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12 Simple Yet Oh-So-Romantic Gestures To Revive Your Relationship

Nothing is more romantic than seeing a couple totally in love. They set an example for others, leaving us wanting to experience the same romance as them in our lives. Romance in relationships is one of the pivotal elements that contribute to our wellness, emotional and mental. Love is more of a feeling than an expression, a feeling that goes beyond words. As Bollywood would love to say, “Pyaar kiya nahi jata, bas ho jata hai”. But the reality is, love dwindles at times, leaving you at a loss about how to revive the romance that you once had. 

It is important to show that we love and care in our own simple ways that are understood by the significant other. It is not that every day needs to be filled with over-the-top gestures but small steps to show affection from time to time.

6 Reasons Why You Fall Out Of Love Instead Of Falling In Love

  1. Falling in love is undemanding but staying in love needs a little work. When you’ve been together for a while, it’s easy to slip into a routine, which inevitably leads to boredom creeping in between the two of you. 
  2. The so-called honeymoon phase doesn’t always lead to romance after marriage. You have to make conscious efforts to keep it alive.
  3. Remember, it’s normal to not feel “in love” all the time. It is common for couples to wonder why their relationships fail, where those feelings vanished gradually. Unless glaring differences have creeped in between the two of you, the reason behind the missing romance in your relationship is quite evident. You just stopped making a conscious effort to show your sincere love for your partner, something you would do at the beginning of your relationship to win over your partner. 
  4. As you start building a life with your partner, you start focusing on goals we make together – a better lifestyle, travel plans, kids and planning for a financially secured future. Romance isn’t a priority anymore and, hence, it takes a back seat. In this bhaga dauri, you miss out on nurturing the relationship. You solely focus on the end goals and skip enjoying the journey.
  5. You focus so much on the materialistic needs of life that we sub-consciously overlook the importance of expressing love and compassion needed to nurture your romance and celebrate the sense of belongingness. 
  6. It is essential to understand the importance of showing affection in a relationship, not through grand gestures always, but through the little efforts that show that you care.

It’s never late to fall in love (AGAIN!) with the same person and revive the love that you’ve lost! 

So, how to be romantic? Or how to do romance?

Understand, romantic relationship meaning and read about easy ways how to be romantic in a relationship.

12 Simple Yet Oh-So-Romantic Gestures To Show Your Love

1. Surprise Your Partner With His Favourite Beverage

Looking for how to be romantic? Begin with this! Send your partner his favourite beverage or a meal at his workplace. It’s just the right pickup he needs on a stressful day at work. And a surprise from you will definitely make your presence felt, despite your absence. If you’re a homemaker or you work from home, you can whip up a refreshing drink and get it delivered to him through one of these parcel delivery apps.

2. Display Affection

This is the ground rule to be followed in any romantic relationship. Showing your affection towards your partner in any way that works for you is crucial. Make sure you give your partner a long, tight hug and a long kiss whenever you see the other.  It will help you connect and remind you that this is ‘my person’ and you are so grateful to have him. 

3. Tell Each Other Why You Love Them

We get so used to each other’s existence that we forget to tell our partners why we adore each other. Giving compliments shouldn’t have to wait for a special day or occasion, make it a part of your routine and remind your love why you love them so much. You can write cute messages on a Post-It and put it where they can easily see it or text them ‘I love you’. Or, say it every night before you go to sleep. 

4. Talk It Out

Food, flowers, music – all are magnificent romantic gestures but if one half of the couple has a resentment, then anything you do is pointless. There’s no better connection than communication. If you can talk to your partner about anything and everything – what makes you laugh, cry, upset, share what you feel about the other half, you are building a solid foundation for your relationship that will never shatter.

5. Be More Touchy-Feely

When we touch our partner, especially when there’s a skin-to-skin touch involved, we get a little rush of the brain chemicals that trigger our hormones. Its time to think about how often you and your partner actually share physical contact on a daily basis. Even if it’s just a hi-goodbye hug before and after coming from work, make an effort to do so. Then try and do more things together. 

