and let us know.

While this is a comprehensive list of Indian bridal jewellery and accessories, it is not all. Every region of India has a unique way in which the above-mentioned pieces of jewellery are designed or have a whole new jewellery trend that is native to that region. It may not be possible to cover every single aspect of Indian bridal jewellery from across the country in one post, but now that we have told you about the mind-boggling options on offer, we have just one tip for you – don’t hold yourself back while choosing bridal accessories. For it is after all your wedding and the occasion will not come round again!

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