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20 Exotic Babymoon Destinations To Celebrate The Arrival Of Your Little One

Congratulations are in order! You are going to have a baby and we are sure that you are on top of the moon about that. Having a baby is one of the most memorable journeys in a couple’s life. And the greatest celebration of this wonderful journey is a babymoon! Well, for those of you who do not know the babymoon meaning, here is it in layman’s terms. 

A babymoon is a holiday that you plan with your partner usually after your first trimester to someplace relaxing and exotic. The holiday allows you to bond and spend some quiet time with your significant other, taking in all the peace and quiet before the baby arrives. And most importantly, being able to travel and enjoy a holiday is the cherry on top!

So, here are some of the most relaxing and exotic babymoon destinations within India and globally that you can choose to plan a trip. These are some of the best babymoon ideas for your partner and you:

10 Best Places For Babymoon In India

1. Goa 

Consider South Goa For Relaxing Babymoon Trip

Goa is known for its relaxed vibe. Choose South Goa as one of the babymoon destinations that will help you feel relaxed, has exotic properties to stay in and has clean beaches to enjoy. Make the most of some spa services at one of the luxury hotels! Because who doesn’t love a good back rub and feet rub especially when you are growing a little human inside you?

 2. Kumarakom

Plan Your Babymoon To Backwaters Of Kumarakom
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Kumarakom is one of the best babymoon destinations in Kerala. You can choose to rent a houseboat for an overnight trip that takes you through the backwaters! It is beyond pretty with flowers blooming all over the lake, freshly cooked food on the boat, warm staff that is at your beck and call, and fresh fish that you can buy from the coastal homes. Remember to choose an air-conditioned houseboat for maximum comfort. 

3. Pondicherry 

Experience Coastal Vibes At Pondicherry
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With its French influence, Pondicherry stands out to be one of the best places for a babymoon. With a coastal vibe, the whole city is quaint yet has a warm culture. You can spend time driving around the place, checking out beautiful churches and eating delicious local food. With pregnancy comes active taste buds, so go ahead and gorge! 

4. Udaipur 

Take Your Exotic Babymoon Trip To Udaipur

Envision royalty at its best with a trip to Udaipur. From lakes to palaces and from exotic Rajasthani food to colourful markets, this city is a sure-shot delight for the soul. With some of the best palaces in the world being in Udaipur, you can experience luxury and royalty, such an exotic combination. It will surely be one of the best babymoon ideas forever. 

5. Mahabaleshwar 

Plan Your Babymoon To City Of Strawberries - Mahabaleshwar
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Mahabaleshwar is a decent drive from the city of Mumbai. Known to be the city of strawberries, the destination is perfect for your babymoon. It has serene mountain beauty, pristine lakes to boat around, and lush greenery for the tired eyes. And a visit to its ever-famous Mapro Garden to relish some delicious strawberry-and-cream sounds like the perfect plan.   

6. Shimla 

Plan Your Babymoon Trip To Shimla For Soulful Holidays

A beautiful long drive from Chandigarh with winding roads that lead you to this pretty hill station of Shimla changes the babymoon meaning altogether. Shimla is usually busy during the summers but is quite soulful if you book a property like Wildflower Hall. It is away from the main city and offers some of the best views of this pretty place. With a picturesque view and some coffee, what more do you need? 

7. Amritsar 

Relax And Unwind At The Land Of Golden Temple - Amritsar

The land of the golden temple. For those of you who are spiritual, this is the city to choose for your babymoon. You can walk around the grounds of the temple, relax at the sight for a few hours and practise meditation, connect with your baby and offer some prayers with your partner. One of the strongest ways to bond with both your baby and your partner! 

8. Agra 

Experience Serene Natural Beauty At Babymoon Trip To Agra

Tucked away into the north of India, Agra is a fine destination to celebrate your babymoon. With serene natural beauty and a great opportunity to visit and take in the views of the majestic Taj Mahal, this city should be on your list. So, get ready for some romance with your partner and enjoy some peace and quiet before the baby arrives.

9. Srinagar 

Experience Relaxing Backdrop And Beautiful Scenery At Your Babymoon Trip To Srinagar

Srinagar is one of those destinations that’s on everyone’s bucket list! And what better way to re-bond with your partner over a shikara ride, beautiful scenery in the backdrop and relaxing weather? What more could one want to celebrate a pregnancy?

10. Lonavala 

Take A Long Drive To Lonavala For Perfect Weekend Together
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Lonavala is not too far from the main city of Mumbai. A nice drive to the hills serves as a perfect weekend break for your tired pregnant body. Gorge on some Maggi while working your way up to the hotel and do not forget to pack some traditional chikki on your way home.

