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Weddings 101: Your Guide To Beauty, Fashion, Decor & Jewellery To Be Ready For The Shaadi Season

Weddings can be the biggest, grandest affair in any corner of the world, but nothing beats a desi shaadi with its fanfare! From the glam-sham of the decor to the fawning over the dulhan’s lehenga and the can’t-miss chaat counters to the naagin dance at the baraat, Indian weddings are something else. And since planning a wedding, shopping for it, and getting everything in place can easily take months, here’s a one-stop guide for everything you need. The floral decor ideas will make you go ‘haye’ and the lehenga store list will get you bubbling with excitement. And that’s just a teaser. Picture toh abhi baaki hai! Want darker mehendi on your hands? We have some quick handy tips on how to darken mehendi, try them out and let us know.!

5 Ways To Host The Intimate Wedding You Want

1. Choose Your Venue Carefully

  • Choose An Outdoor Venue: Use this opportunity to look for venues that are amidst nature or simply serene. This will primarily reduce the pressure to be extravagant and be a break from routine for all your guests.
  • Use Your Terrace Or Clubhouse: Plan your mehendi, haldi, sangeet, roka and engagement in your house, terrace or clubhouse. A small guest list can be easily accommodated at these venues and help you not splurge on renting expensive spaces.
  • Go Even Smaller With A Family-Only Event: Not everyone loves a big fat Indian wedding. If you want to go simple, keep the event limited to family and close friends. This can take place in your house or a farmhouse near the city.
  • Make Sure The Venue Adheres To The Rules: Currently, there is nothing more important than following the rules of the pandemic. While choosing the venue, make sure rules and regulations are put in place to maintain the safety of the guests as well as the staff.

2. Upgrade The Menu

  • Try Local Restaurants: With the pandemic hitting the food business, especially local ventures, you can hire them to cater to your wedding. Choose a local business with high standards of hygiene and great quality food.
  • Go Lavish And Indulge: Instead of planning a four-course meal, you can upgrade to an indulgent seven-course meal with a variety of appetisers and snacks doing their rounds on the table.
  • Splurge On A Classy Option: An intimate wedding does not always equal a smaller budget, it can also mean that there is just more budget for your per-head count. A fancy dessert counter and a lavish open bar might just be perfect for your intimate wedding.

3. Make Elaborate & Personalised Invitations

  • Experiment With Artistic Invites: Handwritten templates and handmade envelopes can make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd. Impressive watercolour designs or plantable cards can be on your list.
  • Include Artisan Foods Or Gifts: One great way to invite your tauji who has always supported you is to send out a lavish wedding invitation with personalised gifts. Personalised favours curated for the particular guest receiving it can create a great impression.

4. Get Into The DIY Frenzy

  • Upcycle, Recycle And Reuse: From reusing those bottles and cardboard boxes to creating DIY wall hangings, dreamcatchers and more, there’s a lot you can do.
  • Make Your Own Jewellery: If flower jewellery is your go-to mehendi or haldi look, then make it yourself. A few YouTube tutorials, art and craft supplies and some creativity and you are good to go!
  • Play With Lights: If you are hosting a small wedding on your terrace, make sure to light it up using fairy lights and mirchi lights including some scented candles to make your space all dramatic and impactful. These lights can be bought online and you can take charge of decorating them as you, please.

5. Make It Customised & Memorable

  • Go Nostalgic: Make sangeet night a cosy affair with pillows and mattresses, just like 90s Bollywood movies. Plan those old-school wedding games which are much loved by our dadis and nanis to the little ones and make the most of your wedding celebration. 
  • Don’t Miss Out On Wedding Entertainment: Who said you couldn’t have fun at an intimate wedding? Borrow some speakers from your friends and set up your own DJ. Create your wedding playlist and let the music play!
  • Customise Your Booze: Because no celebration is complete without some chilled beers and tipsy cocktails. Create a signature cocktail that’s a reflection of the bride and groom.

