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Your Go-To Guide For Monsoon Fashion Trends 2021

Oh, monsoon, the season of chai and pakoras! It is so beautiful, it makes the trees look greener, even chai tastes better and it makes it very difficult to get out of bed every morning. Your summer clothes are now out of trend and every season calls for a wardrobe change for fashion lovers, right? So jazz up your outfits this monsoon. Experiment with trending pieces to find your personal style. 

Are you really aware of what kind of clothes are trending during the monsoon season? Monsoon fashion is rarely discussed that much and whatever we wear ends up getting wet in the rain but is it a reason to not look fabulous? Not at all! Dressing well is a great way of feeling good, hence our fashion choices play a very important role in how we feel about ourselves no matter what season it is. And well we are all in for the trends, here are some of the monsoon fashion trends that you can follow this season.

Top 10 Monsoon Fashion Trends Of 2021 You Should Know About

1. 90s Crop Tops

One thing we know about fashion is it always makes a comeback. And this year we have seen the same, a lot of our favourite clothing items from the past are in style again. These crop tops are one of them. Bright coloured with come floral print or embroidery, you can style these high waisted skirts or jeans and you’ll look elegant.

TC46 Loves: 90s Kid And Game Crop Top From Boho Box

Price: Rs 449

2. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are flowy, easy to wear and don’t stick to your body, hence it is a monsoon favourite. It looks very nice if paired with the right accessories and now you get them in various colours and patterns as well. They can easily be styled up by wearing a cool t-shirt underneath a sleeveless jumpsuit. If you are a makeup lover, do some colourful eye makeup matching it to the colour of your jumpsuit for looking super cute.

TC46 Loves: Striped Women Jumpsuit On Flipkart

Price: Rs 488

Did you know layering is the new fashion trend? Layering can give a classy and elegant look to your whole outfit. Confused about how to do it? Watch this video and master the art of layering!

3. Mini Floral Dresses

Floral dresses aren’t just a summer affair anymore as they are now trending as a Monsoon Fashion Staple. Well, a lot of people love floral prints and they also like how light they are, not to forget very comfortable as well. You can wear them at home, grocery shopping or any errand that you want to run looking adorable.

TC46 Loves: Green Floral Crepe Fit Mini Dress By Berrylush 

Price: Rs 684

4. Long Sleeve Bodycon

Monsoons tend to get really cold and we must dress accordingly but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable. These bodycon dresses are in style more than ever now as they look sexy and stunning. If the lockdown has eased where you stay and there is a dinner party you need to go to, get your hands on one of these soon!

TC46 Loves: Ruched Bodycon Dress By Urbanic

Price: Rs 1,512

5. Sleeveless Kurtis

When it comes to women’s clothing in India, loose kurtis shouldn’t be forgotten for how breathable they are. Fortunately, they are now in trend too and you can style them with your favourite palazzo pants. Avoid wearing tight leggings with them because if you get wet in the rain you’ll have difficulty removing it. 

TC46’s favourite one is this beautiful spaghetti strap kurti from The Handmade Store at Red Dot Shop, buy here now!

TC46 Loves: Black Spaghetti Strap Kurti 

Price: Rs 1,999

6. Flared Bottoms

As we know monsoon clothes call for anything that is loose fitting but fashionable at the same time and flared bottom fits both categories. They are in trend because of how much of a statement piece they are and are also available in ethnic as well as western options. Style it with oversized t-shirts or a nice short kurta to look super cool!

TC46 Loves: High-rise Flared Trousers On Ajio

Price: Rs 731

7. Maxi Dresses

A maxi dress can be your go-to outfit this summer if you give it a chance. It looks super stylish and if you like to dress modestly you can definitely get your hands on these to stay in trend. Accessorise it with hoop earrings to look effortlessly gorgeous. But make sure that you choose a maxi dress that isn’t too long so that it won’t get wet because of stranded water.

Add Maxi Dresses to your shopping cart right away, as they are the best thing that has happened to women’s clothing.

TC46 Loves: Shirred A-Line Dress By Urbanic

Price: Rs 1,272

8. High Waisted Palazzo Pants

While we have a pair of palazzo pants in our wardrobe, investing in a good high waisted palazzo is a smart choice to add to your monsoon clothes collection. They are super in trend because of how good they hug your waist. Afraid not as high waisted palazzo pants end at your ankle so your outfit won’t be ruined too. 

TC46 Loves: Avaasa Mix N’ Match Textured Palazzo Pants By Ajio

Price: Rs 343

9. Mini Skirts

Short clothes are your best friends this season. Mini skirts look super nice when paired with t-shirts and crop tops. With the right pair of hoop earrings, you can look very adorable in this outfit as it is extremely fashionable but comfortable at the same time. You might also wanna do your hair into a ponytail to go back to your school days and no it will only look cute and not childish at all.

TC46 Loves: Flared Mini Skirt By Berrylush

Price: Rs 598

10. Rain Jacket

Obviously, the monsoon calls for a rain jacket to protect you when you step out. Invest in a good one by exploring your options and settling for one that feels comfortable as well as fashionable design-wise. Rain Jackets are trending right now because we can see a lot of them being of great design and available in a variety of colours.

TC46 Loves: Zip-Front Longline Hooded Jacket By Ajio

Price: Rs 735

Tips To Slay Your Monsoon Outfits

  • Heavy makeup won’t be suitable for this season, so make sure you go for soft makeup looks. Don’t forget to use waterproof makeup products for obvious reasons
  • Long clothes and monsoon don’t go hand in hand so if you can wear shorter silhouettes it’d be nicer
  • If you plan on wearing outfits which has pants then make sure you go for flowy and loose pants instead of tight ones
  • Metallic jewellery can cause reactions on your skin because of the moisture in the air. Ditch that! During this monsoon season, here are some statement jewellery trends you can look good in
  • Don’t carry leather accessories with you and leave them at home as chances are they might get damp. The material will be ruined

Monsoon is here and we are for sure loving it because of how cold and cosy it gets. And while some of us are still working at home, let’s admit we are bored of those pyjamas now. It’s been almost 2 years, right? Well, this is the time to give your wardrobe a nice update by investing in some of these amazing pieces. We’ll be waiting in the comment section to know how you like them!

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