LifePlanning Your Day: Hacks To Wake Up Rejuvenated & Boost Productivity

Planning Your Day: Hacks To Wake Up Rejuvenated & Boost Productivity

At the beginning of 2020, most companies switched their workspaces to an online situation. While the WFH situation has actually been doing well, for employees there might be a drop in productivity. It can be lonely, unorganised, and home distractions can disrupt your productivity. After all, you’re in your personal space, not your usual professional environment. Tending to daily home chores, laundry, dishes washed and prepping meals. Taking that evening walk along with your dog or family member or binge on the latest Netflix series. They all can result in distractions and erupt your daily routine. Or maybe since being at home 24/7, you find yourself toiling overtime on the job long after you usually would have called it quits at the office. Check out the best office desk decor ideas and give your office a completely new look.

How To Increase Productivity For Working At Home

Although it has been a year since the work from home took over every professional’s life, the challenges faced are good as new. Sticking to the schedules, time management and keeping track of everything, always seem to fail. 

But everybody is different. Some people work better in clutter while others can’t concentrate unless their workspace is tidy. Regardless of your personal style, here are some tips to facilitate adjusting to your new situation during the Coronavirus outbreak:

1. Wake Up A Bit Earlier Than Usual

It is no joke when people say an early riser is more productive. When you wake up early, you have more time to mentally prepare yourself for the day. You can prepare a wholesome breakfast, and relax before you start with the rush of the day. Catch up with your latest Netflix obsession during this free hour. 

2. Prepare A Wholesome Breakfast

A cup of coffee or tea is not breakfast. And skipping breakfast is definitely not ok. Click here to learn more about skipping breakfast. As a working woman, you need to be nourished with a little more healthy food to give you the energy for the day. An excellent, filling breakfast gives you plenty of energy to help concentrate and complete all your tasks. And there are a few healthy and quick recipes. Click here to learn more. 

3. Avoid The Phone And Meditate Or Stretch 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Check your messages? Avoid that! Checking your mail or messages, seeing the work pile on, would only ruin your day and stress you out. Staying away from your electronic devices can help you feel more energetic and happier. Try a 5-minute workout or stretching. If you are looking for apps to help you get in shape, here are a few. 

4. Have A Specific Workspace

Confine your workspace to a specific area in your home so you can concentrate. Complete tasks like checking emails, voicemails or texting at your workstation, not in front of the TV or eating space. Design your space as a stress-free zone where you can concentrate. If you don’t have a separate room, find an area with minimum traffic flow or a corner of a room off from the main area. The corner of your room would work just right. 

5. Set Goals And Deadlines

Keep checklists and deadlines. While you are at home, time flies and often you forget about priority tasks. And also, in the spirit of lunch breaks or a quick home errand, time is lost and work is left unfinished. At times like this, keep deadlines for yourself. Divide your day and tasks to get them done easily. You can also track your breaks if that helps. 

6. Give Yourself A Break

Yes, work is important and needs to be done. But working continuously for those 9 hours can be stressful. Give yourself a break. You are entitled to a 1/2 hour lunch break. Take short breaks if you must. Staying in front of the computer for 9 long hours can be damaging to your eyes and body. Stretch out your body using simple desk workouts. Check them out here. 

7. Keep Electronics Away Post Work

After a day’s work put away your electronic devices. Keeping work reminders out of sight keeps them out of mind and helps you relax and recharge your batteries. If you want you could notify others that during at-home work hours you’re unavailable and cannot be interrupted. And let them know the after-hours when you’re available to connect.

8. Keep The Weekends For Yourself

It’s easy to get lost in the feeling of laziness and not want to leave your bed during holidays. But with WFH, work-life will consume you. To avoid that during holidays or anything you have, try taking up a hobby. Or go back to your childhood hobby. You don’t need to be exceptional in that hobby. The entire purpose of this is to take your mind off work and relax your brain. 

9. Go Outside, Cycle!

Now that you’re spending a huge amount of time at home, get outside as much as possible with gardening or walking around the block. Of course, keeping social distance in mind, enjoy other areas of your home: watching a good movie, reading a book, or cooking a fun meal. Go cycling during low traffic hours and plan online dates. Live beyond work. 

10. Keep Work And Personal Life Separate

This cannot be said enough. Keep your private and professional life separate. When on a holiday, unless really urgent, do not take up any work calls. The same rule applies during family time. Work can be demanding and important, but it can take over your life if you do not draw boundaries. 

5 Tips To Wake Up Rejuvenated In The Morning

Waking up fresh and rejuvenated in the morning can be achieved with the basic childhood saying ‘Early to bed, early to rise.’ Many high performers and achievers have begun with starting their day early. In fact, early risers are often thought of as energetic problem-solvers leading businesses, organizations, or sometimes even nations. Click here to learn habits that can make you a high achiever. 

1. Workout With The Sun

Morning workouts, when you have just woken up and you haven’t started to tackle the day’s to-do list, are highly beneficial.  They help in boosting energy and reducing fatigue. In morning routines, you are less likely to skip a workout and have an improved sleep cycle.  Learn simple morning exercises here.

2. Rehydrate Your Body

As soon as your morning alarm goes off, chug a glass of water. The process of drinking water as soon as you wake up helps in awakening your body. It refreshes you and makes getting off the bed. To make things easier, leave a cup of water on your nightstand before you go to bed. Drink it as you open your eyes. 

If you are used to drinking kombucha, you can switch water with the drink. Buy kombucha from The Odd Gumnut at the Red Dot Shop here.

3. Make Breakfast Your Heaviest Meal

Breakfast is the best source of energy. It provides you with the nutrients to power you through the day, till lunch. Making breakfast your heaviest meal means you are using your energy resourcefully and not overworking your body when it needs to wind down. And as the day progresses, you can go light on your meals. 

Include delicious, organic fruit preserves and peanut butters from the Native Tongue in your breakfast. Click here to buy breakfast items from the Red Dot Shop.  

4. Indulge In Self Affirmations

Crazy deadlines and unsuccessful pitches and put you off for days. And if you are going through some gloomy days then the best way to turn that frown upside down is by telling yourself that ‘you are a warrior and that you will take challenges one at a time and find solutions to all of them.’ Give yourself a mental pep talk and a pat on the back. This simple act can raise your confidence.

5. Make Waking Up Fun

Music is a mood booster. Start your day with a fun playlist of your favourite songs. Shake and move your body as per the tunes while you prepare your breakfast or exercise. Dancing to your favourite music is also distressing. It can give you the serotonin boost you need! 

Working from home can sure be a drag. The days seem longer, work and home have a fine blurring line. And slowly the energy levels, productivity and josh drop. And this is only natural. Hence, it is important to make small life changes like waking up early, eating healthy and reducing screen time to stay sharp and productive during work hours. 

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