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Mindful Home Decor: 5 Ways To Create A Space For Better Mental Health

There’s more than one way to create a safe space for mental health. And, this one comes from one of the most surprising quarters—home decor. When most people set up their home, high on the list during decision-making is personal tastes and preferences, size of the space, and budget. But the next time you move house, try factoring in mindful elements that can make this place a home that promotes happy thoughts and lifts your spirits when you’re feeling low. It should always feel good to be home where your mind is at peace and your heart is filled with positivity. So, here are 5 tips for mindful home decor. Looking for some great ideas on potpourri decor? We’ve got you covered

5 Tips For Mindful Home Decor That You Must Try:

1. Get Colour Happy

Most decor magazines may say the hot new trend is to paint one wall of your room burgundy, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right decision for you. Colour psychology has always been present and it studies the effect certain colours have on your mood and emotions. Like our feelings, colours can be divided into three groups: Active, Passive, and Neutral. Colours that promote feelings of happiness, calm, and peace are yellow, green and light shades of blue. Colours like red and orange represent high energy, stimulation, and power, and are better suited for family rooms or exercise rooms rather than your bedroom. Neutrals like white, grey, and light shades of purple and brown are perfect for people who like their space and can’t handle the drama.

2. Use Positive Accents

Hanging a painting on every wall may make you look mature and cultured but don’t do it for those reasons. Do it because it brings you joy. And, that’s true with all your accents. Keep decor elements that make you feel positive, mindful, and loved, and remind you of your best times at eye level. In fact, there should be more than one element like this in each room. You can add family pictures, hang travel knick-knacks, place boxes of potpourri fragrant with your favourite scents, create a books’ nook, and even have meditation and spiritual elements around your home. Watch this video to learn how to make your own potpourri and make your home smell divine!

Your home should empower and elevate you into the best frame of mind, and nothing does that better than to ensure that every room has positive memories and vibes flowing through it. And this can apply to when you are setting up a workstation too. Here are some desk decor ideas that can help you redecorate the spot.

3. Prep The Bed

All Indian mummies have at one time or another howled at their kids: “Drawing room mein mat baitho, mehmaan aa gaye toh?”. And that’s why, even as adults, we often focus on the living room when it comes to decor. We know it will be used most often, and usually, outsiders don’t make it further than the living room, so we focus on keeping it in order while ignoring everything else.

But, if you’re trying to create a home that promotes mental peace, the place to focus on is your bedroom. A good night’s sleep doesn’t always come on its own. You need to create a space where you feel rested and comfortable at the end of the day. Before anything else, invest in a high-quality bed, mattress, and quilt or blanket with careful consideration. These are not the decor elements where you should skimp money and compromise on quality.

4. Make Way For Some Light

Have you ever heard of people suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during winter? Often referred to as the winter blues, light therapy is used to deal with this condition. Studies indicate that exposure to natural daylight can alleviate depression and sleep disorders. And that’s what you need to bring into your life every single day—enough natural light that makes you feel invigorated and hopeful. It’s a good idea to use sheer screens so that you can let natural light in during the day instead of blocking it out with curtains. Always keep the windows open for good airflow, and try and work in rooms that have maximum daylight.

5. Create A Corner That’s Sacred To You

Creating a corner that’s sacred doesn’t exclusively indicate creating a dedicated space for religious, spiritual, or meditation practices. While you can choose to do so, it can also mean creating a space that’s your own alone and is the spot where you can focus on an activity or passion that brings you joy. It could be a writing desk, it could be a guitar stool and musical equipment, it could be a whiteboard with the workings of your startup idea, a treadmill to run, or it could even a pinboard of DIY arts and crafts. It’s important to have something that is exclusively yours in a house that may be shared with a spouse, family, or even flatmates. It will help you unwind and focus on yourself for a few minutes or hours every day while you gather your thoughts.

6. Declutter—Or, Don’t!

A lot is said about keeping your home clutter-free by using decor accessories to organise your things because, supposedly, clutter in your life indicates there’s chaos in your mind. But, it’s not always everyone’s way. Many people find more comfort in knowing where their things are, even if they’re all over the place. In fact, when someone cleans up they feel irritable, disoriented, and view it as an invasion of privacy. So, this last tip is a take it or leave it, based on your temperament and attitude towards clutter.

As for the rest, mindful home decor is definitely effective, if not game-changing. Besides, we need all the support we can get to promote peace and positivity in our lives. And if you can get one step closer by painting the wall a certain colour or adding more family photos, then it’s worth your consideration. The idea is to do small things with great love for maximum happiness.

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