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10 Pointers For The Ultimate Wedding Checklist 

Weddings are very very confusing! Things get tied up and lost in translation. So to make things easier, always start from the beginning. For example, start with a budget. This way things don’t get overboard and walk through the rest of your requirements easily. Quickly take a look at these best wedding planning apps, if you are planning an awesome wedding.

  • Budget: Start by determining an overall budget. You can then prioritise the important things by breaking down the budget and allocating funds for each necessity. The numbers will vary depending on the market, hence it comes in handy if all purchases are tracked. You can have an ongoing budget spreadsheet and adjust numbers as you go. 
  • Guest List: Depending on the budget and the venue, you would probably have to invite selected people. Start by inviting your close family and friends and if room permits, extend the invitation to more. 
  • Venue & Rental Items: Make sure you don’t settle for a venue, it is your big day! While you are at the venue, also book furniture and other rental items. Get extra chairs, carpets, a dance floor or the shamiana, lights, sound systems, and everything that is needed!
  • Caterer: Make a list of all the desired dishes and cross-check with your caterer. Your caterer is most likely to have a catering package that fits your guest list and food likings. Remember to know all of your options in your price range. 
  • Vendors: The vendors you need to get on a call with are your florist, photographer and videographer, DJ or musicians, light and sound technicians, transportation for newlyweds, and vendors organizing the gift tokens. Finalize all the required details and advance payments well in advance.
  • Jewellery: If you are planning for a ‘big fat Indian wedding’, then jewellery shopping is a must. Jewellery is a lifetime investment, so one must be smart when buying. 
  • Outfits, Hair & Makeup: Your wedding lehenga, saree or dress is not the only outfit you would be needing. You need outfits for the haldi ceremony, reception and not to forget your bridesmaids’ outfits, family outfits and grooms! Have your tailor complete the fittings well in advance. You must also hire your hair and makeup team before the wedding month.
  • Cards: Today, you can opt for e-cards or physical cards. Whichever is most convenient. But if you are planning a wedding on a budget, an e-card works just as fine! You save on paper and money. Remember to check for typos and spelling errors!
  • Officiant: Whether you are getting married in a house of worship or not, you need a person to help you make it official. And finding an officiant is harder than you think. You need to find a priest who is available on the date, time and location of your wedding.
  • Final Walk-Through: The final walk-through is checking if everything is in place. Visit the caterers, sound and light technicians, florists, tailors and venue decorations. It is your day after all, and your cross-checking on everything helps soothe the anxiety of the big day. 

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Checklist For The Night Before

You have reached the big day at last, and everything is in place. But you need to make sure you are ready too! Here are some to relax and prepare for the big day.

  • Get a massage and relax those muscles. It is essential to be stress-free on your wedding day.
  • Visit the parlour for any last-minute touch-ups like waxing, eyebrows, mani-pedis. Touch up on your chipped nail polish too!
  • Hydrate and refresh! You have spent days planning the wedding, on the last day, take a day off. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and get loads of sleep!
  • Have your dress, accessories, makeup and shoes ready for the next day. Do not rush at the last minute.
  • Finally and again, get your beauty sleep!

TC46 Approved 10 Delhi Stores With Gorgeous Lehengas For The Wedding Season

Delhi has STUNNING bridal outfits for all kinds of brides. Whether you are a plus-size bride or a curvy one, these are the best 10 stores that you can’t afford to miss at all.