10 Best Babymoon Destinations Around The World

1. Singapore 

Enjoy Extravaganza Culinary Delights At Your Babymoon Trip To Singapore

Singapore is ‘all things chic’. With shopping, sightseeing and so much to do, this city wouldn’t disappoint. Singapore is a melting pot of culture and history and an extravaganza of culinary delights. Make sure to pack those sports shoes, and some airy and comfy clothes and dab on some makeup to enjoy one of the best babymoon destinations!

2. Phuket, Thailand 

Enjoy Your Beach Holidays AT Phuket, Thailand

Love the beach? Well, Phuket is just the place for you! Pack your favourite bathing suit and sunblock and plan a trip to one of the most relaxing getaways. From mocktails to pool days and from sand on your feet to sun on your face, you are sure to live the life of your dreams. 

3. Melbourne, Australia 

Take Your Babymoon Trip To Colourful City Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is one of the most popular cities in the world. It is busy, colourful and has so much to offer. With ample services for to-be moms, this city can satiate your nesting cravings by shopping, taking long walks in its parks, and visiting touristy destinations.

4. Miami, USA 

Take Your Babymoon Trip To Miami, USA For Exotic Holiday

Miami is lined along the beach curve of Florida. With sunny weather supporting you, this city has humongous malls, pubs at every corner to try fancy mocktails, fancy cars to rent out and beach-facing properties. Is there anything better than these combinations? 

5. Edinburgh, Scotland 

Experience An Archaeological Heaven At Your Babymoon Trip To Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is for the historic buff in you! With castles and cathedrals at every corner, this city is an archaeological haven. A walk down the lane of princess street, a visit to Edinburgh Castle and a drive down to Perth, an adjacent county, is how you can enjoy your trip there. 

6. Positano, Italy 

Enjoy An Endless View Of Sea At Positano, Italy

The town of Positano is built over the Amalfi Coast which is globally renowned. Enjoy an endless view of the sea, homemade brands at every turn, delicious pasta and pizza at every eatery. A trip here is bound to make you fall in love with the Italians, your partner and the baby. Do not miss a chance to gorge on some pizza, guilt-free. 

7. Nice, France 

Celebrate Your Babymoon Trip To Nice, France

If you choose to visit Nice, pick a stay that overlooks the pebble beach. Laden with a million pebbles all over and a boardwalk that serves as a great place to walk and drive, Nice a great option to celebrate your babymoon trip. It is also a great middle point to visit the country of Monaco and Eze village. 

8. Ubud, Bali 

Celebrate Your Babymoon At Trip To Ubad, Bali

Bali is the best destination to drink up on those mocktails, take a dip in the sea, lay by the swimming pool all day and read a book in a hammock. Ubud is one of the most interesting places that you could choose to celebrate your babymoon. So, don’t forget to pack those novels, sunscreen and your swimsuit! Why not flaunt that lovely baby bump?

9. Tobago, Caribbean 

Relax & Unwind At Your Babymoon Trip To Tobago, Caribbean

Tobago and Trinidad are twin islands. Known to attract travellers globally, this island has some of the best beaches in the world. And though it is almost three planes away, the journey is definitely worth it! Pack your maxi dresses, sunblock and sunglasses, it’s time to unwind and relax. 

10. A Cruise Holiday by Royal Caribbean 

Booking a cruise trip with Royal Caribbean is the best option of all! While enjoying a slow cruise ride along the islands, you get the chance to experience multiple places at one go while the trip is not being too much of a hassle. Put up your feet on a sea-facing balcony room and indulge in some romance. Because why not? 

4 Safety Tips That Can Come Handy While Planning Your Babymoon

Planning a babymoon can be really exciting and adventurous. So, here are some helpful tips that you should consider: 

  1. Before planning your trip, have a detailed discussion with your doctor. Discuss with them your destination options, their availability on the phone, medical plan, and a safety plan for unpredictable issues. 
  2. Once you have decided on a place, pack for the best! Do not rely on buying anything at the destination. Better pack a houseful of things rather than go on a last-minute hunt.
  3. Research your holiday destination and book your stay within the main city. It’s an added advantage if you know someone in the city to help you out in case of an emergency. 
  4. Trust your body and listen to it. Do not go on a trip if you think you cannot do it or avoid an activity or a cuisine no matter how tempting it may be. Do what is best for yourself and your baby.  In case of motion sickness, you can always try out these simple remedies to avoid any discomfort

Babymoons are said to be one of the most memorable trips that any couple takes! So, if possible, hire a local photographer, indulge in a fun photoshoot, eat till your heart’s content and make the most of your personal sanity before the chaos kicks in!  

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