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    How To Submit Resignation & Leave Your Job On Good Terms

    Are you stuck in a mediocre job with no growth or done waiting forever for that much-deserved promotion? You are not alone. Resigning a job is perfectly fine if you are looking for growth, found a better opportunity or want to leave a toxic work environment. But make sure you resign professionally and gracefully. This way, the authorities will still see you in a positive light. When we discuss how to quit a job, it is important to give prior notice to your employer regarding the resignation through a formal letter. It must contain the reason for your resignation.

    There can be various reasons which can influence such a decision. These reasons may include illness, difficult work environment, career change or relocation. Maintaining a professional attitude is vital and employees planning to resign should act in accordance. 

    How To Quit Your Job In The Most Professional Way Possible

    How To Quit From A Job

    One must quit a particular job gracefully with complete professionalism. Below are some steps which should be followed when resigning.

    1. The first thing which one should do is not share the news of their resigning with colleagues before their recruiter or manager. 
    2. They should share the news of the resignation personally with the manager. The employee must avoid sharing the news of resigning in public. 
    3. Usually, an employee needs to provide prior notice of 2-3 weeks to the manager. This varies from company to company.
    4. The employee drafting the resignation must write a notice which should be submitted at least two weeks before the date of resignation. 
    5. Before resigning, the employee must show professionalism and should train his/her replacement for tasks and responsibilities.
    6. The employee resigning should write a goodbye email to his colleagues or teammates. This helps in maintaining cordial relations.

    These are some of the tips which one can follow to quit their job gracefully and with complete professional behaviour. 

    5 Considerations Before Giving Your Resignation

    Towards the end, it happens that the employee unintentionally creates a bad image in the minds of their mentors. This chaos happens because one doesn’t know how to resign from a job professionally. Resigning from a job is followed by some vital steps that one needs to perform in order to quit the job gracefully. 

    1. Analyse Your Situation 

    Analyze Your Situation Before Resigning

    Before conveying the message of quitting the job to the manager, an employee must conduct a proper check on all the aspects. This includes whether he/she has confirmed the decision since once the resignation letter reaches the manager, taking it back might be an uphill task.

    2. Provide Prior Notice

    Provide Prior Resignation Notice

    It is very important to provide prior notice to the manager before leaving the job. The notice must be provided 2-3 weeks before the date of resignation. Every company has its own policy and you should adhere to it.

    3. Contact Your Supervisor Directly

    Have Direct Conversation With Your Supervisor Before Resigning From Job

    The employee should have a direct conversation with the supervisor before leaving the job. In that meeting, he/she can tell the manager about his/her problems, issues or reasons for quitting the job. And this is a direct representation of your professionalism.

    4. Get Your Salary And Benefits Redeemed

    Get Your Salary And Benefits Redeemed Before Quitting A Job

    The employee must have a discussion on redeeming his pending salaries and benefits with the employer. This ensures that there is no confusion or discrepancy regarding the same. 

    5. Check On Legal Issues

    Check On Legal Issues Before Resigning From Job

    Before resigning, the employee must have a proper check on the various legal aspects connected with the job. This is specifically targeted at employees who sign contracts or bonds. This will help the employee avoid facing any problem in the future.

    5 Steps To Draft Your Resignation Letter

    People think that typing a resignation letter is a tough task, but we know how to do it with ease. Are you thinking how to type a resignation letter?  Here are some pointers which will make this work easy.

    1. Choose The Perfect Format 

    Choose The Perfect Format For Resignation Letter

    The letter of resignation should be typed using a perfect format so that it gives a formal look. The selection of the correct format is very important as it will affect your impression. Make sure you use formal language and stick to the matter at hand. Avoid straying from the topic; keep it short and concise.

    2. Effective Date Of Resignation

    Mention Date Of Resignation

    In the letter, the date of resignation should be clearly mentioned in order to avoid confusion. This will help the management look for a candidate to fill in your shoes. Also, this makes it easier for your supervisor to delegate any pending tasks to the team.

    3. Reason For Resignation

    Mention Reson For Resigning From Job

    The reason for leaving the organisation should be clearly stated in that letter. The manager can go over it and determine where the organisation is lacking. This may help improve the way your company works or help your colleagues in the future.

    4. Gratitude Letter

    Add Gratitude In Your Resignation Letter

    The letter of resignation must contain a gratitude letter which should show gratitude to your mentors or the direct supervisor. Remember, being polite has its benefits and leaving an organisation on good terms can be extremely beneficial.

    5. Editing The Letter

    Check Before Sending The Resignation Letter

    Before sending the letter, it should be carefully checked. This will ensure that it is error-free. Send it to a senior friend and someone you trust for a second opinion. 

    With these tips and pointers, you now possess the knowledge on how to type a resignation letter. 

    What To Include In Your Resignation Letter

    A resignation letter should be designed using a formal structure. People often start panicking with the thought of writing a resignation letter and end up making mistakes. Here are some tips which will guide you on how to make resignation letter.

    1. There must be a letter of intent, which depicts that you will be leaving the job due to certain circumstances or problems. 
    2. The official position must be clearly mentioned in the letter of resignation. 
    3. The exact date and time of the resignation must be included in the letter to avoid any type of confusion. 
    4. Few words of gratitude or thanks must be mentioned in the letter for the mentor or supervisor for guiding you in the organisation. 
    5. The letter can even include an offer to train your replacement. 

    By having references on the above points, an employee can easily acquire the knowledge of how to make resignation letter.

    Submit Your Resignation The Right Way

    Resignation is not at all a big deal. If you don’t like your job and are not getting motivated to perform a task, then you can choose to quit. But the question arises of how to give resignation? Here is an overview that will assist by answering your question. 

    1. Don’t Make It Personal

    Don't Make Your Resignation Personal

    You need to make your boss understand that you don’t like your current job and are no longer motivated by the challenges and opportunities put forth by it, and there is no personal animosity involved. This will make your resignation decision sound better evaluated, and you’ll be more likely to get a better chance at your next job. 

    2. Wait For The Right Time

    Wait For Right Time To Resign From Job

    Everyone comes to the office with a fresh mind, and they won’t like to see a resignation letter from their employee the first thing in the morning. The same applies to the end of the day as well. The best time to submit the resignation letter is in the middle of the day.

    These tips will surely help you find answers to how to resign from a job the right way. You can follow this advice and make your resignation process less troublesome and more professional. Remember that quitting a job is never a personal matter, and the best way to keep it professional is by being diplomatic and polite about it. You may even get a word or two of appreciative recommendation from the authorities if you do it right. This will help you immensely in your next job.

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