  • Asiana Couture: Be it custom-designed outfits, budget-friendly lehengas, or a unique piece of art, you are sure to fall in love with their creativity, they have the best lehengas in Delhi.
  • Om Prakash Jawahar Lal: Be it the classic red lehengas or the intricate ivory lehengas similar to that of Sabyasachi outfits, the father-daughter duo store has elegant and beautiful bridal pieces with trendy designs that will surely make you swoon over their collection!
  • Shrangar Delhi: From powder blue off-shoulder lehenga for an engagement ceremony to a pretty floral bridal embroidered lehenga, Shrangar Delhi is a 33-year-old store and is a blessing to all those brides who love something hatke.
  • Christina WT: If you are a bride who loves neutral, beige, ice cream and pastel shades, then girl you have landed on the right track. Inspired by the elegance of the royalties this store located at Shahpur Jat has breathtaking bridal lehengas that have an eye for beautiful detailing with a unique intricate silhouette.
  • Abhinav Mishra: If you are a bold woman of choice, then Abhinav Mishra is the person and designer you need to look for. Every bride can find her desired outfit for any ceremony!
  • Ekaya: If elegant, banarasi, chanderi, and pure silk is what you’re after, then you need to cut through the bling and glitter and visit Ekaya. A trendy bride should go to a trendy boutique to find the wedding outfit of the year! 
  • Ram Kishan Sarees: Ram Kishan Sarees have everything from traditional and popular bridal lehengas in velvet and red hues to Georgette lehengas with beautiful Zari work on them. 
  • Frontier Raas: It is a boutique where you can find bridal gowns and lehengas all at the same place and with the best of the best designs. The selection they have will surely leave you impressed and madly in love.
  • Gazal Gupta: The beautiful, off-beat, and quirky combination designs make this one of the best bridal boutiques in Delhi. Wearing outfits from Gazal Gupta will leave you with nothing but lots of compliments from people!
  • Navya Collection: Navya Collection is the best shop for replicas of Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre with prices ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 which is a very affordable price for a bridal/wedding lehenga.

The festive season is here! But you don’t want to repeat outfits? Here is your solution. Watch this video to learn 3 ways you can reuse your gorgeous lehenga skirt!

10 Intimate Wedding Floral Decor Tips

In conversation with TC46, Floral Couturier and Founder of the luxury floral brand Libellule, Nazneen Jehangir shares 10 vital tips on using flowers for your intimate wedding ceremony and making the most of it.

  • Hero Local Blooms: Not only will this keep your event ecologically responsible but it will also support your local community after a particularly rough patch.
  • Personalise: Selecting floral colours more representative of personal preferences is a big trend of 2021.
  • Have Fun: Since intimate weddings are likely to have a more casual atmosphere, people are ready to have a little fun with the design and think out of the box.
  • Monochrome: Monochrome weddings stand out from the crowd and a great choice of colour for your floral arrangements can bring some elegance to the wedding.
  • Statement Pieces: Wall backdrops of trailing greens and taped flowers are also strong trends that are relatively easy to execute. 
  • Splurge: Even one focal centrepiece of truly exceptional flowers can be enough to set the mood and give a feeling of contained luxury. 
  • Be Thoughtful: Flowers have an intricate language of their own with nearly every bloom symbolising something – hope, joy, friendship – the list is endless and it’s a lovely way to set an intention for the big day.
  • Dried & Foraged Arrangements: When properly executed, a dried arrangement is a somewhat unique and modern concept, ideal for couples who aren’t afraid to go bold with their wedding florals.
  • Tropical Splendour: Leafy greens like palm leaves, monstera plants and banana trees will bring the essence of the topics to your wedding, regardless of the location. 
  • Potted Plants: Couples are incorporating potted plant-based designs into key areas like the aisle, backdrop and even bar and centre tables. 

Bridal Skin Care Routine Tips 

Here Are A Few Tips To Ensure The Perfect Bridal Glow:

  • Sleep well the night before to avoid dull-looking skin.
  • Use a face mask to scrub your skin well and give you a pollution-free and clean look.
  • Eat a good and high-protein breakfast to give your body the energy to carry a flawless look.
  • Stay hydrated at all times. Water keeps your skin fresh and moist and keeps pushing out toxins that may make you look dull.
  • Book a depuffing facial to deflate your face and make your cheekbones and jaw appear more defined.
  • Right before your makeup, use a hydrating serum on your face, neck and décolleté to enhance your glow.
  • Do some deep breathing exercises to keep stress levels in control and hence avoid wrinkles on your skin.

