Desi Girl StoriesNotes To Dad: Team TC46 Celebrates Father’s Day In A Unique Way

Notes To Dad: Team TC46 Celebrates Father’s Day In A Unique Way

The relationship between fathers and kids is different. Some see their best bud in their dads while some see him as a guiding light. Whether you have the kind of papa who silently pats your back to show how proud he is or takes you out for a celebratory drink, fathers will always hold a special place in our hearts.

As we celebrate International Father’s Day on 21st June 2020, at TheChannel46, we share some funny, grateful, heartfelt and loving notes to our dads. So if you’re looking for inspiration, check out these messages. And remember to wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day!

My Superhero

Dearest Papa, 
Thank you for being my superhero. For teaching me to work towards my goals, fearlessly. For always being there for me. From my first bike ride, to helping me with my maths homework, to supporting all my dreams. For being the role model I’ve always looked up to – whether it is business, relationships or anything else.  And above all, for teaching me the power of humility, simplicity & staying true to your roots. 
Forever your little girl, Akshita

My Goofy Buddy

You aren’t a typical motivator but more of a silent supporter. You’re sarcastic & goofy and with your inappropriate jokes, you make others uncomfortable. You have a desi pronunciation to almost every English word, which totally cracks us up. You get awkward with hugs and make dancing look like a stand-up act. I keep blaming you for my chin & small-hands but we’re a lot more similar than just the genetics, like having a powerful memory, being an impeccable organiser and stationery lover, drawing smiley faces everywhere, hoarding unnecessary things, having weird food combinations like Parle-G + water or French fries + ice cream. We often misunderstand each other, which leads to humongous fights but the bottom line is I love you. Happy Father’s Day.
Love, Yayu 🙂

My Pillar Of Support

Dear Papa,
I have the confidence to take risks and go outside my comfort zone only because I know you are always there behind me, watching and guiding me across unfamiliar terrain. Thank you for teaching me that it is often more necessary to mend bridges than to burn them. For sharing my love of poetry, travel, and biryani. You are the pillar I rely on when everything else goes wrong and the first person I want to share good news with. Even when everything in my life changes, I know that this bond will never change. 
With pyaar, 
Sonpari (Ayushi)

My First BFF

Dear Baba,
Happy Father’s Day to my first BFF! I want to thank you for playing with me on Sunday afternoons even when you were utterly exhausted. Thank you for sharing your love for literature and giving me the gift of books and the genes to fall in love with stories. When I look back at my childhood, I see a tiny me sitting on your shoulder or holding your hand as we play on the beaches in Goa all summer long. From having to save my life numerous times (clumsy child) to building a custom seat on your Bajaj Chetak for me, you have been my hero. Thank you for your endless support and unconditional love! 
Love, Mau (Srushti)

My Favourite Bond

Hey Dad,
You are my favourite person in the family to bond with. I mean, I am THE ONLY one who laughs at all your sarcastic comments. I hate that I have small eyes and an even smaller forehead because of you but I love that I got most of your quirky traits. Like any typical dad, you help with my math homework. You make me want to be a better person. You mean the world to me. There are not a lot of people I would say that to, but I guess I’m my father’s daughter. 
– Naughty Niti 

My Advisor

Dear Papa,
I am a proud daughter whose father has always been there for me. For whatever advice, be it professional, financial or emotional, I always turn to you because I know you have the best one for me. Pappu, you are like a fireplace who can keep me warm even in the coldest of the nights. From packing my bag even now, to doing the smallest things to make me smile, you make me feel special with each thing you do for me.  As much as I have grown, I know I’ll always be your princess and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for always being there on my side! 

My Biggest Cheerleader

Dear Daddy,
I’ve known for long that not all heroes wear capes, because you’re more of a shirt-and-trousers kind of man. You’ve shown me unconditional love, patience, kindness, encouragement, and been my biggest cheerleader always. I cherish most, our one-on-one Sunday brunch dates where you always patiently hear me rambling on, about all things big and small. Thank you for being there, being you, and being my dad. 
Love, Kishmish (Karishma)

My Magician

Even today, my grown-up, rational self fails not to believe in magic any more. The reason? Because I’ve got a real magician in my life! When I was young, I used to spend nearly all my time making paintings rather than studying. And instead of scolding, my magician used to bring me various colour boxes. In crowded buses, when I used to feel extremely uncomfortable, my magician’s large arms were enough to provide me with great calmness. In each of my accomplishments, little or bigger, my magician’s eyes sparkle with so much joy. And in my most down hours, I know, just a hug from him can rescue me from all agonies. Baba, you’re my eternal magician. Hold my hand like you do, forever, Okay?

My Fitness Buddy

Dear Popi,
My relationship with you is different since you are from the medical background. I got the ‘girl talk’ from you and you taught me to take care of myself. You gave me the knowledge on how to maintain nutritional balance and staying fit. My childhood was exciting and all I recall are amazing memories with you. You used to take me on morning jog since I was 4 years old. Watching the sunrise with you and feeding bread to the fish made Sunday mornings fun. You have always supported me in my goals, always going out of the way to fulfil my demands and make my dream and wishes come true. Thank you for being the funny one in the family and always making us laugh with your dad jokes.
From Taniya (Daksha)

My Mentor

Dear Dad, 
You have been our knight in shining armor, a friend, philosopher and guide. You have pushed us to break ceilings and inspired us to conquer the world consistently. You have always treated and respected us as intelligent individuals first and then your children, to make us realise the power of life. Without judgement, you have always loved us unconditionally. On this special day I want to thank you for standing by my side as a mentor at work and as a friend at home, and most importantly as an amazing grandfather to Shaarav.
Love, Bosky

My Foodie Friend

Dear Papa,
I think one thing which hasn’t changed in my life, is my relationship with you and that’s because we still hang out as we used to when I was a kid. Telling mom that the food she made is too salty and going on a long bike ride to eat that bhurji pav is one ritual that we never fail to follow. Because of you, I know what hard work is and how do I do it with a smile on my face. I don’t think anyone can make me laugh as much as you have, it’s impossible to stay mad at you for more than a day. I love you papa, happy father’s day.
With love,

My Guide

Dearest Dad,
I actually have no words to express what you mean to me or all that you’ve done for me. Your presence in my life is priceless. You have brought me up hands on, and shaped me with important life lessons and kind words. It makes me so happy to know that some part of me is an image of you. I love you to the moon and back and you will always be the first and most important man in my life.
Love forever, Arpana/Your spoilt brat

My Strength

Hello Papa,
A lot is being expressed on Father’s Day and I would also take this moment to let you know how special you are to me and didi. We have seen and experienced so many phases in life but only one thing was constant- a fundamentally strong fatherhood. Thank you for being the stricter one because that’s what has shaped us stronger and tougher. Love you to the moon and back and wish for your good health and happiness always. Stay strong and stay blessed. 
Golzzz (Neha)

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