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10 Classic Jewellery Options To Accentuate Your Bridal Lehenga

Imagining oneself dressed to the nines in bridal finery is a dream every little girl grows up with. Haven’t we all spent hours in front of the mirror holding a ghoonghat over our heads?  Although wearing a Sabyasachi lehenga is a part of almost everybody’s dream, jewellery is seldom a part of the planning process. An essential part of the solah shringar, jewellery and accessories play a very important role in completing and accentuating the overall bridal look. Knowing which jewellery to wear on lehenga goes a long way in making one look like the perfect bride.

10 Jewellery Pieces To Pair With Your Bridal Lehenga

There are a variety of lehenga accessories to choose from which highlight the bridal outfit. All of these accessories have been worn by Indian brides over the centuries and have immense cultural significance.

1. Statement Necklace

The necklace is one of the first things that people notice about a bride. It is amongst the more important lehenga accessories because the mangalsutra often rests above the necklace. A choker necklace for lehenga is a very good option for modern brides since it accentuates the neck and collarbones. Depending on the embroidery and cut of the lehenga, brides can choose from a variety of necklace types like the rani haar, layered necklace, bib necklace, navratna necklace, guttapusalu or the collar necklace.

2. Jhumkewale Earrings

More often than not, the earrings worn over the bridal lehenga are a part of a necklace set. However, there are some brides who create a unique look for themselves by pairing their necklace with statement earrings. Many brides choose the traditional earring designs that include jhumkas or chandbalis made using jadau, kundan or polki. The unconventional ones pick the latest trend in earrings for lehenga – the ear cuff. The ear cuff is most suited for bridal lehengas which have a modern silhouette. 

3. Maang Tikka

Just like the necklace, the maang tikka is also one of the important lehenga accessories because it highlights the sindoor. The brides can choose between a maang tikka or the matha patti. Women looking for simple jewellery for lehenga often opt for a light and elegant maang tikka while the ones wanting to make a statement with their choice of jewellery with lehenga choose the more elaborate matha patti. This decision is also heavily influenced by the kind of lehenga the bride chooses and the size of the bride’s forehead. 

4. Navrai’s Nath

There are a number of reasons why brides have been wearing the nose ring (nath) for their special day. Not only do these look beautiful, but the naths also have ayurvedic and cultural significance. Bridal nose rings are available in a lot of different sizes. Brides these days can choose from a wide variety of naths, depending on their taste and culture. 

5. Nau-Nau Bangles

Bangles are considered to be suhaag ki nishaani since times immemorial. The Punjabi chooda, Maharashtrian green bangles and the Bengali shankha are some examples of popular traditional jewellery with lehenga. With changing times, many modern brides have started opting for bangles that match their outfit colour, embroidery and style. 

6. Graceful Haath Phool 

The haath phool, also known as the haath panja is an additional hand accessory which complements the bangles. Although not all brides looking to buy jewellery with lehenga choose to pick this piece of jewellery, it is one of the best ways to enhance a bridal lehenga with jewellery. The haath phool is also available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Some of them have one ring attached while the others have multiple. It is recommended to buy one that does not overpower the lehenga.

7. Eternal Rings

When it comes to choosing jewellery with lehenga, the ring is an accessory that can never be ignored. On her wedding day, the bride is already wearing her engagement ring. In addition to this, the haath phool also has a ring attached to it. The brides who prefer to wear simple jewellery on lehenga are advised to refrain from adding more rings to prevent them from jewellery overload.

8. Traditional Payal

A payal is an anklet which forms an integral part of the bridal look. Whether the bride wears a gold or a silver payal is dependent on the community she belongs to. While it is customary for the bride to include the payal in her list of lehenga accessories, she is free to choose between an elaborate design or a simple string payal.