Looking for an extensive year-long skincare routine to look your best on your wedding day? Click here and start your pre-bridal beauty regime!

10 Jewellery Pieces To Pair With Your Bridal Lehenga

There are a variety of lehenga accessories to choose from which highlight the bridal outfit. All of these accessories have been worn by Indian brides over the centuries and have immense cultural significance.

  • Statement Necklace: A choker necklace for lehenga is a very good option for modern brides since it accentuates the neck and collarbones. Depending on the embroidery and cut of the lehenga, brides can choose from a variety of necklace types like the rani haar, layered necklace, bib necklace, navratna necklace, guttapusalu or collar necklace.
  • Jhumkewale Earrings: Many brides choose the traditional earring designs that include jhumkas or chandbalis made using jadau, kundan or polki. The unconventional ones pick the latest trend in earrings for lehenga – the ear cuff. The ear cuff is most suited for bridal lehengas which have a modern silhouette. 
  • Maang Tikka: The brides can choose between a maang tikka or the matha patti. Women looking for simple jewellery for lehenga often opt for a light and elegant maang tikka while the ones wanting to make a statement with their choice of jewellery with lehenga choose the more elaborate matha patti.
  • Navrai’s Nath: There are a number of reasons why brides have been wearing the nose ring (nath) for their special day. Not only do these look beautiful, but the naths also have ayurvedic and cultural significance.
  • Nau-Nau Bangles: Bangles are considered to be suhaag ki nishaani since times immemorial. The Punjabi chooda, Maharashtrian green bangles and the Bengali shankha are some examples of popular traditional jewellery with lehenga.
  • Graceful Haath Phool: The haath phool, also known as the haath panja is an additional hand accessory that complements the bangles. Although not all brides looking to buy jewellery with lehenga choose to pick this piece of jewellery, it is one of the best ways to enhance a bridal lehenga with jewellery.
  • Eternal Rings: When it comes to choosing jewellery with a lehenga, the ring is an accessory that can never be ignored. On her wedding day, the bride is already wearing her engagement ring. In addition to this, the haath phool also has a ring attached to it.
  • Traditional Payal: While it is customary for the bride to include the payal in her list of lehenga accessories, she is free to choose between an elaborate design or a simple string payal.
  • Kamarbandh: For brides with heavy lehengas and dupattas, the kamarbandh helps to keep the fabrics in place so the bride can remain comfortable throughout the ceremony. This piece of jewellery also helps to accentuate the waist of the bride.
  • Toe Rings: In some Indian communities, the wedding ceremony involves a ritual wherein the husband is required to place the toe rings on the toes of his wife. Silver or gold toe rings in a wide range of designs are available to add the final touch to the bridal look. 

Need style tips for choosing the correct lehenga accessories? Here are some vital points to help you make the right choice.

5 Stylish Braid Hairstyles For The Wedding Season

  • Twisted Crown Braid: This hairstyle is particularly suited for summer weddings as the updo prevents you from feeling too hot. Whether you plan to wear a lehenga, a saree or a salwar suit, this hairstyle is sure to make you look like a million bucks.
  • French Braids: Women are sporting the French braid very often for small wedding functions and get-togethers because they are easy to make and pretty to look at. This hairdo is very versatile and works with all kinds of outfits.
  • Fishtail Braid: This hairstyle can instantly uplift the look of an Indian outfit. This braid can be used in all weather conditions, on all kinds of Indian outfits.
  • Stacked Braid: This stacked braid hairstyle is sure to be a hit at a Punjabi wedding function. Just accessorize it with a parandi and you can have your own Geet (from Jab We Met) moment. 
  • Four Strand Braid: Although it looks complicated and difficult to reproduce, it is really easy to make. This is one of the braid hairstyles which can be chosen even by a bride for her haldi or mehendi function. 

Can’t get enough of these stunning hairstyles? Here’s a list of fun ones for you to try!

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