LifeTop 10 Wedding Planning Apps For Brides To Envision Their Dream Wedding

Top 10 Wedding Planning Apps For Brides To Envision Their Dream Wedding

A wedding is an occasion full of grandeur in Indian society. From Virat & Anushka, Priyanka & Nick, Deepika & Ranveer to the latest jodis of Neha & Rohanpreet and Varun & Natasha, weddings are inspiring, reflecting the style of the bride and groom. The melancholic melody of the ‘shehnai’, the tint of yellow decorating the rosy cheeks of the would-be bride on the morning of the ‘haldi’ ceremony along with the mouth-watering fragrance of the delectable delicacies bring out the essential Indianness of Indian weddings. But careful planning is much needed if all such occasions are to be celebrated in a hassle-free manner. 

However, it’s the digital age and several apps can help would-be brides plan and organize everything smoothly. Yes, a wedding planning app can now be the knight in shining armour to all the brides in distress!

The Benefits Of Wedding Planning Apps For Desi Brides

Indians are no strangers to big fat weddings. The word ‘wedding’ conjures up an array of resplendent and sonorous images in the mind of every Indian. It’s not hard to visualize intricate patterns and designs adorning the palms of a bride and her female companions on the occasion of ‘mehendi’; nor is it possible to resist yourself from dancing with joy, whenever you recollect the moment when you danced to your heart’s content at your elder sister’s or your friend’s ‘sangeet’

Everything seems pleasant as long as it remains within the bounds of our imagination. But charting out your course of action before your own big, fat or small, intimate Indian wedding is indeed a mammoth task. There are plenty of things to be taken into account, after all. You need to decide who you would want to invite; having prepared a list of the guests to be invited, you need to send invites to them; you also have to contact vendors, arrange for appointments with your make-up artist and do a host of other important things. Innovative digital wedding planners can prove to be immensely helpful under such circumstances.

Using a wedding planning app can make a lot of things easy for you. With the aid of such apps:

  • You can divide one single big task into several smaller ones which makes their implementation hassle-free
  • You can remember and keep track of the smallest of things that might have escaped your notice under the tremendous workload preceding your big day
  • A lot of time can be saved since these apps will help you find the vendors, prepare your guest list, and so on
  • You can save a lot of money as well and will be less likely to exceed your budget
  • Also, you can enjoy a lot of freedom in terms of planning your wedding

10 Wedding Planning Apps Perfect For Indian Shaadis

There are a lot of apps that can help people plan their weddings. The following list consists of some of the best wedding planning apps that are available in India:

1. WedMeGood

WedMeGood is by far the definitive app when it comes to planning a wedding, especially for Indians. This app is easy to use and has a very simple interface. It contains a list of vendors along with their contact details, the various services offered by them as also user ratings. It can, therefore, help the user to contact a suitable vendor according to their budget. This app also contains information about wedding destinations, make-up artists, and photographers to name a few. Users can avail of attractive discounts while availing themselves of the services provided by these professionals. However, it does not come with a checklist. Nor does it contain a budget planner.


Unlike WedMeGood, comes with a checklist. It even includes a budget planner. So, it is a wedding planner and also a wedding budget app. Besides, it provides you with a list of vendors whose services you can avail of. Most importantly, it comes with a community forum. You can reach out to people through this forum in case your mind is riddled with doubts and questions related to your wedding.

3. Wedding Happy

If you are in search of a good wedding checklist app, Wedding Happy is sure to make you happy. Once you provide the app with your wedding date as an input, it will prepare a schedule for you. It will also prepare a list of tasks that you might need to take care of before your wedding. However, you will not be able to incorporate any changes in the checklist. You cannot make payments through this app either.

4. Wedding Sutra

This app has earned the trust of a lot of Indian users. Wedding Sutra provides a lot of information to its users about the popular wedding trends in India. Any would-be bride can derive inspiration from such trends and plan her wedding uniquely and independently. This app also doles out information regarding weddings of celebrities and much more.

5. is quite similar to WedMeGood. If you are a would-be bride, this app will provide information and ideas regarding your wedding outfit, decor and more. It will also help you find a perfect wedding venue according to your geographical location.

6. Vowed

Vowed is an app that a would-be bride may find useful especially if she is an employed woman. She might be too busy to visit her guests in person to invite them to her wedding. With Vowed, sending invites to guests is no longer a difficult job. The app acts as a guest book and even a gift registry. Users of this app can share all their wedding details with their guests and can even upload and share their wedding photographs in the gallery. This app does not occupy a lot of your phone’s storage and is easily downloadable. It offers all these services for Rs 2,000.

7. Appy Couple

Appy Couple is much similar to Vowed. This app is a paid one. Just like Vowed, it lets its users send invites to their guests, share their photographs, and so on. It is a stylish, multi-tasking wedding website and app for you and your guests. Share events, manage RSVPs, collect photos and more!

8. Guested

Guested is an ideal app for you if you are looking for a good wedding guest list app. Purchase this app for Rs 5,000. It is similar to Vowed in that it occupies less storage space on your phone. You can manage guest lists easily with this app. Also, you can keep a track of the arrivals and departures of your guests. You can also perform other tasks like allocating hotel rooms or modes of transport for your guests with the help of this app.

9. ShaadiSaga Vendors

ShaadiSaga Vendors is an excellent app that allows users to get in touch with wedding vendors. This app double checks all the services provided by the vendors before awarding them a SS Assured Vendor Badge of approval. Therefore, the vendors that you meet through this app could be trusted easily.

10. Iwed Planner

Iwed Planner is not much different from most wedding planner apps. It helps you choose a suitable vendor, maintains a record of your appointments and more. However, it has an interesting feature that makes it one-of-a-kind. It allows you to select the first dance song for your marriage ceremony.

In this age of technological innovations, even weddings have gone digital. A wedding and more specifically an Indian wedding involves a lot of preparations. Wedding planning apps have proved to be beneficial in this regard. Users can choose from a wide range of paid apps and free wedding planning apps. However, there is scope for improvement in the performance of all these newly-invented apps. Furthermore, wedding planning apps with more advanced features can be developed in the future which would further simplify the planning procedure.

Check out this fun video on bride’s-to-be and let us know in the comments, which one you are.

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