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How To Make Your Marriage Work In Spite Of Differences

The relationship of marriage is one of the most beautiful and important bonds in an individual’s life. With every marriage being different, it is crucial to understand that there will be good and bad days. Thus, if one were to ask how to make your marriage work, know that you’ll have to sprinkle it with love, patience & understanding. And on days when things do not look positive, here are some simple tips for successful marriage.

Times have changed and so has the attitude towards marriages. While it’s absolutely okay to seek separation or divorce in an unhappy marriage, giving it a mighty try might just be what it needs. Go ahead and ditch the patriarchal ‘pati parmeshwar’ slogan, but do focus on respect, trust and love to experience the wonderful bond of marriage.

5 Useful Tips For A Successful Marriage

Relationship counsellors across the world have been dealing with marriages for several years. According to a survey, these experts have mentioned that marriage is a task and just like how you commit to your daily job, you need your full attention and commitment in this sphere as well.

1. Open Your Heart & Love Unconditionally 

Love is the base and foundation of your marriage. To be able to love unconditionally and be the best version of yourself is the most important ingredient in a relationship. So, take time to know your partner, allow yourself to express your feelings and don’t be afraid to show them your love. Sometimes being vulnerable is all that a relationship requires and let not fear of the unknown hamper the bond. 

2. Build With The Foundation Of Trust

Trusting your partner and building an image where he/she can trust you is one of the greatest tips for happy married life. Trust is a quality that you build over a period of time and is truly one of the building blocks of your married life. The ability to confide in your partner and to be able to feel safe in his/her presence will eventually lead to a healthier relationship. Since marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment, a lack or breach of trust can lead to a lot of disagreements and differences which can be difficult to solve in the long run. If the effect is long-lasting it can lead to an end in your marriage. 

3. Develop Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

To respect a person’s identity, background and opinion is the base for acceptance. To earn respect, one needs to give respect too. In a marriage, there can be differences of opinions and thought processes but it is important to respect each other and their beliefs. To earn respect big time, learn to have both appraisal respect and recognition respect. To maintain this respect in the longest run you have to ensure that you keep in mind about the running rules of your relationship, willingness to accommodate each other’s boundaries, acceptance, mutuality and reciprocity. Remember that in your marriage respect is just like a muscle which you can grow if you mutually nurture and manifest it. 

4. Live & Let Live

Privacy & Space For Happy Married Life

Understanding the privacy and space of an individual is extremely crucial. Just because he/she is your partner, doesn’t mean that you’ll be the only thing on their mind or the only person they will revolve around. It is crucial to spend time with yourself and allow your partner to have some time off from you as well, thus making it one of the great tips for a happy married life. Solo trips or a holiday with your own family and friends without your partner are great ways to enjoy some time off and give space to the significant other.

5. Be Understanding

Empathizing For Successful Marriage

If you are someone who is understanding or can empathise with people and emotions around you, your marriage is bound to be easier. To be able to accept and understand situations is a great quality and is necessary amongst married couples. It is a good idea to try and put your partner above your needs at times and be accommodative of their priorities. Being understanding has to be one of the best tips for a successful marriage.

5 Ways To Build A Successful Marriage

The bond of marriage is beautiful and strong if understood and accepted well. However, there are many times when marriages turn sour and are on the verge of breaking. In times like these, it is important to remember where and why you started this journey in the first place and most importantly try to give it a shot before taking a final decision or parting ways. Nevertheless, if you think your marriage is failing, here are some ways on how to make a failing marriage work.

1. Engage In Honest Conversations

Engage In Honest Conversation

It is important to acknowledge that there is a problem in the relationship in the first place. Once you both have accepted the problem, it would be a great idea to have each of you present their own version of the story. That way, both individuals get a chance at understanding their partner’s viewpoint and also feels like they have been heard. It’s easier to burst your lungs and shout at each other but engaging in honest conversations takes a huge deal of courage. 

2. Avoid The Blame Game

Avoid The Blame Game To Enjoy Happy Married Life

Blame-gaming is one of the easiest ways to defend oneself and throw light on the other person. However, in a case where you want to save a failing marriage, ditch this habit anyway. Blaming your partner and not taking responsibility is not going to aid the situation. Instead, focus on strengthening your relationship and start believing in your marriage.

3. Spend Time With Your Partner Everyday

Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

Spending time with your better half every day even amidst a chaotic schedule is something that will help you connect with each other. This strategy is also one of the best ways on how to make a long-distance marriage work. With social media and video calling only seconds away from our reach, it makes it all the more easier. For the ones living together, make sure to spend quality time with your partner and engage in physical affection. 

4. Learn To Forgive & Forget

Let the bygones be bygones. Learning to forgive and practising it is one of the most therapeutic ways to deal with an issue. Forgiving and forgetting something that has hurt you will not only liberate you from the constant itch but will also help you in getting back to your partner positively. It is one of the best ways to move ahead especially during trying times.  

5. Use The Love Language

Converse In The Love Language

A lot of couples face intimacy issues and that can hamper the relationship to a large extent. Just as much as conflict resolution in a marriage is significant, talking about intimacy or sexual preferences is also equally important. Not everyone’s preferences are the same and especially if you have had an arranged marriage your significant other might be ignorant about it. Stop keeping out of the world expectations from your partner. You can’t expect your partner to complete you but you can still have fun together. Celebrate every small, good moment together and choose to be attracted towards your better half. 

Key Takeaways

Managing a difficult marriage is not an easy job. However, if you invest in patience and make an effort at reviving your relationship, it is possible to reconcile and have a happy ending. Here is a list of things you can keep in mind.

  1. There is no such thing as a good or bad marriage. It is what you make out of it. So, be persistent, make an effort every day and don’t be scared to express your emotions.
  2. Understanding the main elements of a successful marriage is crucial. Practice love, trust, respect, privacy and make an effort at understanding your partner. Always.
  3. If you are facing troubles in your marriage, do not try to escape. Instead, make sure that you both indulge in honest conversations and take professional counselling help if necessary.
  4. There are always going to be good days and bad days. So, it is better to focus on the journey and not the days. In the long run, all one wants is to be happy.
  5. Your marriage is your marriage only. Do not let anyone else dictate the rules. Make your own pact and stick to it because no one knows your partner better than you.

Marriage is a beautiful bond and the more transparency there is in a relation, the healthier your relationship will be. So, practice gratitude, forgiveness, thankfulness and do not forget to express love, care and concern.

But you must also remember that if even after all the tries, your marriage doesn’t work out, your heart doesn’t belong to your partner and you need to move on, trust your gut instinct. Watch this video to learn about women’s financial rights post-divorce.

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