9. Kamarbandh

The kamarbandh is a bridal accessory that lends grace, beauty and utility to the bridal lehenga. For brides with heavy lehengas and dupattas, the kamarbandh helps to keep the fabrics in place so the bride can remain comfortable throughout the ceremony. This piece of jewellery also helps to accentuate the waist of the bride. Although the traditional kamarbandh designs are adorned mostly by the South Indian brides, there are now kamarbandhs available to fit the needs of all kinds of brides.

10. Toe Rings

Similar to the payal, the toe ring is also a sign of a married woman. In some Indian communities, the wedding ceremony involves a ritual wherein the husband is required to place the toe rings on the toes of his wife. Silver or gold toe rings in a wide range of designs are available to add the final touch to the bridal look. Usually, the brides who intend to continue wearing the toe rings permanently opt for simple and dainty designs while the ones who wear it only for the ceremony choose the chunkier ones.

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8 Style Tips For Brides Choosing Their Lehenga Accessories

There are so many bridal jewellery options available in the markets today that a would-be bride is bound to be confused. Brides have to decide whether they want to buy their own jewellery or adorn family heirlooms. Many brides create their final look by adding a few statement pieces of heirloom jewellery and buying the rest of them. The process of selecting bridal jewellery is daunting because it is one of the most special days in a bride’s life and her look has to be impeccable. Here are some tips on what will (and will not) work when picking out your bridal jewellery.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning your jewellery well in time ensures that your makeup, lehenga and jewellery are complimentary and there are no last-minute disappointments. It is advised to wear the lehenga with the jewellery once to understand if the colours and styles match. 

2. Choose A Colour Scheme

It is important to choose jewellery pieces which include colours that compliment the colour of the lehenga. For example, choosing to wear platinum jewellery with golden lehenga would be an absolute disaster. 

If your jewellery includes the use of gemstones, it is essential that the colour of the stones be in accordance with that of the lehenga. While choosing bridal jewellery with red lehenga, the bride can opt for rubies to stick to one colour scheme, or make a statement with emeralds. However, jewellery with blue or purple stones will stand out like a sore thumb.

3. Pay Attention To The Neckline Of The Choli

Choosing a choker necklace for a lehenga that has a high neck will spoil the look of the lehenga as well as the choker. It is an unsaid rule that a longer raani haar would be ideal for a high neck choli choosing a choker necklace for a lehenga with a deep neck is a perfect choice.

4. Match The Jewellery To The Embroidery And Style Of Your Lehenga

While deciding which bridal jewellery to choose, it is imperative to understand whether it will match the lehenga. A contemporary piece of jewellery cannot be chosen as bridal jewellery with a maroon lehenga that has traditional cuts and motifs. Similarly, a traditional kundan or jadau set will not complement a modern lehenga.

5. Don’t Go Overboard

While the bride cannot be blamed for wanting to wear all the amazing jewellery pieces that appeal to her, nobody wants to look like a Christmas tree on their wedding day. Thus, a bride should choose only a few statement jewellery pieces so they do not take all the attention away from the bridal lehenga.

6. Create A Mix Of Family And Personal Jewellery

Buy a few pieces of jewellery and combine them with your family jewellery to create a look which conveys your personal style along with your affection to your elders.

7. Buy Reusable Pieces Of Jewelry

Buying jewellery is a big financial commitment. While purchasing bridal jewellery, a bride must remember to invest in pieces that can be used in multiple ways over the years so her bridal jewellery does not end up stuck in the locker forever. 

8. Be Comfortable

The most important part of a wedding is to enjoy and make memories. The bride should always pick jewellery which is comfortable to wear, is lightweight and has no possibility of getting stuck in the seams of her outfit. While picking out earrings for lehenga, it is a good idea to get ones that are light but look heavy.

Every bride is different and so should be her choice of bridal lehenga with jewellery. Whether she chooses simple jewellery pieces or elaborate ones which make her look like royalty, the bride must remember to choose pieces that suit her personality and not blindly follow trends. Picking comfortable and practical pieces of jewellery make it possible for the bride to look like a million bucks while having the best time of her life.

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