LifeVideo: 5 Signs You’re Ready For Your Big 3-0!

Video: 5 Signs You’re Ready For Your Big 3-0!

If by 30 you mean ‘More awesome, badass, and independent’ then sign us up for the BIG 3-0! Adulthood can be a terrifying notion for the young-at-heart, and you might often wonder how your parents seemed to have it all figured out when they were your age. While you might still get excited about superheroes during your 20s and beyond, you might notice small changes in your lifestyle that lean towards a more structured, risk-averse lifestyle – the tell-tale signs of becoming a grown-up. 

Are you in the last leg of your 20s and soon to hit your 30s? Then, here are 10 experiences by real-life women to check off your bucket list and welcome the new decade of your life with a bang! Turning 30 has its own amazing advantages. Watch this video to know 5 awesome things you get to enjoy when you’re older!

5 Signs You’re Officially Ready To Turn 30

Younger you liked to keep things free-and-easy. But once the 9-to-5 came along and you learned how to deal with stress, clients or bosses or employees of your own. You’re now meticulous in keeping track of your weekly schedule – perhaps even that of your partner or closest circle of friends, too. You now understand the value of time, so seeing a free day in your calendar to pen in a catch-up with your besties brings you unprecedented relief and joy. If you’re doing any of the things below already, then you’re well on your way to nailing #adulting – and, if you’re not, strap yourself for a big dose of maturity.

1. You Are Financially Independent

Remember that sinking feeling when you’d make a withdrawal at an ATM, and your remaining balance could be represented by two digits? You learned the hard way, and you’ve since set up a savings account or two to deposit a portion of your salary into. On the odd occasion, you need to have some cash handy (which is rare since you started taking advantage of your various credit card points), there’s no lingering panic at the balance figure when you collect your stack of notes. You’ve learned how to pay your bills and taxes, you’re paying off any loans or mortgages and even started to budget for your monthly expenses. These are all the signs that you are financially dependent and officially very cool!

2. You’ve Can See Yourself Accomplishing Life Goals 

This is the time when you’ve sorted out your life goals and can see a clear path to achieving them. Whereas in your early 20s, you were like, “Who am I, what am I doing with myself?” You may not have done everything you wanted to do in your 20s, but at least you know what those things are. If you found a steady job that pays well and you also like the work, then you’ve got it covered! You realise that there are no shortcuts to anything and know that everything good will come to you because you created it for yourself.

3. You’ve Learned To Embrace Routine

We’ve all been through getting into the mindset of preparing for the week ahead, only to let one little slip send the whole programme crashing down: weekly work-outs become monthly, clean-eating days become rarities, dirty laundry dies an unfortunate, moth-eaten death. Although being a student somewhat gave you a license for irregularity, you no longer find unpredictable lifestyles charming, and you like having a structure to make the most out of your time. Batch-cooking is more of a must than a distant dream now, and you’re loving having food ready in the fridge for speedy post-exercise replenishment. You have events on your calendar with your time pre-planned.

4. You Book Your Own Appointments

The only appointment you made when you were younger (albeit hesitantly) was your all-too-infrequent visits to the dentist. This might seem like a small step, but honestly, it is a milestone for the 8 year you. You find yourself making regular appointments for the things that matter – reassessing your health insurance, networking to keep your career options open, getting that suspicious mole checked once a year. Your time is precious, so you make it a point to plan for all the things that don’t go to plan.

5. You’d Pick Comfort Over Fashion In A Heartbeat

While squeezing into an outfit that clearly wasn’t designed for humans was your previous idea of a knockout wardrobe, the sore back and swelling feet just don’t seem to make sense anymore. What’s more, you know what outfits contour and complement your figure in the best way, and you’re loving the freedom of not having to mess around with your threads when you should be enjoying yourself. You feel the utmost important thing in your life is the blessing of dressing comfortably.

Over the past few years, the word “adulting” has become a popular way to describe the process of growing up and learning how to be independent. If you’ve got all these points covered then congratulations, you are doing this functioning adult thing right. You’ve got plenty of drive and ambition in you so don’t be tense about what the future holds. You will definitely lead a rock-solid life, just trust yourself!

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