6. Shower Together

12 Simple Yet Oh-So-Romantic Gestures To Revive Your Relationship

Your hectic schedule may leave you both with almost no time to spend with each other. Even in such cases, it isn’t as difficult to spend time with each other, definitely not as difficult as you may think it is. Do your daily chores together. The next time your partner is taking a shower, pop in there with them. Help him clean up, shampoo his hair, and give him a gentle head massage. If you do this during the morning shower, your day wouldn’t get more romantic than that! 

7. Flirt Blatantly

There is no right place or moment to flirt. Even if you are out in the market shopping for groceries, flirting is a great way to add romance in your relationship. Flirting with your partner in public makes them realise how much you want him, making him feel closer to you, and assures him that you’re entirely his.

8. Spice Up Your Sex Life

How to be physically romantic? Is a question that a lot of us struggle with. If you are usually not the one to initiate sex, go for it! Your partner will be pleasantly surprised at this romantic gesture. That apart, having vanilla sex everyday is sure to make the both of you lose your interest in your sex life. Experiment with everything that captivates your fantasies – sex positions, venue, et al – to build on a sizzling chemistry, which is sure to rub off on the bond that you share.

9. Explore Non-Sexual Intimacy

Sex is amazing! It’s also a great way to explore how to be romantic, but many other forms of intimacy also are effective in reviving the romance that you once shared. Unadulterated physical displays of affection like cuddling, hugging, holding hands or even maintaining eye contact, often communicate a lot more than what words can. These gestures intensify a sense of intimacy in a relationship and create a strong bond with your partner.

10. Indulge in An Impromptu Activity 

12 Simple Yet Oh-So-Romantic Gestures To Revive Your Relationship

Spontaneity gives you the romance an adrenaline rush, exactly what you need to keep romance throbbing in the both of you. Make an impromptu lunch plan to catch up for dinner or coffee after both of you are done with work. A spontaneous weekend getaway at a spa or preparing for a cosy candle light dinner to surprise him when he returns from work is all he wants to feel wanted.

11. Cook A Meal

Cooking at home is inherently the most romantic thing to do. Light up your house with candles and plan your partner’s favourite dish and serve it. 

Or you can take this idea to the next level and make it a date night activity. Co-create a menu, spend the evening in the kitchen with a bottle of wine, your loved one and get cooking! 

12. Celebrate Each Other’s Achievements

Whether it’s a significant achievement or a small win, you just need to let your partner know that all his successes are worth celebrating. 

It will be a very optimistic step in your relationship. Most people forget the hardships one goes through outside the relationship, so it is very important to rekindle the romance by being there during their highs and lows. 

3 Tips To Prioritise Love & How To Reboot Your Relationship

Priortising your relationship and sharing special moments is the key to always maintaining that spark in your relationship. 

Remember, it’s never too late to start anything, and here you’re just refreshing what you started long back. Some of these tips might help you hit the refresh button. 

1. Reconnecting 

There is never a right time or place to begin this. But the upside here is, both of you genuinely want to connect with each other, even after years. That way you can overcome the defensive zone where are apprehensive about reconnecting with your partner or are insecure about whether he will squash your efforts to reconnect with him. It is very important to take a pause when you are feeling defensive. This may happen because it’s just one of those moments where you weren’t quite ready or didn’t expect your partner to connect with you. 

2. Daily Gestures

Life is well lived when you can enjoy small moments with your loved ones – holding hands as you walk back, maintaining eye contact for more than a few seconds, hugging frequently. By focusing your attention on these small gestures, you become more mindful and look for positives in your partners.

3. Always Be Grateful

Would it be possible to put in writing all the things that you appreciate and are grateful for in your partner? Life revolves around schedules and responsibilities, which invariably lead to stress. But working together on listening to your partner, communicating, appreciating, and showing gratitude for him being there for you is the key to having a long-lasting relationship. 

Whenever you decide to reboot your relationship, make sure you enjoy your time with each other because the rewards are more than what you can probably imagine. For your body, mind, and soul. And as you fall in love again, make sure you don’t neglect yourself while you take care of your partner and nurture the relationship.

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